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MidCin Suitors: Shakespeare Quotes

It’s the Bard’s birthday today (April 23), so I figured that I’d pay a tribute to him with some help from the MidCin boys~.

I hope y’all enjoy these lovey-dovey & heart-wrenching Shakespearean quotes!

(Note: I have not read all the plays/sonnets that I got the quotes from, but I do plan to read them in the near future. ^-^)

Alyn: My heart is ever at your service. 

- William Shakespeare, “Timon of Athens | Act 1, Scene 2”

Louis: Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,/And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. 

- William Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Act 1, Scene 1”

Giles: Love sought is good, but given unsought, is better. 

- William Shakespeare, “Twelfth Night | Act 3, Scene 1”

Leo: I can express no kinder sign of love, than this kind kiss. 

- William Shakespeare, “Henry VI | Act 1 Scene 1”

Sid: My love’s more richer than my tongue. 

- William Shakespeare, “King Lear | Act 1, Scene 1”

Nico: Love is too young to know what conscience is. 

- William Shakespeare, “Sonnet 151”

Byron: Go to your bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know. 

- William Shakespeare, “Measure for Measure | Act 2, Scene 2 ”

Albert: My bounty is as deep as the sea,/My love as deep; the more I give to thee,/The more I have, for both are infinite. 

- William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet | Act 2, Scene 2”

Robert: For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings,/That then I scorn to change my state with kings. 

- William Shakespeare, “Sonnet 29”

Rayvis: Doubt thou the stars are fire,/Doubt the sun doth move,/Doubt truth to be a liar/but never doubt thy love. 

- William Shakespeare, “Hamlet | Act 2, Scene 2 ”

anonymous asked:

i always imagine harry and louis with their teenage child.. that would be a riot. haha their eldest calls louis 'pops' bc srsly pops not a kid anymore papa is for the lil ones but everytime he makes a winning goal he always look at his family and gestures from the field..''papa!! did you see that?!'' and harry just snorts lol


Harry didn’t hit that high note in Sign Of The Times but that’s okay, he did absolutely amazing so it doesn’t matter. I just don’t want him to feel sad about it tho. Because he did so great in both of the songs and ughh I can’t describe how good he performed tonight. I’m just speechless.

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Criss, I'm thinking about Harry's 'then and now' tweet of Louis; srsly wth was that?? everything his team is doing it's been SO good, and the way they've been managing his social media is amazing, and they just happened to messed up that one time and it HAD to be with something Louis related?? and if it was a hack, that hacker was weird I tell ya

Agree. V weird “hacker” :)

before all the twitter fights I saw a post on my dashboard that was like “..I want louis to fight naughty boy in twitter it’ll be great…” or something alike anD THEN LOUIS DRAGGED NB’S ASS IN TWITTER in first time

yesterDAY i saw a post on my dashboard like “..I wish the fight between louis and naughty boy in twitter would continue…” anD IT HAPPENED LOUIS DRAGGED HIS ASS AGAIN 

like since when tumblr became a prediction site what the hell


[ Are you- Are you Craig? ]
[ Yes? And you are? ]
[ Hayley. But you might know me better as Andrea, Andrea Labonair ]
[ … But that’s not possible ] 

The Originals Coda where Hayley learns that some of her family is still alive, and has been hiding ever since the massacre of the Labonair family. Following a lead, she finds the whereabouts of her older brother, Craig Labonair.
(Inspired by diabolicalmachinationlydiaprettymartin)

Harry Styles in his real form.

Ever since I read Hush Hush I’ve been having those Angel!AU cravings. My wishes are coming to life.