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Hello love! Could you write a Harry blurb where he's not feeling well and has a migraine whenever he gets home from the studio and he complains at dinner saying his stomach is upset and he feels he'll be ill and so you tell him to go to the toilet and he sits in the bathroom for a while before he's sick? Thanks Hun!

you hear the thump of the door as it slams itself shut behind your boyfriend of five years, harry. “how was your day?” you ask without lifting your eyes from your AP Calculus textbook. man, you didn’t think college would actually require work. you hear him though, as he grunts in response and shrugs off his coat without bothering to hang it up. this is when you finally close the heavy book on your lap, surrounding your pencil as well and look up at harry. he’s looking right at you too. his eyes are red-rimmed, and his face is pale. your face twists in concern, propping yourself up with one arm and ask, this time more comfortingly, “are you okay?” he crosses the room with a few strides and no words, completely surrendering to your embrace as soon as your fingertips touch the hem of his shirt. he kicks off his shoes and he rests his head on your lap and the rest of his body sprawls out messily on the couch. you stroke his curls back gently and press a kiss to the top of his forehead–and it burns. “you want me to make some hot soup?” you trace circles across his cheek bones, “or i could make porridge if you’d like.” harry shakes his head and cuddles deeper into the sofa, and deeper into your arms. “don’t move,” he whispers. “i’m so tired.”

“you’re ill,” you smile softly. “i could see it in your eyes when you walked in, and i can feel it on your forehead.”

he sighs, shifting his weight a little. “just a rough day at the studio.” then suddenly he sinks his head deeper into your lap and groans out in pain. his hands fly immediately to his stomach, in which he says, “also my stomach hurts. i feel as if something’s tearing a hole right through my abdomen.”

you press a kiss to his jaw and carefully untangle yourself from his limbs and announce, “i’m going to go make you some hot soup, okay? you stay right here.” rushing off to the kitchen, you quickly discard the leftover noodles you had devoured into the trashcan and replaced the emptiness at the top of the stove with a pot and a can of campbell soup. “hey, haz–!” but you already hear the sound of him retching echoing through the whole house. you sigh to yourself, abandoning the kitchen for the bathroom.

he’s crouched over the toilet bowl, forehead pressed against the cold, white brim, looking so much in pain. you kneel down next to him, rubbing circles into his back. he leans against you, and almost flashes you a smile, but then the next wave of nausea hits him and he’s retching and you barely make it out.

“i’ll have soup ready when you’re done!” you call back to him.

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Hi! I'm a huge fan of your works! And I was wondering if you could make one where he is a nerd but then transforms into this heartthrob just for you without knowing that you already had a crush on him during his nerdy days... You finally get together but then he cheats on you? You can decide if it deserves a happy or sad ending. And hopefully it lasts for more than one part. Sorry for that long request but I really hope you grant this request! Lots of love! xx

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nerd harry always reminds me of marcel, and don’t tell me they’re the same person

and this will most definitely last more than one part, hon


“Does anyone know the answer?”

As per usual, Harry’s hand shoots straight in the air. He barely looks up from his notebook as the teacher calls on him. He says, with absolute confidence, “The answer is five. Well, more specifically Four point ninety five, but then the question said to round up to the first decimal place.”

“Thank you, Harry,” Mrs. Wang looks at the rest of the class. “You are a brilliant example to the rest of the class.”

But you don’t hear what she says next, as your eyes are on the back of Harry’s hair. His glasses are set on the top of his desk, and his face is practically buried in a math textbook. Even from two rows back, you can see his hair shimmer from how much gel he’s using. But you don’t blame him, after all, he has to do something to tame his naturally curly hair.

“Y/N? Am I interrupting your daydreaming?”

Your head snaps up, and you pray to all the Gods out there that your cheeks were not as red as you thought. But then, of course, they were. “N-No, of course not, Miss,” you bite our lip as you hear someone laugh behind you.

It’s Grant, the most popular guy in your grade. You roll your eyes as he snickers, “Y/N, if you need any help making your dream into a reality, you know where to find me.”

Harry’s head glances up from his book, back at Grant, then at you, all while Mrs. Wang tries to settle the class again. “What are you looking at, Styles?” Grant leans forward on his desk, “Not like you can ever get any.”

Laughter erupts, and Mrs. Wang’s eyes widen, “Grant, apologise–”

“Sorry, Miss,” Grant grins, while raising both hands. “I don’t think I have anything to apologise for. You always said to tell the truth, and–”

“Cut the crap,” you turn around to glare at him. He raises his eyebrows, surprised that you let a cuss word escape from your mouth. “That was rude, and who are you to talk? All this shit about sex, yet I’ve never seen you get to first base. And I’ve been to all of your infamous ‘orgy’s’. So, when you’re done being a dick, maybe you can go grow one.”

You turn back around, and you can’t focus on Mrs. Wang threatening to call your parents because your cheeks are flaming. You can practically feel Grant stare daggers into the back of your head, but there’s nothing he can do about it because your brother was a senior, and his friends were practically your brothers too. And deep down, both you and Grant knew that one bad word from you to your brother and his face would be black and blue.

The class resumes, and you try hard to focus, but you keep seeing Harry in the corner of your vision. And he was looking back at you too. He pretended to check the time at the back of the class, but you caught him subtly casting a glance at you.

You looked down for the rest of the class, afraid of your own emotions.

The second you walk out of the classroom, Grant and his friends surround you.

“That was pretty rough, what you said back there.” All of them were six-feet tall, and it didn’t help that heels weren’t allowed in school. You try to ignore them as you walk to your locker. “Hey, bitch, listen to me.”

You roll your eyes as Grant leans forward, smirking, “You know what they say….when people are mean, it means they like you.” You scoff, and he tilts his head to the side. “Whatcha say, babe? We can ditch last period and go make out in my car.”

Slamming your locker shut, you look up at him with a fake smile, “First bitch then babe? I’ve got another B word for you: Bastard. And when people are mean to you, it doesn’t mean they like you, it means they don’t. And I will never make out with you. Never hit on me again.”

You storm off, and you hear him call, “I like a girl who plays hard to get!” Turning the corner as quickly as you can, you end up bumping into someone and send papers flying everywhere.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” you immediately drop to the ground, gathering them in your hands as quickly as possible. “I’m so sor–” Then you look up and see Harry. He’s smiling at you shyly, adjusting his glasses.

“It’s okay,” he says awkwardly, grabbing the papers from your hands and shoving them back into his folder, shutting it tightly. He sticks out his hand, “I’m Harry. We just had–”

“Math, yeah, I know,” you shake his hand, and you both rise to your feet simultaneously. His hand feels strong in yours. He lets go immediately. “I know you. We also have English, Science and Art together. I can’t believe you don’t know who I am.”

He shakes his head, smiling sheepishly, “No, I do…I just thought that you might not.”

“Why would I not?” You grin. “You’re literally the smartest person in the whole school.”

“Oh, yeah,” he looks down at his feet. “I’m smart. That’s why.”

“No, not just that,” you quickly say. You didn’t want him to be upset. You didn’t know why, but you just couldn’t stand to see him sad. “You are smart, yes, but you’re also funny. I love the references to How I Met Your Mother in your slam poetry,” you laugh, “I’m almost always dying in the corner.”

His green eyes light up, and they’re so beautiful. You almost say it out loud, but then he says, “Really? I thought no one noticed…and I gotta say…your art! You’re so talented it’s almost hard to believe.”

“Thank you so much.” Your heart flutters. You open your mouth to carry on the conversation, when you hear someone behind you shout Y/N! It’s time to go to PE! “I’m sorry, I gotta go,” you say to Harry.

“Yeah, no, it’s fine,” he nods. “Have fun in PE?”

You laugh, “Like that’s ever gonna happen. See you in Art?”

“Yeah,” he smiles, and you wonder why you never had a conversation with him before. “See you in Art.”

It’s when you’re almost at the end of the hallway that you turn around and see Grant talking to Harry, in the same spot you were just in. The taller boy is leaning in close, and you could only guess what he was saying. Grant’s eyes land on yours, and you shoot him the middle finger. He smiles, whispering something in Harry’s ear.

Then he slams all of his folders on the ground, and paper goes flying everywhere again.

“Y/N, come on, we gotta go or Coach is gonna kill us!” Your friend urges you along, and you nod, following after her.

You score all the goals for your team that day, and when your friend asks you why you’re so aggressive at flag football, you shrug and say, “I just picture the ball as a bomb, and the end zone as Grant’s face.”


chapter two

forbidden fruit : zayn & Louis smut

“Truth or Dare,” zayn asked, looking at Louis as Louis and I cuddled. “Dare,” he replied, and I nudged his side playfully at his attempt at being spontaneous. “I dare you to let me kiss Camila for 3 minutes without you interfering or getting mad.” I felt Louis tense up at my side, and I looked over to him. He had a glare set on zayn, who was unfazed. “Fine, but only 3 minutes,” Louis answered through his teeth, looking at him still. “Um, hello? Don’t I have a say in this?” I questioned, but they both shot me a look. “You know the rules, plus, this game was your idea.” I let out a defeated sigh, sitting up straight, and zayn took Louis’s place beside me, placing a hand on my cheek before he placed his lips on mine. I kept my eyes open, seeing Louis look away in hurt from the corner of my eye. I looked straight into zayn’s closed eyelids, not wanting to see Louis hurt. zayn’s tongue snaked its way into my mouth, and I wasn’t sure how to respond to a French kiss. zayn pulled away with a sigh, “It’s a dare, Y/N, you have to.” He explained, and I looked to Louis. He nodded his head towards zayn. “It’s fine Y/N, just do it.” He responded, looking at his watch. “2 minutes and 35 seconds left.” zayn went right back into the kiss, and we began to French kiss once again. His tongue actually worked really well with mine, forming a rhythm that sent tingles to my toes. I closed my eyes this time, savoring the feeling. He placed one of his hands on my waist and scooted closer to me.

            His other hand found my breast and rubbed it through my bra. I moaned through the kiss, and zayn pulled away as the timer went off. I wiped my mouth, looking at him with amazed and longing eyes. It wasn’t that Louis wasn’t a good kisser, but his French kisses were a little awkward or with too much saliva. “Thanks Y/N, that was wonderful,” zayn complimented as he patted my thigh before moving to his original spot. Louis’s eyes were clouded, and he looked different in his posture and facial expression. His jawline looked sharper, and I felt myself getting wetter each nanosecond. “Truth or Dare, Y/N,” Luke asked, not removing his intense look from zayn.

            I definitely was not going to say truth, because he’d probably ask who the better kisser was. “Dare,” I responded, my nails digging into the carpet under me. “Remove your shirt,” Louis dared, to which I obeyed. I lifted the fabric over my head, and placed it on the floor beside me. Louis smirked, leaning over to me and placed a hungry kiss on my lips, I smiled through the kiss, and he pulled me onto his lap. I got lost in his touches and kisses; I almost forgot zayn was in the room too. Louis moved his hips up to my bottom, and I moaned a little bit. “It’s your turn to ask, Y/N,” zayn interrupted. I pulled away, sitting up straight again, and Louis released a groan of annoyance. “Truth or Dare, Luke?” I asked cheerfully. Louis smirked, adding a “truth”.

            “Hmmm… What would you do to me if you had the chance to?” I asked innocently, smirking, and zayn looked over at us with lustful eyes. Louis looked at zayn with a smile, “Why don’t you answer that, zayn? You look a little flustered.” Louis challenged, smiling deviously. zayn sat up straighter. “Okay, Louis, I will. Y/N, I would sit near you, and kiss you like I previously did, and then I’d lay you down onto the carpet. I would kiss down your chest until I reached the top of your shorts. I would pull them down, lick and finger your beautiful p**sy until you screamed out for mercy louder than you’ve ever done for Louis,” he explained in a raspy tone, looking over to a now serious Louis with a smug smile. “Then I would fuck you senseless,” he finished, looking back at me. I bit my bottom lip hard, trying to hold back the moan threatening to slip out from my mouth.

            zayn pulled me in for a heated kiss, and I let him pounce on me till we lay down on the carpet. I kissed him, as he licked my lip, asking for entrance. I moaned, and Louis started undoing his pants and taking off his shirt. zayn took off his shirt too, followed by my panties and shorts. He stuck a finger inside me, letting out a small scoff. “Wet already, I see? Well I bet you can’t wait for us to share you, right?” he asked, trailing his finger down my wet slit. I gave him and eager nod, and he shoved two fingers inside. I moaned, trying to grab at the carpet. Louis moved in front of me, and he placed his penis in front of my mouth, “Suck me off, babe.” I grabbed him in my hand, pumping before putting him in my mouth.zayn’s fingers still worked their magic as his tongue then found my clit. I moaned out, at the vibrations on Louis made him do the same. “Are you ready?” zayn asked, removing his fingers to apply a condom he must’ve got from his jeans. I nodded, placing Louis in my mouth once again to shush me.

            With a deep and sure thrust, I felt him brush against my g-spot. I squirmed as I adjusted to his length. He waited before thrusting in faster and a bit deeper. I sucked harder and pumped faster as zayn’s thrust picked up. “I’m going to cum, z-zayn.” I warned, and he gave a nod, speeding up at a bunny’s speed. I placed one of my hands on Louis’s waist to have something to make me stable. Louis fucked my face before cumming, and I came on zayn as he soon filled the condom with his liquids. They both pulled out, me lying beside Louis and zayn sitting up beside me. “That was great,” Louis commented, tracing patterns on my back. “Yup, it was. Thanks, you guys,” I thanked, looking over tozayn who seemed somewhat upset. “Y/N, I can’t do this anymore.” He confessed, taking off the condom and getting redressed.  “What are you taking about?” I asked, immediately feeling bad for a reason I didn’t know.

            “I love you Y/N, and now that I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit, I need more…” he let out. My mouth fell agape and Louis who was falling asleep instantly woke up, anger in his eyes.

louis dirty imagine

You look up from your phone as your boyfriend, Louis, gets home. “Sooooo,” you say. “Where’d you go? What’d you get me?” Louis had gone out earlier, saying he was picking up a surprise for you guys and you weren’t allowed to go with him.

He just smirks at you, hiding the bag behind his back. “Meet me upstairs in five minutes,” he says, no room for questions in his tone. “And make sure you’re naked.”

“What?” you say, raising an eyebrow. “Why am I getting naked exactly?”

“Don’t ask questions. Meet me upstairs in five minutes and be completely fucking naked. Or else,” he adds, walking up the stairs.

You watch him walk away, thoroughly confused by his weird demands, but you decide to comply nonetheless. Regardless of what his surprise is, it can only end in sex, right? And there are no downsides to sex with Louis Tomlinson.

You strip down and follow him up the stairs after waiting the full five minutes he asked for. You peek into your shared bedroom before opening the door all the way. Louis is sitting on the bed in his boxers, biting his lip ring as he fiddles with something you can’t see.

“Hey,” you say, suddenly shy, as you cover your breasts with one arm. “What’s going on?”

Louis stands up and walks over to you. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he says, bending down to kiss you. You can feel him through his boxers, his hardness pressing against you, and you moan into the kiss.

He bites your lower lip, tugging at it, before pulling away. “I picked up some things for us,” he says. “You interested?”

“What kind of things?”

He pulls a pair of handcuffs out of a bag on the floor and your mouth goes dry, your heart beginning to race. “Do you trust me?” he asks.

You stare at the handcuffs for a minute, then back up at Louis to meet his eyes. This isn’t something you’ve ever done before, not something you’ve discussed, but you love him – and there is definitely something sexy at the idea of being completely at his mercy. “Always.”

He kisses you again, softly this time, before pushing you onto the bed. He positions you on your knees. “Tell me if this goes too far,” he whispers, pinning your arms in front of you and handcuffing them to the headboard.

You nod, swallowing audibly. “Okay.” You’re resting on your forearms and your knees, ass up in the air. Your hands are gripping the headboard tightly, a little nervous at where this is going.

You’re looking back at him over your shoulder, watching as Louis climbs off the bed and grabs a blindfold from the mysterious bag by the bed. You can’t help but wonder what else he has in his bag of tricks.

He holds the blindfold up to you, silently asking for your permission, and you nod. He ties the blindfold tightly around your eyes. The darkness is disconcerting, but you’re quickly jerked out of your slight panic by the feeling of Louis’s hand coming down on your ass.

“You want this, don’t you?” he asks, kneading your skin with his fingers.

You whimper as he brings his hand down again. It hurts, your skin is stinging, but it feels so unbelievably good at the same time. The mingling of pain with the pleasure just makes it even better. He brings it down again, and you can feel tears welling up in your eyes, but you can’t help but push your ass back against his hands.

“You’re starving for it,” he says, squeezing your ass roughly. “Look at you. Tell me. Tell me you want it.”

You shake your head, but you can’t help but moan as he brings his hand down again.

“You’re not in control,” he says roughly into your ear, pulling on your hair a little. “You gave up your control. Tell me you want this.”

“I want this,” you whisper, giving in to him as he pulls on one of your nipples. “I need you.”

Louis forcefully spreads your legs, before bringing his hand against your flesh one last time, the sound of his hand connecting with your skin mixing with your throaty moan.

His hand tickles your inner thigh a little before dipping one finger inside you, teasing you, touching you.

You moan softly, disappointed, when he pulls always completely. You hear him shuffling around and you tug at your handcuffs a little, impatient and confused.

“Stop that,” he says. You whimper a little, but then you hear something – a low buzzing noise.

“What is that?” you ask, straining at your handcuffs even harder.

“I said, stop that,” Louis says, closer to your ear now. The buzzing is louder now, and then suddenly, you feel something vibrating against your inner thigh.

“Fuck,” you say, jerking away, shocked. It didn’t feel bad, it just scared you. “Is that a fucking vibrator?”

Luke just chuckles in response, continuing to tease your thighs a little with it, before pressing the tip of it against your entrance.

“Holy shit,” you moan, spreading your legs even further for him. You’ve never used a vibrator before and the sensation is completely overwhelming.

“You like that, huh?” Louis asks, pushing it even further inside you. He does something to it and the vibrating increases in pace, and you squeeze your legs together, desperate for more friction.

“Shit, Louis, please,” you moan as he pulls it out, pressing it against your clit, ever so teasingly, before rubbing it against your slit.

“Please what?” he says, pushing the tip inside you before pulling it out again. “What do you want me to do?”

“I need more,” you bite out, yanking at your handcuffs.

He shoves the toy inside you in one thrust, before pulling it out and shoving it back in again. You moan loudly, wishing more than anything you could reach down and rub your clit. He’s fucking you with the toy, and while it’s not quite as good as his cock, you love the feel of it inside you – and the fact that Luke is watching you come undone. You’re so close – right on the brink of your orgasm, when he removes the toy completely.

“Goddamnit, Louis,” you cry out.

He slaps your ass again, punishing you for your impatience. He disappears off the bed for a second, but then you hear him settling behind you, his fingers digging into your hips.

“No screaming,” he says, but before you understand his warning, he pushes himself inside you completely, and you can’t hold back the yell that bursts out of you. He slaps your ass again, before pulling out and shoving back in. “I said no screaming.”

He stays still for a minute, so unbelievably still when all you want him to do is keep thrusting you. And he knows that, you know Louis knows that, and god he’s taunting you. You’re so full and he’s so deep and you need more.

Finally Louis pulls out, ever so slowly, before slamming back inside of you. “You’re so tight. You feel so fucking good. You were made for me, weren’t you?”

You nod, practically sobbing at this point, desperate for release. “I’m all yours, Louis,” you say, tugging at the handcuffs again. “All yours.” You push your ass back against him and he groans, his fingers digging tighter into your skin as he stills your movements.

But finally, finally he starts to move, thrusting into you with wild abandon. “You’re trembling for me,” he says, his skin slapping against yours as he takes you completely.

“Please, Louis, please touch me,” you moan. Louis finally reaches around, rubbing your clit roughly with your finger, bringing you over the edge. You cry out, your hands squeezing the bedframe as your body contracts around Luke.

He pushes into you through your orgasm, losing all sense of rhythm, but shoving into you deeper, once, twice, three more times, before groaning loudly and filling you as he slows his pumps.

Louis kisses your lower back before reaching for the key and untying your handcuffs and removing the blindfold. You rub your wrists, which are now red from your efforts.

“Did I hurt you?” he asks, concerned, grabbing your hands to examine them.

“No, I’m fine,” you laugh, still catching your breath. You lean forward to kiss him lazily.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” he chuckles.

“I’m just wondering what else is in that bag of yours.”

“Ah,” Louis says, smirking at you. “I guess you’ll find out next time.”