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“Wait, wait. What about that one? You can’t possibly say no to her.” Liam insisted, the other boys giving the blonde on the street a look over before Harry was speaking up. 

“Her boobs look like balloons, if we’re bein’ honest here.” 

“Ugh, you guys are too picky! I told you that brunette back there on sixth street was pretty cute.” Niall whined before rolling his eyes. 

“Oh, shit. Look at that one, two o’ clock.” Louis gasped, the boys’ eyes landing right on you. 

“Oh my.” Liam whistled lowly, watching as you went to greet Y/F/N before the two of you began chatting away.

“I call dibs.” Louis said quietly, the four boys admiring you as you tossed your hair up into a ponytail. 

“I dunno about you guys, but she can jingle my bells any day.” Harry snickered, earning a bunch of groans from the others. 


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Knowing we’ll never see Louis’ ass tattoo