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Preference #16: Words Hurt (Part 1)

Hiiii guys, this preference is about where he says something mean to you and it hurts you. I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I last posted, I have been busy. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and let me know if you want a part 2? :)


Harry: Tonight Harry told you that he was gong to hang out with the boys and go to some clubs and you were totally okay with it because you trusted him. But now it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, which is 2 hours after the time he said he would be home and he hasn’t called you, so you started to worry. You called Harry and when he didn’t answer you texted him asking him if he was okay and right after you sent that, Harry comes stumbling through the front door, “thanks mates, I din’t know what I would do with out ya,” Harry stuttered, to the boys. The boys looked at you, as they helped Harry through the door, “hey y/n, what up?” Niall casually asked. You shaked your head and look at Harry, “I’m guessing he had too much to drink?” You questioned. The boys slowly nodded their heads, “so where do you want him, upstairs or?” Zayn asked. You looked at Harry and then at the boys, “I think he will be fine down here,” you yawned. The boys once again nodded their heads and set Harry down on the couch, “what are you doing?” Harry questioned, after they set him on the couch, “I want to be in my bed!” Harry yelled. The boys then smiled at you, “good luck!” Liam laughed. “I’ll need it,” you replied and added, “thanks for keeping him safe tonight, even though I’m mad that you guys let him get this drunk,” you smirked. “Well, gotta go,” the boys exclaimed and you waved goodbye to them as they drove away. You then walked over to Harry, “I would let you go upstairs, but you said you weren’t going to get drunk tonight and you did. Sorry,” you yawned and started to walk upstairs but heard Harry, “of course you’re mad at me,” Harry shouted. You looked at him confused and walked back over to him, “you’re right Harry, I am! I am mad at you for getting drunk, staying out late and not even calling or texting me to know you’re okay,” you yelled back. Harry then tried to stand up, but failed and you just rolled your eyes, “you know what? You’re not my f*cking mum so you can’t tell me what to do,” Harry screamed. You shook your head, “Harry, I’m not trying to be you’re f*cking mum, all I said was-” Harry then cut you off, “I don’t really care what you said, you’re just acting like a bitch and not letting me sleep in MY bedroom. Remember love, this is my house, I made the money for it, you didn’t,” You were shocked Harry said that, you always got upset when people would accuse you of being with Harry only for his money. You loved Harry very much, but what Harry just said to you hurt you a lot, “you know, I’m going to just go to bed,” you softly said, as you were walking upstairs. You entered yours and Harry’s shared bedroom and you just broke down. You knew Harry was drunk, but those words still came out of his mouth and he must have been thinking it. You didn’t know what to do, you wanted to stay, but you wanted to leave. You felt sick to your stomach and all you wanted to do was have Harry hold you except he’s the reason for all this. You finally decide to pack a small bag of clothes and essentials and you walked quietly downstairs, so Harry didn’t wake up. You open the front door and you heard Harry start to wake up and you walked outside and you ran to your car and you put your keys in and you looked one more time at your home, well Harry’s home and you left.

Niall: “dinner was great Ni! I just don’t know why you decided to cook all this healthy junk?” You laughed, as you wiped your mouth with a napkin. “I don’t know, I just thought maybe we should start eating healthier?” Niall confessed. You nodded your head as you got up off your seat, “please, Niall,” you laughed, as you walked over to the kitchen, “what are doing?” Niall questioned, still eating at table. “I’m just getting some chocolate cake,” you replied, while cutting a piece if cake for yourself. Niall then walks into the kitchen, “didn’t you just eat dinner?” He questioned. You look at him confused, “yeah, weren’t you just there?” You joked. “I just think maybe you should stop eating so much junk food,” Niall responded. You looked at him and you were shocked at what he just said, “Are you f*cking calling me FAT?” You yelled. Niall ran his hand through his hair, “no,” he let out, but you could clearly tell he was lying. “Wow, Niall! I’m sorry I don’t starve myself to look like a model for you,” you screamed. Niall then rolled his eyes, “I didn’t say it like that!” He tried to defend himself. “But that’s the way you wanted to say it, isn’t it?” You guessed. Niall was silent which meant all that was true, “I can’t believe this,” you began, “what happened to, ‘what makes you beautiful?’ Huh? Or ‘Little Things?’ Or any of your f*cking songs that I guess were all a lie, a least to me they were,” you cried and Niall couldn’t even look at you, you ran upstairs and locked the door. You had alway struggled with how you looked and your weight was very important to you, but Niall changed that. He made you feel beautiful no matter what. And you finally felt beautiful, but the words Niall just said, made you feel ugly and worthless. You didn’t know what to do, all you knew was Niall would never know how much he just hurt you.

Zayn: “Zayn!” You called out when you heard the front door being opened and to your surprise Zayn was with the boys, “And US!” Louis laughed. “Oh, hi guys, sorry. I just thought Zayn was here. How’s everything going?” You asked. “Were alright and everything is going alright,” Harry commented. You nodded your head and hugged Zayn, “I missed you so much,” you whispered. “I was gone for 3 hours,” Zayn informed you. “I know, but 3 hours is just too long,” you replied, kissing Zayn’s cheek. “Aww they so cute,” Liam jumped in talking like a baby. Zayn looked irritated, so you moved away from him, “are you okay?” You asked him. Zayn looked at you, “no, no I’m not,” and added, “why are you so clingy?” He asked. You stood there shocked and you heard the boys say, “well, were tired. Catch ya guys later.” And left. “Clingy?” You repeated. Zayn then started walking away, “come on Zayn, you think I’m CLINGY?” You yelled. Zayn then turned around and walked over to you, “yes, yes I do,” and added, “you can’t be away from me for than an hour without you wanting me here with you. Come on, you’re not 5, you don’t need me by your side,” Zayn yells. You then quickly wipe the tears forming in your eyes, “well, I’m sorry that you feel that way. I thought you would love someone who actually always wanted to be with you,” you softly let out, “but don’t worry about me, I won’t be clingy anymore,” you added. You opened the front door and walked outside, “where are you going?” Zayn yelled, as he watched you walk to your car. “I guess to go find someone who doesn’t call me clingy,” you yelled back as you got in your car and drove off.

Liam: Tonight you and Liam were out having dinner with they boys and their girlfriends. Everyone was having fun drinking and what not. The waiter then set the bill down on the table and Liam picked it up, “wow, that’s a lot,” he admitted. “Well, all us guys should pay for it, so does anyone know how much we all owe?” Harry questioned looking around and everyone shook their heads “man, this is why you finish school,” he mumbled. “Y/n, how much do we all owe?” Zayn asked you and right before you could answer Liam says, “don’t ask her, she’s not the brightest bulb on the tree,” Liam joked, but you weren’t laughing. You were so embarrassed and you felt like an idiot. I mean you knew you weren’t that smart, but for Liam to blurt that out in front of everyone was terrible. You faked a smile, “just add it all up on your phone and divide it by 5,” you quietly replied. They smiled and did so. Once you and Liam got back home you hadn’t even said anything since the restaurant, “are you okay?” Liam asked you, while you guys were walking in the front door. “Just fine,” you quickly answered heading upstairs and slamming yours and Liam’s shared bedroom door shut. You wiped away the tears in your eyes and you just fell on the bed hoping to forget this whole night.

Louis You were upstairs typing a paper for college when you heard the front door open. You walked downstairs and you were about to enter the living room but stopped when you heard the boys say your name, “mate, that not very nice,” Harry said. “I know, but are you guys have these girlfriends that look like models and don’t get me wrong, y/n is gorgeous, but I feel she could look better,” Louis admitted. You almost stopped breathing when you heard those words come out of Louis’s mouth. “Are you going to tell her that?” Niall questioned. “Are you kidding?” Louis replied. “Let’s just keep this between us, alight mates? I don’t need any of you guys telling your girlfriends and then them telling y/n,” Louis sighed. The boys agreed and you heard them get up and you ran back upstairs back into the bedroom and that’s when you really felt upset. You could feel your heart slowly breaking and you looked at yourself in the mirror and rolled your eyes. You never really were insecure about anything, but now hearing Louis say what he said, you felt terrible and ugly and you hated everything about yourself. You then sit on the bed and cried into your hands, wishing you could be what Louis wants.