louis rubenstein


World Figure Skating Hall of Fame - Louis Rubenstein

Born in September 1861, Rubenstein is considered to the be “Father of Canadian Figure Skating.” A student of Jackson Haines, he became the first Canadian to win international honors in figure skating, at championships that were the precursors to the World Championships. After his win, Canada was chosen to host the competition the following year, bringing international figure skating competition to his home country. 

Rubenstein also put together the association that is now known as Skate Canada, but at the time was called the Amateur Skating Association of Canada. He served as the president of the organization until he died. He also served as president of the International Skating Union of America from 1907-1909. He also took part in helping to organize the National Amateur Skating Assocation of the United States, which then became the United States Figure Skating Association. 

In addition to his skating career, Rubenstein also was involved with several other sport organizations, including curling, lifesaving, tobogganing, and bicycling. He passed away in January 1931.

Rubenstein was inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1984.