louis tattoos


But you don’t understand, remember when it was the Thirty-one Days of Larry in October, leading up to the anniversary of the Larry Hug, and it was the day of “favorite matching tattoos” and Louis posted that picture of him with his arm awkwardly placed so that his dagger and the the rose on his shirt would be touching?!!?!? And everyone freaked out because we concluded that was his favorite set +all the Rose clothing he has + Harry’s ring. And now we have actually confirmation that Harry’s fave tattoo is the Rose! How extra can they be.

Harry’s tattoos and puns...

This is a guy who has a “thigh-ger” tattoo (tiger on his thigh) and a butterfly on his stomach and “big” on his big toe and he just got a bee on his ARM, at essentially the same time Steve Aoki referred to Louis’ dedicated fans as an “army of bees.”

Harry is the HBIC of the army of bees and he wants us to know it.