louis tomilson 1d

One Direction

This is my first successful layered song and I really hope you like it 

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You’d sigh heavily as you looked in the mirror at the long gown that Louise helped you pick out. You were so nervous you could only see awful things when you looked in the mirror. How could you compete with the people that Louis was associated with? He was a prime popstar. You were a glorified office assistant. You felt the tears well in your eyes the longer you looked at yourself so you just took a deep breath and stared at the sink. There was a quiet knock on the door. “You almost ready, babe? The boys are gonna be here in a few minutes,” he’d knock on the door softly. “I don’t think I wanna go,” you’d mumble. He’d pout outside the door in confusion. You were so excited all week to go to your first A-list event with Louis. He insisted you come even though you put up a bit of a fight when he told you he’d pay for your gown. (You still can’t think about how much it costs without cringing–“It’s pennies to me love! You should take Lottie out with my credit card; watch the dent she puts in my account and you’ll feel a hundred times better!”) “Why love?” He’d lean against the door frame. After all he heard was a quiet sigh and no response he’d twist the handle and look inside. You radiated beauty and he was so happy to see your angelic figure before anyone else. Every day he felt this way when he woke up beside your face. And here you were more beautiful than he could ever imagine. “Wow, you look beautiful, sweetheart,” he’d grin happily. You looked over at him and felt even more self-conscious. Wow, Louis was gorgeous. He could wear a paper bag and you’d see everyone follow his trend the same day. Why would he ever want to be seen with you? “Um…I don’t like this,” you’d say softly. “Why ever not, baby girl?” He’d ask quietly. “I just…my butt looks weird and my hips…and my hair,” you’d whisper softly. He’d place his hands on your lower back and pull you toward him. “Your ass is perfect babe,” he’d tell you. “Obviously my talents have rubbed off on you,” he’d joke. “And I don’t know why you don’t like your hips, I love them. They’re so curvy I can just grab you right here,” he places his hands on the curves of your waist and yanks you close to his body. “And bring you right here, baby,” he’d cup the side of your face and brush his lips against yours. “And your hair is beautiful,” he’d tell you. “You’re beautiful,” he’d smile and kiss your forehead. “I really would like you to come along, but if you’re upset babe, I understand. I just want you to know you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met and I love you and I think you look fabulous and we should go,” he’d murmur. He’d kiss your cheek and smile into your eyes. “Do you wanna go, angel?” He’d ask. “I guess…as long as you think I look gorgeous, I can go,” you’d smirk. “You do, and you should think so too…” he’d smile. “It’s just…the girls that are usually to these things are well put together and models and beautiful.” “I think you’re beautiful,” he’d say softly and stare at you sadly. “Don’t you think you’re beautiful?” He’d ask. You’d shake your head. “No…you’re…you’re so gorgeous, Louis. I’m not that pretty…” you’d mumble shyly. His heart felt heavy and his mouth fell open a bit. “Oh, God, sweetheart please tell me that’s not true,” he’d whisper. He wouldn’t stand to be the reason you were self-conscious. You were a beauty queen in his eyes. He originally met you over the phone hoping to do some more charity work and you giggled and made him laugh as you talked through paperwork, funds, and events. When he finally met you, he was stunned silent. You were this beautiful angel standing in front of the gala ready for an event. He didn’t know it was you at first. So he called your phone. When yours rang and your voice answered he was in amazement. You truly had a heart of gold and your looks were icing on the cake. “You’re so beautiful. So beautiful. Everyone pales in comparison to you…even Zayn.” “Well don’t be insane,” you’d smirk and roll your eyes as you thought of his beautiful band member. “Everyone knows he’s perfect,” you’d remind him. He’d smile gently at you. “You are gorgeous, sweetheart,” he’d tell you quietly. “Don’t ever feel embarrassed to go somewhere with me unless you’re embarrassed of me,” he’d say cheekily. You’d smile and cup his face and kiss your lips. “Alright, my love, let’s go make the red carpet jealous with our asses,” you’d smile. He’d laugh and gives your bum a soft little smack as you make your way down to the limo, giggling as he complimented you.


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