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With all the accusations happening in Hollywood and everywhere, we have to understand something important:

 The person and their art are two different things. Even Hitler had astonishing paintings. We can’t and must not feel guilty of enjoying art itself before knowing the artist, for art is the purest form of shaping up the world into something better. However…

 With that said, it is inexcusable allowing such sickening and horrendous behaviours to happen and ART IS NOT, IN ANY WAY AN EXCUSE for doing such atrocities. While their art might be good, it can’t and must not be an exit for them to flee from justice. No contribution to art, or science, or history can be allowed to blind people’s eyes into seeing how horrible can anyone with a little bit of power be. I repeat, ART IS NOT AN EXCUSE for anyone to be allowed to rape, force or harm and continue working. As good as they can be as artists, they shall be judged and prosecuted like anyone else who commits horrible acts hiding behind their power, for they are, without the power given to them, nothing but scared, insecure humans. 

 Using what they call “art” to force themselves upon anyone, is a mere profanation of what art is.

and i’m pROUD TO be an amERICANNN

I was an open wound bleeding on everything.
—  Shia LaBeouf

SQUAD GOALS - photographer: Steven Klein - stylist: Edward Enninful - hair: Shon - Makeup: Pat McGrath - nails: Honey - set design: Stefan Beckman - models: Irina Shayk, Tami Williams, Alécia Morais, Amilna Estevao, Ysaunny Brito, Maria Borges, Aamito Lagum, Kayla Scott, Katie Moore, Joel Wolfe, Jordan Love, Isha Blaaker, Brandon Bailey & Kendall Harrison - W Magazine May 2016

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The Hologram is Breaking Down

Apr. 27, 2017

Captured today in my new hobby of zooming in on airplanes with my new 40x zoom camera.  The UFO watchers in LA have much higher zooms than this, but this one is enough to really see that the planes are not planes.

The craft that we see spraying chemtrails appears not to be a solid object.  It appears to be of the same material as the very trail coming out of it.  We are living in a hologram created by our minds, a false illusion.  The illusion is perpetuated by our ignorance and by our willingness to be mind controlled.  We take into our lives devices designed to suppress and alter our brain waves, so we can’t see what’s going on around us.  It’s not just because we’re always looking down, but because we’re being controlled through and through.  Worried about computer operated driver-less cars?  We already have them.  The people driving the cars are completely controlled by their smart phones and GPS machines.  That’s why everyone drives like a moron these days.

The chemtrails are a psy-op to keep us afraid and anyone speaking at any of the major chemtrails summits or taking up ridiculous lawsuits against geoengineering are paid shills.  I’ve been too nice for too long.  Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington, Scott Stevens, annoying newcomer Matt Landman, crackpot ninny Cara St. Louis and the rest, I see through you.  No understanding of orgone energy, spreading fear and helplessness, and appealing to a business entity that calls itself a government that has no authority to regulate anything.  I do not want to hear about the “good aliens” saving us or the “Alliance.”  Don’t speak to me of fairies and air spirits.  We’re at war with off worlders and it’s up to us to grow up, stop ignoring reality, and do something about it.

There is a major cover up going on here, and this cover up is about our own life force energy and manifesting power and of the alien interference on Earth.  Lawsuits?  How can you sue shape shifting inter-dimensional entities that are here to suck off the life force energy of our Earth and live on our suffering?  Is this actually a plane or a hologram in the computer program that the controlled opposition says is the government spraying us?

“Let’s separate the art from the artist.”

HELL NO. If you support their art, you’re putting money in the pockets of these predators, which empowers them and allows them to keep hurting other people.

But what you’re really saying is that you put your need to be entertained before the pain and suffering of past and future victims. Y'all need to reevaluate your moral compass if you’re willing to keep supporting people who harm others.

221 Things I Love About Sherlock

#57: The family of the cast appearing in the show

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