louis smile

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hey! Don't think about Louis taking Harry’s hand in his, & kissing each of his rings (especially their engagement ring) and leading kisses up his arm until he gets to his neck, and cheek, and finally his lips. Don't think both of them smiling into the kiss because theyre dumb & in love and love being in love. Don't think about Harry kissing Louis gently, once, twice, three times before pulling back and brushing Louis's fringe out of his face; calling him his baby and telling him that he 1/2

2/2 can’t wait to marry him. And Louis smiles, because ‘we’re already married, in case you’ve forgotten.’ And then Harry shakes his head and kisses him again, slower this time, because no, he could never forget, and then says he would marry him again and again, if he could, and kisses his wedding vows into Louis’s skin. Hmmmm. Yeah don’t think about that :) have a nice day! :)

if people were elements,
then we are ice and fire.

your touch is frost upon my burning skin,
my breath melts your frozen heart.
your kiss is cool against my lips,
and my heat warms you all the way down
to the tips of your toes.

and although we could complement each other,
beckon the other away from the end of polarity
to come and meet in the middle,
too much of one

will eliminate the other.

—  and i’d never forgive myself if i caused your destruction, c.j.n.