louis smile


His smile.


The day

Louis tweets that he’s going to do a twitcam but he doesn’t say with who. Then when Louis’ happy face comes up on the screen, he isn’t alone. Harry is there to. “ We have something we wanted to tell you.” Louis says smiling possibly wider. He then grabs Harry’s face and kisses him passionately. After a few seconds Louis pulls away and he looks at the camera again.Harry speaks up. “ Didn’t I said my first crush was Louis Tomlinson? ” he grins. All the viewers, most of them are larries, get flashbacks. After about a minute of silence and little giggles from the two Louis begins to talk again. “We’ll be on Ellen tomorrow to explain all details to you, because we don’t have time right now, because SOMEONE,” Louis glares to the person holding the camera, who begins to laugh. Niall. “Had to make a reservation for a ‘romantic diner’ ” Louis tries to sound sassy but he can’t hide that he is incredibly thankfull. “Thanks for watching guys..” and they and the twitcam. -
the next day on Ellen, they get forced to watch all the old ‘proofs’ we sended in. Wellington, Leeds, Sweden, The tube, Paris and a lot other little moments are showed. “ So Louis, tell me, what’s going on here ?” Ellen asks cheekily. Louis looks at Harry, whose eyes are watering. “ We,” a little tear roles down his face. Harry wipes it away while letting out tiny sobs. “We were falling in love.”