louis teaching zayn how to swim

161: You can’t swim and you’re scared of water.

Harry: The pool party was in full swing and Harry had been keeping a close eye on you, knowing one of your deepest, and for you, most embarrassing secrets, something only he knew. After your parents’s tragic death by drowning when you were only a child, you had never set a foot into water ever since. Once he observed that you were in deep conversation with Louis and Liam, a satisfied Harry disappeared to grab a beer and catch up with his other pals. “Gonna have a dip, y/n?” Louis asks with a cheeky grin. You shake your head. “Uh, no, I haven’t brought a bikini with me” you reasonably excuse yourself from any water activities, shaking your head with a nervous smile. Louis and Liam smirk at each other and their next actions were completely unpredictable to you as they both picked you up, Louis holding you under your arms and Liam holding your ankles. “No no no no!” you exclaim in panic as they start swinging you. “It’s just a little water y/n, on three, Liam” Louis jokes. “NO!” Despite your desperate screams being loud enough to attract the attention of all the guests, heads quickly turning at your distress, the boys continued to swing you. On approaching the number two, they’re quickly distracted. “Put her down!” Harry yells, running towards the three of you. Louis and Liam quickly put you down beside the pool and you quickly bring your knees up to your chest, sobbing into them. “It was just a bit of fun, mate” Louis murmurs, although he knows he’s angered his best friend and upset you, and both guilt and remorse are evident in his voice. “Her parents fucking drowned!” Harry shouts at the boys before lowering to the ground and pulling you into him. “Shh darling, it’s ok. You’re ok. I’m here” he whispers into your ear.

Liam: A holiday with Liam’s family was the perfect getaway since you all got on really well, and Liam certainly needed the break from the solo music he was producing. Lowering the umbrella to shade him more, you left him sleeping on the sand. Nicola and Ruth both ushered for you to join them in the sea. It was so blue and beautiful and whilst your fear of water was strong, you knew you would be safe with a little paddle. The hot sand between your toes felt out of this world and the sea lapping up onto your ankles was relaxing. Moving in a little further up to your knees, you were comfortable staying put and observing the world around you. As you went in deeper, you began to panic. Liam wasn’t there to guide you or reassure you. Turning around, you see him still sleeping on the sand. You take a step to head back to safety when you lose your balance. A wave comes crashing around you, dragging you under and further out to sea. Everything else becomes a blur as you splash around, gasping for air and choking on the salty water that you’re submerged in. Sounds of distress and screams from all directions begin to fade as your body lacks oxygen and water fills your lungs. You feel a hand around your waist, pulling you against the current. Before you can comprehend what’s happening, your laying on the sand, various faces staring in disbelief a blur, and only Liam’s is in focus. You hear the publics questions darting from every direction before Liam pipes up. “Give her some space!” He quickly averts his attention back to you, resting his hand on your forehead and stroking it softly. “You’re ok darling” he whispers. “We’re gonna get you checked out though” he adds, before lowering his lips to your cheek.

Louis: “That’s it baby girl, you’re doing fantastic!” he praises you, and whilst you feel a little silly and childish, you appreciated that he was teaching you how to swim. “Now let’s go in a little deeper” he suggests. You shake your head. “No Louis, I don’t think I can, I’ll drown” you panic, desperately holding your float. Taking your hand gently, he softly murmurs “I’m right here. I’m not going to let you drown. I love you too much.” He smiles and you reciprocate the actions, before kicking your legs and going deeper into the swimming pool. “I’m doing it Louis, I’m doing it!” you proudly announce. “You are sweetheart, I’m so proud of you.” You both tread water in the deep end with your hands still firmly clasping the float. “You never told me where your fear of water came from and how you never learned to swim?” Louis questions curiously. You shrug your shoulders. “I fell into a swimming pool when I was little. I got into trouble and panicked. It scarred me for life. After that, my mum didn’t want to scare me even more and send me to swimming lessons. I guess back then she was just considering my feelings, but in hindsight, she should have done the opposite.” You never blamed your mum, but you weren’t blind to the fact that she was the reason you had never learned to swim. Louis nods understandably. “Well at least you’re leaning now, darling. And in the future, when we have our own little ones, we can teach them how to swim” he smiles.

Niall: Sitting in the large rubber dingy and bobbing up and down in the sea certainly wasn’t your idea of fun, but as time continued, you were distracted by the conversations you were having with Niall, Louis and Eleanor. Despite your unknown fear of the water and being unable to swim, you had forgotten that you were miles away from the shore. The waves began to get bigger and the sun was disappearing. “Guys, we need to go back” you murmur. “It’s ok y/n, the sea doesn’t get much choppier than this” Louis chirps. You shake your head. “No, you don’t understand. I need to go. I can’t be out here anymore” you begin to panic. “Princess?” Niall questions, wrapping an arm around your waist. “It’s ok” he reassures you, as the dingy begins rocking more vigorously. Your breathing becomes more erratic and you begin to flap. “Please, I need to get out. We need to get back to the shore.” Eleanor grips your shoulders gently. “Y/N it’s ok, like Louis said, it won’t get any worse than this. Just breathe.” You shake your head. “You don’t understand. Any of you! I can’t swim. If we overturn, I’ll drown” you cry out. Sensing your distress, Niall pulls yours body into him. “Sweetheart, why didn’t you say? We’re not gonna topple over, ok? And I’ve got you, you’re ok. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. Now please calm down and breathe for me” he whispers into your ear. “We’ll get back to the beach, Ni” Louis murmurs, understanding your distress. He murmurs a quick thank you to his friend before making a mental note to teach you how to swim the next day.

Zayn: The poolside was getting busier, your anxiety increasing even more. You watched Zayn and the rest of the boys enjoying a swim and the occasional water activity. Whilst you felt pretty good in your bikini, you had no intention of setting foot into the swimming pool. “Y/N! Come join us!” Niall calls out. You shake your head and give the boys a small smile. “She’s alright boys” Zayn smiles, understanding your reason for staying firmly on the ground. The boys quickly go back to their games and you continue to mingle with others by the poolside. A group of lads, who clearly drank more than they could handle, barge straight past you and between the conversation you were having. As one of them passed, he lost his balance, grabbing you for support, consequently pushing you in. Whilst you heard a few cheers and “whey’s,” Zayn’s exclamation didn’t go unnoticed by anyone. “Fuck!” he yelled out, swimming the length of the pool. He reached you within seconds of you splashing around and gasping for air. Grabbing you by the waist, he pulled you to the side. “Take her!” he exclaimed to onlookers by the poolside. They did as they were told, pulling you out of the water and sitting you upright on the floor. Zayn was beside you in seconds, rubbing your back and whispering reassurances to you. “Zayn, chill mate, yeah? It’s a bit of water” Liam pipes up from across the pool. “Are you fucking kidding me Liam? She can’t swim! She could’ve fucking drowned!” he yells out. As soon as he shouted at Liam, he felt guilty, it hadn’t even been his fault, but adrenaline was pumping through his body. Wrapping a protective arm around you, he murmured softly, “let’s get you home.”

BSM #31 You fall into a swimming pool and can't get back up

A/N: Here it is! My idea. If it sucks, it’s your fault, cause you haven’t requested. If you have, it’s because I started writing this before I got your request and then the joke is on me. So yeah. Enjoy, I guess.

HARRY (age 15) His POV: Y/N, Gemma and I were on vacation. You know, to have some sister/brother bonding time. We were having a great time, having rented a big cabin with a private swimming pool. I was sleeping soundly in my bed when I suddenly heard Gemma shouting, and a splash. I jumped from my bed, and ran to the pool. “Harry! She’s in the pool! I can’t swim!” she yelled, tears running down her cheeks. Without questioning her, I jumped straight into the pool, doing my very best to keep my eyes open. When my eyes landed on Y/N lifeless form slowly sinking to the bottom, I swam as fast as I could, picking her up under her arms, and using all my strength to drag her upwards. When I broke the surface, Gemma was waiting there to take her from my arms and help her back onto the ground. “Come on. Y/N, please wake up,” Gemma whimpered, giving her mouth to mouth in between pleas. It wasn’t until Y/N spluttered and started heaving after breaths that I realized what had just happened. I sat back and started sobbing. Gemma tapped my shoulder and handed me a towel. We all sat down on the ground in a circle, tears flowing like rivers. “What happened?” I finally managed. “She was sleepwalking,” Gemma answered as another sob racked through her body, and she buried her face in Y/N’s hair. “We’re locking the doors from now on. And getting help.”

LIAM (age 8): “Liam! Can we go to the pool?” You asked as you jumped up and down excitedly. “Just a second,” he answered, texting someone on his phone. One of the boys most likely. You were with them on tour, and had a few days off in Spain, and you were itching to go swim. “Fine. I’ll just go down there myself,” you mumbled angrily, and when Liam didn’t protest, you were off. When you got to the pool, you realized you had forgotten all the stuff to keep you floating. But after looking at all the kids having fun for about ten minutes, you figured it didn’t matter. You knew how to swim by now, right? You went to one of the ends of the pool where there weren’t any people, and decided with yourself that this was a perfect spot. You jumped right in, enjoying the nice, cold shock that went through your body, as opposed to the hot heat of Spain. Your happiness didn’t last long though, as you suddenly realized you had jumped in the deep end, and had no idea how to get up. Soon enough, you blacked out. When you came to again, Liam was hovering above you, and you could hear Niall’s hushed voice, commanding someone. Just then a droplet hit you, and you realized Liam was crying. “Li?” you rasped out, and Liam breathed a sigh of relief. “For God’s sake Y/N, you scared the crap out of me,” Liam said, pulling you into a gentle hug. You held onto him tight, as the boys all ran to you, falling to their knees to join you and Liam’s hug. After a doctor deemed you okay in broken English, Liam promised he would pay attention if you promised not to run off.

ZAYN (age 10): For some reason, you had never got around to learning how to swim. Therefore, Zayn decided that he would hire a swim coach to teach both you and him when you were on vacation. You were so excited that you convinced Zayn to go down to the swimming pool before your appointment. When Zayn was answering a phone call from the tutor, you sneaked away, looking calculatedly at the water, before shrugging and jumping in. It wasn’t that deep, but it was deep enough that it swallowed you whole. As you kicked your legs, you realized your struggle was to no avail. You couldn’t get back up. In a last attempt to save yourself you screamed as loud as you could, and watched the last air leave your body in the form of little bubbles, just as someone grabbed you and pulled you up into air again. You breathed it in greedily, clinging to whoever it was who saved you. When you looked up, you were met with worried, and partly angry, brown eyes. “Don’t you dare do that to me, ever again,” Zayn said with a shaking voice, tears trailing down his cheeks. “Did you… Did you jump into the water to save me?” you asked baffled. He nodded, walking with you still in his arms to the local doctor at the hotel you were staying at. “Thank you,” you whispered, hiding your face in his neck. Under your fingers that were still gripping him tight, you could feel his tense shoulders slump. “Please don’t scare me like that again,” he pleaded, squeezing your still trembling body. “Never.”

LOUIS (age 5): “Lou! Lou!” You were jumping around waiting impatiently for your brother to finish whatever was more important than you finally getting to swim. Since Louis got famous, your life had been a bit of chaos, and now that everyone had finally found some kind of a routine, Louis had decided to invite the entire Tomlinson household on vacation. You and Louis were the only ones from the family currently at the hotel, and he had promised you that you could go down to the pool. However, something had caught his attention just as you were about to leave and so you decided to just go ahead. It wasn’t sunny today, so there were very few people at the pool. You wanted some privacy, so you went to one area that piqued your interest because it had a pretty, dark blue color. You marveled at it for a bit, until you realized you could be closer to it if you just jumped in. So you did. And realized the reason to the blue color was that you had jumped into the deep end. You struggled to get back up, but your attempt was fruitless, as you had never learned to swim. Just as you decided to just give up, you were harshly pulled out of the water. You opened your eyes to find a crying Louis standing with you in his arms. “You’re okay!” he breathed relieved, hugging you closer. Suddenly he pulled back, sending you the sternest glare you had ever seen. And your mom could be a tough woman. “Why would you do that Y/N? You now you can’t just run off like that!” he yelled, and you cowered into his chest. “You weren’t paying attention.” With a regretful sigh and an apology, Louis drove to get you checked and get some ice cream.

NIALL (age 14) His POV: Y/N had always been afraid of water. Every time we went to the beach or anywhere else where you had to swim, Zayn and Y/N would sit at the edge, watching as the rest of us splashed around like little kids. And I hated watching her sit there. So now that we were on vacation, I decided I would teach her how to swim. We had gotten up early to go there so there wouldn’t be as many people. Y/N was walking around cautiously, casting nervous glances at the still water. “Wait here,” I told her, running to go get my phone that was ringing. As I picked it up to answer it, I turned around just in time to see Y/N slip on a wet patch, and fall head first into the deep end. I dropped my phone to the ground, not as much as flinching at the sound of the screen breaking. On the other end, Harry was yelling frantically, but I ignored him in favor of diving into the water. It took me more time than I could effort to get her back up onto land, and when I did, she was unconscious. I started giving her CPR, and watched in relief as she started spluttering and couching. “Niall? What happened?” she asked in a rough voice, looking absolutely beaten. “You fell into the water. Got you up just in time,” I told her, ducking my head as the first tear escaped my eye. “You scared me so much Y/N,” I whispered, clutching her to my chest. “Does that mean I don’t have to learn how to swim?” she asked hopefully, breaking off into yet another couching fit. Scoffing, I picked her up in my arms and started walking. “No. Now you have to learn it more than ever. As soon as we’ve got you checked out at the doctors.”

One Direction Preference : Swimming With The Kids

Liam: “Jenna, Carson, swim back to daddy!” you say to your two children as you step down into the pool, your baby bump entering the water behind them. The two kids swam back and Liam scooped them up into his arms “You guys having fun swimming with mommy and daddy?” Jenna smiled. “And the new baby daddy, we can’t forget about the new baby!” Liam nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. We can’t forget about the new baby, how is the new baby doing swimming?” he asked you and you stayed close to the steps, not wanting to move any further into the water. “Alright, as soon as the belly touched the water, they started to kick!” “Can we feel?” Carson and Jenna asked and Liam dropped them carefully into the water and pushed them towards you. “Be careful with baby okay!”

Niall: “Can we put the new baby into the pool?” Little Joel asked and you sat on the edge, your newborn baby girl, Kristin, in your arms. Once Joel asked you that with Niall swimming behind him, Niall looked up to you. “Guess it’s up to you, whatever you want to do.” “Here, you take her, i’ll climb in and get her from you in a second.” you say and hand Kristin over to Niall’s waiting arms. Walking over to the entrance steps of the pool, you climbed down into it and swam over to your little family. “Yay, mommy’s finally in the pool!” Joel said and you smiled, swimming closer and closer to him. “Yeah, mommy missed her little man. Having fun in the pool, Joel?” He laughed. “The best! Can baby swim yet?” Niall held Kristin just enough so that her tiny baby feet grazed the water and she started to squeal, making you all laugh.  "Not yet, she’s got to get used to the water first.“

Louis: Louis was in the middle of his four kids as he showed them how to do tricks in the pool and you sat at the edge, just watching them when your youngest son, Joshua, swam over to you, and you held his hand, pulling him closer to you. "Don’t you want to do swimming tricks with daddy?” He shook his head. “Why aren’t you swimming with us, are you feeling okay?” You nod. “I’m feeling good, but daddy was so excited to teach you guys all these tricks that he knows. He wants you guys to carry on the tricks.” Joshua looked back and saw his siblings still doing the tricks with Louis and you grinned at him. “Do you want to just stay here with me and just kick your feet in the water?” “Can i?” You nod and pull him next to you. “Absolutely, maybe we can get ice cream and come back before any of them notice, wanna try?” “Yes!”

Harry: “Daddy!” your daughter Candi yelled and Harry quickly swam to her side and held her above the water with a grin. “You alright?” “I tried to swim by myself daddy, like you. You swim by yourself, i want to too!” Harry smirked and pulled her off to the side of the pool and reached for her floaties, putting them on her and bringing her back to the pool water. “Just because you have floaties on does not mean that you can’t swim by yourself, you just need a little more practice, okay?” “Jacob can swim by himself!” Harry nodded as he saw you and your son swimming on the deep end of the pool. “He’s fourteen, he’s been able to swim without floaties for a while now, you’ll be able too soon, Candi, i promise you baby girl, but for now you can swim with the help of your floaties and daddy okay?” She sighed but held onto Harry irregardless. “Okay, you won’t let me drown?” Harry laughed and swam over to you and your son. “I’ll never let you drown baby girl, i could never let that happen.”

Zayn: “You learned to swim for us, daddy?” Jonah asked and Zayn nodded, still staying close to the sides of the pool. “Yeah, daddy’s still learning though, it’s gonna take a while for me to get used to it.” Jonah smiled at his father. “It’s okay daddy, we’ll learn together!” You grinned as you jumped into the pool right by them. “How are my two favorite men doing?” “Good, me and daddy are learning how to swim together! Want to learn with us mommy?” You smiled and even though you already knew how to swim very well, you were on your school’s swimming team at one point, you nodded at your son. “Gladly, what’s the first lesson, Jonah? You want to teach mommy and daddy how to swim?” Jonah climbed out of the pool with the help of you and Zayn and stood at the side and began ‘teaching’ you guys how to swim.

Requested : No

Preference #237: Teaching your child to swim

Pregnancy/Baby/Child Series 

Liam: “No, just move your arms like I told you,” Liam tried to tell your daughter, as she kicked her legs like crazy, trying to swim in the foot of water you were currently sitting in. She was just going nowhere. “Baby, listen to Daddy,” you tried to tell her, but she didn’t want to listen. She was stubborn about this, and wanted to prove she could do it her way. “I swimming,” she said happily, when she was really just splashing in the water over and over again. Liam laughed, as he shook his head, “That’s not how you swim. You are splashing me and Mum though.” She looked at him angrily, and crossed her little arms, “I am swimming!” Before Liam could say anything else, to try and explain to her how to really swim, you spoke up, and smiled at your little girl, “That’s amazing. Why don’t you try to swim the way Daddy said also, then you’ll know how to swim two ways.” She thought over that for a moment, and then nodded, “Okay, I’ll try.”

Harry: “I can’t do it,” your son shook his head, before you almost let go of him so he could try to swim on his own. Harry, from a short distance away, replied to him, “You can, just let your mum let you go, and then swim to me. You can do it.” “I can’t!” your little boy repeated, as he clung to you tightly. He had shown both of you already that he could swim, he was really good at it, but he was so scared to swim across the pool over to Harry. “What if I was right behind you?” you asked, while Harry swam a little closer, so the distance between you was even shorter than before. “Promise?” your son asked, knowing he would be okay if you were right there. If he panicked, you could grab him. “Of course,” you nodded your head. He was still scared, but he wanted to swim as well, so with a deep breath, your son finally let you go, and making sure you were behind him more than once, he swam over to Harry. “See, we knew you could do it!” “I did!”

Niall: “One at a time please!” Niall said, as both of your twins ran to jump into the water hoping he would catch them. “Me first!” They both screamed, and you knew to quickly get into the water before they did, so you could grab your son, when they of course jumped at the exact same time. Niall let out a sigh of relief, when he saw you holding him, and he knew he had your daughter tightly in his own arms. “Okay, now teach me to swim!” She said excitedly, “Please.” You smiled at your son, when he asked you the same question, “You both have to listen though.” “We will!” You and Niall made your way over to the shallow end, before letting both of the twins down, “Okay, so listen to what we say.” “We will,” they repeated, as they excitedly sat on the stairs of the pool. Neither you nor Niall had any idea where to start, but this seemed like it would be a memory you would enjoy having forever. You just hoped by the time you left the pool you had at least one child who could swim.

Louis: “Daddy look!” your daughter screamed, after you finished teaching her how to swim under the water. She was so excited about that, and could not wait for Louis to see. He had been on the phone, busy with calls about an upcoming tour, when you’d taught her all of this, but he was finally done now. “What did I miss?” he asked, as he got back into the water. “I can swim under water now! Watch!” Your daughter exclaimed, and instantly dove under the water, and did exactly as you told her minutes ago, and swam over to Louis. “You did it!” Louis was smiling so brightly at her, as she came back up for air, and looked at him for his reaction. “Mum taught me how! I can swim like you now!” Louis loved how excited she was over this, and you loved the smile that was covering both of their faces over this small little thing. “Swim back over to me, show us again how you know how to swim now,” you told her, and she quickly did just that, so happy over her accomplishment. 

Zayn: “You don’t need to learn to swim, it’s not important,” Zayn told your son, after he begged you to bring him down to the pool at the hotel you were currently staying in, to teach him how to swim. “But I want to,” he begged, grabbing Zayn’s hand, and trying to pull him out the door. You knew why Zayn was against this. He hated the water. “Baby, I’m sorry,” you sighed, as you scooped up your little boy into your arms, though he was still holding onto Zayn’s hand tightly, “But your Dad is not going to teach you to swim.” “But…” his little face seemed to crumble instantly, as he realized you and Zayn were not about to bring him down to the pool. “I want to swim. Please.” Zayn shook his head at you, knowing he would never be able to teach him, when he could not swim himself. You could though, and after finally getting your son to let go of Zayn’s hand, you smiled at him softly, “Well we both won’t, but what about if just you and I went down to the pool? I can teach you, and then you’ll know something even Daddy doesn’t.” Your son loved that thought, and his face lit up, “Yes!”