louis sheridan


By the Grace of God & By Will of the People (2015)

Watercolour, India ink, gold ink, and silver ink.


So I mentioned to some of you ages ago that I was contributing to a book of art, and well, here are the final pieces!

The idea/theme of the collection in the book is “Opposites”, and we each did 2 pieces that reflected this.

I chose of course to do something historically themed - and so came up with the idea of contrasting two notable rulers from the same country, in this case King Louis XIV and Emperor Napoleon I.

The simple explanation of these images is to show how these two men came from opposing backgrounds - a divinely-ordained hereditary monarch versus a popularly acclaimed ruler - but ultimately adopted the same iconography and attitude to project their total power and domination: the robes,the sword, the scepter and the chain.