louis playing a charity football game

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Can someone organize another soccer aid and invite Louis again? I just wanna see him all happy and playing football.

I’m really sad that we haven’t heard anything about Louis playing a charity match this year and I hope something ends up coming up by the end of the year. He’s done at least one charity game every year since 2012 so I hope 2017 doesn’t break that streak. I love footie Louis. :(


Louis Tomlinson appreciation post. It really upsets me how often Louis’ kind and charitable actions go unnoticed. The other day at school I mentioned Louis and someone immediately asked oh yea isn’t he the one who was caught in that video doing drugs? And yea that was him, but does that really need to be the first thing people think when they hear his name? He’s smoked marijuana and that’s not necessarily something people see as being very great but that doesn’t cancel out all the good things he has done. I generally avoid conflict and am fairly quiet in school so you can imagine the boys surprise when I began to tell him off. “Louis Tomlinson is the one who works tirelessly to make his fans happy. Louis is the one who spent time in Ghana helping the children and raising millions of dollars to vaccinate and treat the babies and children dying in their hospitals. Louis is the one who died his hair red for a concert and interview to raise awareness of Red Nose Day. Louis is the one who bought his local football club and organized a charity football game which he played in despite an injury. Louis is the one constantly tweeting, visiting, and sending gifts to children in hospitals for cancer or anything else and offering their families his condolences. Louis is the one who is an ambassador for the Ray of Sunshine Foundation. Louis is the who’s love for his mother and his siblings is unbelievable. Louis is the one who works tirelessly to support Eden Dora Trust for encephalitis after meeting Eden and realizing how much he could do to help. Louis is the one who was part of an anti bullying campaign and showed us that things do get better. Louis is the one who works closely with Bluebell Children’s Hospice and Operation Smile along with dozens of others. Louis is the one who helped raise 500,000 euros for cancer and $825,000 dollars for poverty. Louis is the one who was a part of BBC Children in Need and the Elephant Project for Alzheimer’s awareness. Louis is the one who is never happier than when he is doing something to help someone in need. Louis is the one who saved my life and is the reason I am here today and I will defend him until the day I die. You are the one standing here ridiculing one of the most generous people in the world who you know nothing about. Think about that.” I’m sick of Louis being seen as the rude or arrogant member of the band and his amazing qualities and actions overshadowed by the media. He is not just some celebrity who doesn’t care about anything but money and fame. He is an outstanding human being and deserves to be recognized as such.

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Larries are saying that Louis looks happier at the football game than he ever did with Freddie. I went back and looked at all of the pics he had with Freddie and I'm a bit worried now.

louis playing football for charity at a sponsored event where he’s consented to being on camera and knows it’s meant for public consumption vs. trying to have private time with his son and being stalked by the paparazzi. if u are worried, u are spending too much time being manipulated by larries. louis tweeting about missing his son should be enough for ppl but here we are.


You were at a charity football match, a little bit nervous because.. Harry was in it. And you knew that Harry wasn’t the best player. While they were practicing, Harry was sliding across the ground, tripping over, it was just.. a disaster. The game had started a couple minutes ago, you watched as Niall and Louis played the game wonderfully, Harry, on the other hand, as you predicted, was a mess. He had glanced at you for a second, noticing that you looked disappointed. Suddenly, he sprinted across the field, kicking the ball around and shooting in straight into the net. The entire crowd cheered, clapping for him. You looked down and saw Niall hugging Harry, and you realized that he had shot the winning goal. 

“That was for you, Y/N!” He screamed into the megaphone, blowing you a kiss.

Louis’ game would have been another great opportunity to give the fans OT4, which if you believe the official narrative, is desperately neeeded. But it’s not happening. Another missed opportunity. And they can get ¾ together to promote Sophia under the guise of charity, but they can’t even do that much for their bandmate, which is also a charity event? I’m so irritated…

James (N)

Here’s Niall’s, I hope you like it! <3 :) 

I know you’re out there we’re meant to be

Niall stared out the windshield while he drove and Liam sat in the passenger side. Liam giggled at his phone as he spoke to his soul mate. “I miss you too,” he whispered and he smiled like an idiot. Niall was incredibly happy for him. For Louis and Zayn too…it’s just…he wanted his own. Wanted his angel. His princess. He knew you were out there. He imagined hundreds of melodies that could possibly go with his harmony He was excited he wanted to know how close he was–but mostly he wanted to start his life with you. “Bye sweetness,” Liam said to the phone. 

Which was responded with a shy giggle and then, “Bye baby.” Liam was a love sick puppy. He was smiling like an idiot five minutes after she hung up. 

“Is she going to move here?” He asked Liam.

“Yes,” he nodded. “I got her a job–better than the diner. She’s thrilled. She’s always wanted to live in London,” he grinned. “I was going to meet her anyway,” he sighed happily. Niall loved Liam, but he kind of wanted to kill him. Where was she? Niall hadn’t dated ever. He wanted her now. He wanted to cuddle and to kiss her. Niall continued driving to the charity football game Louis, the wonderful non-profit organizer he was, was hosting and playing in. 

Where he would sit with his friends…and Zayn’s soul mate, and Louis’s soul mate. And listen to Liam drone on about his soul mate. 

Niall absolutely loved everyone in that group…but he wanted his own soul mate. Zayn’s was an angel. She did her very best not to be showy about her love for Zayn in front of Niall. She knew how much it hurt to not know when and if you’re other half will appear. And of course he’d known Louis’ soul mate as long as he did. In fact, he somehow knew they’d be together–they were designed for one another. “She’ll show up, Niall,” Liam whispered softly “When you least expect it,” he promised. 

Niall nodded. He’d heard it. He just wanted to meet her now, though. Niall and Liam walked into the stadium heading toward the seats they were supposed to be in. He saw Louis and his girlfriend smiling at each other and Louis kissed her forehead and then pecked her cheek before running off to the field. Niall sat beside Liam. He cheered for Louis and drank pints while talking with his friends and the girls. 

He was happy–there was no question. But oh goodness, did he want to share his happiness and meet the beautiful girl he was meant to be with. At the end of the game, Louis’ team had won and had taken the microphone from the announcer and he smiled brightly. “Thank you everyone, for coming out and supporting this wonderful cause,” he waited as everyone cheered. “We raised a ton of money and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of that,” he said proudly. “But really we need to thank this lovely lady here,” he said and pulled you out from the sidelines and Louis crowned you with a bouquet of flowers and then kissed your cheek. “She’s been so helpful and deserves all the thanks in the world.” You blushed madly as people cheered and Louis made you bow and you giggled as you hugged him again and then headed off the makeshift-center stage. 

Everyone was cheering and standing. Except Niall. He felt like he was going to pass out. Liam turned to look at his friend as Niall’s breath came too quickly. “Ni, what’s wrong?” He asked and sat beside him. 

“She’s beautiful,” he whispered to Liam. Liam’s eyebrows rose in surprise. He told Niall when he least expected it, but he didn’t mean today or in the middle of a football game. “I can’t breathe,” Niall gasped. His chest ached, he was terrified he’d lose sight of you. God, if you weren’t his soul mate, he’d break his rule of dating for you. 

“Where’s your inhaler?” Liam asked. Niall patted his pockets. 

“Son of a bitch,” he hissed as his breathing increased erratically. “It’s in the car,” he gasped for breath. 

“Alright, just stay calm,” Liam said and rubbed Niall’s back as he held his head between his knees. You literally stole his breath. “It’ll pass, take a minute,” he promised. Niall remained as calm as possible. 

“What’s the matter with him?” Louis asked. 

“Asthma,” Liam said. “He forgot his inhaler.” 

“Oh, I have one,” a melodic voice said gently. 

“Of course she does,” Liam murmured under his breath so only Niall could hear. Niall listened to the clink of metals hitting, he assumed it was his princess’ purse. You knelt down to Niall’s height and lightly placed your hand on his back. 

“Here,” you offered. Niall sat up slowly. His head was starting to ache. It wasn’t a dire attack or anything, but it was extremely uncomfortable. His eyes locked onto yours and you blushed a bit from the intensity of his gaze. You handed him the inhaler and stood up. “I’ll get you some water,” you said and then scampered up the steps to get Niall some water. He took a puff of the inhaler. He thought a bit about how often your lips touched the inhaler. He realized how dorky it was. You returned quickly with a cup of water and handed it to Niall. You introduced yourself to everyone Louis pointed to and Niall was just absolutely in love with your name. 

Did you feel something too? It felt like the air between the two of you was completely electrified to him. How did you not feel it? He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t breathe. “And you met Niall,” Louis said to you. You smiled gently at Niall. 

“Are you alright?” You asked politely. He nodded and held his hand out to you. He pressed his lips to our knuckles. 

“Nice to meet you,” he said. “Thanks for helping Louis,” he chuckled. “He can be a handful,” he smiled knowingly. You rolled your eyes. “And this is yours,” he said handing you your inhaler. “Thank you,” he said sweetly. “And really, sorry about Louis.” 

“He is, but it was fine,” you shrugged with a smirk. “It’s a good cause, and Louis’ fun, he keeps me on my toes,” you laughed. Oh God, that was a pretty sound. Louis was currently talking with his girlfriend and she was talking and he couldn’t tear his eyes from her. He was so in love with her. It was so sweet. “It’s really nice,” you murmured. 

“Hmm?” Niall asked. You bit your lip and looked at your hands in your lap. 

“Having someone that’s just…that can’t look away,” you mumbled and blushed brightly. Niall hoped you realized he couldn’t look way from you. You looked at Niall to find his icy blue eyes staring at you. Like he was trying to see through your skull and into your brain–like he could actually read it. He was searching for your melody and he hoped that it would just ring in his ears. You had to be his. 

“Wanna come play down on the field with us and play around?” Louis asked you and Niall. 

“Sure,” you said and rolled your sleeves up a bit. There was an ‘N’ tattooed, it was swirly and beautiful. Niall’s stomach rolled. You weren’t his. But you were so close. 

“That’s cute,” Liam said. “What’s that for?” He asked gesturing to your wrist. You blushed and looked at your feet shyly. Niall couldn’t believe how cute you were. You were so gentle and lovely. 

“Oh…uh…I got my palm read…My soul mate’s name supposedly starts with an ‘N’” you explained. “It wouldn’t leave my head, so I thought I’d get a tattoo.”

“What if it’s wrong?” Liam wondered.

You smiled. “What if it’s not?” Niall’s heart was still freaking out. At least he could breathe…kind of. But it was for a better, different reason. Niall kept his eyes on you as you all headed down to the field and Louis kicked the ball around and the other boys followed suit. Niall hung back a bit so he could be close to you. You set your bag and flowers on the side bench and stood on the field with everyone else playing pass. Niall chatted with you as much as he could trying to probe you for any hints that you could be his. “So…you haven’t met your soul mate?” You asked Niall. It wasn’t an uncommon question really. Everyone asked it at some point. It was interesting to know if you knew someone His heart fluttered. 

“Uh…no, not yet,” he said shyly. “I wish though,” he smiled softly. 

“I don’t,” you mumbled. Niall’s heart stopped. 

“Why not?” He asked. 

“Uh,” you sighed shyly. “I don’t know…just…I don’t really know anyone that would want me…you know? I don’t know the type of person that would like me. I’m a bit eccentric and I don’t…I don’t know. I don’t make a big deal out of myself. And it comes across as not confident–and who wants someone that’s not confident?” you explained. He opened his mouth to speak but a ball sailed across the way and slammed into the side of your head. You stumbled and Niall caught you. Tears sprung to your eyes upon contact. But you weren’t in pain. Niall wanted to kill Louis for kicking the ball at you but he knew it was an accident. 

“I’m so sorry, babe,” he said quickly. You tried not to cry, but you were embarrassed. And you tended to cry when embarrassed. Niall couldn’t believe how good it felt to hold you in his arms. He sighed softly holding you. He knew it was you. It had to be. But you were scared Niall wouldn’t love you. Which was insane to think–he was pretty sure he already did love you. Your nose started to bleed. 

“Of course,” you grumbled and sniffed once softly trying to hide your embarrassed tears.

“C’mere,” Niall said gently tugging you to the bathroom. He didn’t care it was the ladies’ room. You tried to cover your face, but it just made everything look worse, blood pooled in your hands cupped around your face and then seeped between your fingers. You were a disaster.

But Niall held you over the sink for minute while he grabbed some paper towels and pressed them to your nose. “Is it broken?” He asked.

“No,” you sighed. “I get them easily, don’t worry.”

Easier said than done. He sat there humming but he honestly didn’t know he was humming while he tended to your nose. You stared at him, your lips parted. He tilted his head at you. “What’s wrong?” He asked seeing the confusion in your eyes.

“Y-you…knew?” You asked.

He stared at you curiously. “Know what, love?”

You looked down at your wrist at the tattoo that wouldn’t go away in your dream. Quietly you hummed. Niall all but moaned. It came out as a strangled gasp. It sounded so good. He wiped your face clean of blood in a hurry and both of you washed your hands in the two separate sinks. Then when you were clean Niall cupped your face and stared into your eyes.

“I was complaining to Liam that I hadn’t met you yet on the way over,” he whispered. His breath smelled like mint with just a tint of alcohol, but it was a beautiful combination. “I…I thought you just,” he sighed. “I’ve wanted to meet you for years.”

You blushed. “I didn’t think if I had a soul mate he’d be as attractive, kind, or sweet as you,” you mumbled.

He smiled softly at you and hummed quietly again and you matched his harmony. He kissed your forehead. “I’ve been waiting for forever for you…and I of course want to be with you. I’ll help you be confident…you’re…you’re so beautiful, princess, it will be so easy,” he promised. “Ugh, I’ve wanted you here for so long,” he whispered and pulled you close to him in a warm, snug hug.

You blushed and sighed softly into his shirt. “Oh wow,” you mumbled contentedly. “Princess,” you sighed. “I’ve never been a princess,” you sad quietly.

“You’re my princess. Always. And I’ll always treat you that way. You’re a beautiful, lovely, kind, angelic princess,” he whispered to you. You smiled up at him.

“Guess that would make you my prince,” you said cheekily.

He chuckled. “Yeah,” he smiled. “It would,” he whispered and pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose. “Guess it just means that we’re meant to be,” he said softly.

“It would,” you giggled and he smiled softly as he pressed another kiss to your forehead. You were out there just waiting to meet Niall.

But now you were here. And you were all his and he was all yours.

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Could you do a compilation post for the time that Louis is Harry's baby? We see it the other way around so much

Louis has been Harry’s baby since he jumped into his arms on the stage during X-Factor, and its only gotten progressively worse since then. 

Like when he nearly crushed his ribs from lunge hugging him after he returned from the hospital before they performed in front of Simon, or when he bragged about the Christmas gift that he ‘wrapped himself’ and 'even put a little bow on it’, or the year after when Harry got the crowd to sing him happy birthday and he filmed it (x), or the year after that when they wore matching dress shirts at Louis’ 21st which was of course rumored to be put together by Harry (it was), or how about when they moved in together and no matter how many times Harry was asked if he would rather live with one of the other boys he gave a simple 'no’, he cooks for Louis, he loves to do all the shopping for him as well and when he isn’t buying him nice denim coats, he’s carrying them around for him (x), speaking of coats, when Louis is cold Harry will make sure that he isn’t (x), hell even if he needs a headband Harry carries around extra ones for him, and let’s not forget the throat losange incident that was pretty painful, but was it as painful as how proud Harry was when Louis played his first charity football game, I doubt it, and no matter how many songs he writes for Louis, he will always love Lou and all his little things, because Louis is Harry’s baby. 

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I don't because he he says the n word so yeah tbh !!!

alright so, listen. there is one video from one year ago when he said a shortened version of the n-word and that was not right, i admit that.

but also lets look at other things louis does, shall we :)

  • He played football in a charity game at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster to raise money for the Bluebell Wood Charity. 
  • He played for Celtic in another charity match for Stiliyan Petrov (during which he was injured, the match was promised to be rescheduled). 
  • That happened on 26 February 2014, a charity match in aid of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice attended by a crowd in excess of 4,000. 
  • He participated in Niall’s Charity Football Challenge on 26 May 2014 at the King Power Stadium.  
  • He played in Celtic Park on 7 September 2014 taking part in the MAESTRIO Charity Match. The match was attended by a crowd of around 25,000 with proceeds benefiting several charities including UNICEF, War Child, the Celtic Foundation and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation. 
  • He is a patron of the Eden Dora Trust Charity see here
  • He is also a patron of the earlier mentioned BlueBell Wood Charity see here
  • Thanks to him (yes, because it was for his 23rd birthday) the fans have raised  $24,975.29 for the BlueBell Wood Charity see here
  • When he went to the x factor, he worked so so hard, he was given a chance and now he makes sure other’s are given a chance too as he has started his own record label which has already signed some artists and Louis himself said that  “To be given the opportunity to potentially give new artists a platform is an incredible feeling. “
  • “Literally the first thing Louis does onstage is run to the corner and wave up to the nosebleed seats in the upper deck, a mile in the sky with only a side view. He’ll take care of the fans up front later, but his first order of business is making sure the cheap seats get noticed.” taken from Rolling Stone article here 
  • He literally changed so many lives, has saved so many people (i am speaking about fans who might think about giving up but thanks to him they didn’t, and trust me there is plenty of those, he saved my life)
  • He treats everyone equally, he is kind and nice to everyone, he doesn’t treat ill kids any differently, he is lovely with everyone.
  • But also he is protective of his fans, friends and family and has shown that on several occassions.
  • He is very talented songwriter and singer and i cannot explain what some of his lyrics mean to people.
  • He is using the power he has to give back to people and appreciate their fans, he always makes sure the fans know how much he cares and how much he sees, that he knows about them and that they are important
  • When you scroll through his twitter, you will find links to charities and videos, retweening charities his mom supports, again lets talk about his influence.
  • When talking about charity, lets go through One Direction charity work, because I cannot let this pass , so these are charities 1D has supported:
  1. Alzheimer’s Association
  2. Comic Relief
  3. Global Poverty Project
  4. Greenpeace
  5. Mines Advisory Group
  6. Nordoff Robbins
  7. Small Steps Project
  8. Sport Relief
Preference #3 First Time He Sees You

pref #3 (sorry it took so long. haven’t really been in a writing mood. literally just wrote half of this minutes ago!🙈 i know it’s crappy but hope you like it!)

Harry: He and the boys had decided to go out for a drink at a bar near their hotel, wanting to relax and take their stress away. Harry hadn’t wanted to go that night, despite loving the party scene he normally placed himself in. He had felt down in the dumps lately, not really sure why, but the others had eventually convinced him that a night out would surely make him better. And the boys were right, it did make him better but only after seeing you. You were with your group of close friends, laughing and having a few drinks to let loose on a weekend without classes to attend. He had caught you dancing with your friends, watching as your hips moved perfectly to the beat of the song. He could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest as he continued to stare at you, and when your head snapped towards his, he couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face.

Louis: The charity football match had finally arrived, and Louis was more than ecstatic to be playing. He had been dreaming of this day for a while, and now it was finally here. You and your brother loved football, seeing as how the two of you were raised with parents that considered the sport a second nature, so naturally you and your brother would love the sport too. The two of you sat front row, right under where Louis’ team had taken their spot. The game began, and you were out of seat cheering and screaming more than you were sitting. Louis could hear your screams and cheers from above him, a smile stretching onto his face as you were rooting for his team rather than his opponent. As Louis jumped up from his spot on the bench to head back to the field, he glanced behind him, trying to catch a glimpse of you, and when he did, he knew he wanted to get to know you.

Niall: The pub was where Niall would be most times he was on a break, seeing as how he loved a good pint or two to help relax him. One particular night, he arrived at the nearby pub and ordered himself a drink, taking large gulps of the beer. His eyes scanned over the crowd of people, seeing nothing but unfamiliar faces. Your face, however, was one he couldn’t get out of his head. Niall stood there at the bar continuing t stare at you from across the pub, not having the courage to talk to you. Finally, though, after tons of convincing himself, he slowly approached you, offering a kind smile. “Hi, I’m Niall,” he introduced, and you laughed. “Yeah, I know who you are,” you responded. “Well, can I buy ya a drink? ’t’s on me!” you nodded your head and followed him to the bar where the two of you began to talk which in the future would lead to a relationship.

Zayn: The quiet coffee shop provided the calm, peaceful environment Zayn needed to concentrate on writing lyrics for the new album. He was tired of being cooped up in a studio every day, so he found himself at a small coffee shop nearby for inspiration. He was alone in the back corner of the place, sitting by himself on the large couch, that is until you came and sat beside him. He looked up at you, his eyes almost bulging out of his head as he took you in. You were by far the prettiest girl he’d ever seen before, and he wanted to get to know you. “I’m Zayn,” you turned your head to look at him, surprised that he’d talked to you. He offered a friendly smile, and you returned it. “Hi, I’m Y/N,” you introduced. Zayn noticed the textbook in your lap and the notebook resting on top of it. “You go to Uni?” he questioned. “Um, yeah,” you nodded your head. After that, both of you began talking about random things, and by the time the two of you had to get going, Zayn left with your number as well as you with his.

Liam: You had taken your four year old niece to the park one evening while babysitting. You pushed her on the swings, smiling widely as her giggles filled the air around you. Liam had been watching you from the bench a few feet away, noticing how you kept a smile on your face the entire time you’d been there. He wanted to walk up to you and ask for your number, or perhaps just your name, but he was too afraid he’d come off as creepy. Little did he know, though, that you had been watching him too, wanting to do the same thing. Finally, you grabbed your niece and began walking towards Liam. You stopped in front of him and set down your niece, offering him a smile. “Hi, I’m Y/N. I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been staring at me the entire time I’ve been here. Any particular reason?” you questioned, raising your eyebrows. “Um, well, I just- I thought you were pretty, and I wanted to talk to you, but I didn’t want to come off as creepy or anything,” he stuttered over his words, causing you to laugh. You sat beside him on the bench, making sure your niece wasn’t too far away as you struck up a conversation with him, the two of you immediately clicking.

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tomlinshaw, 9, C, ▧

(sports arena, rejection, umbrella)

The thing is, Nick thinks as he leans on the railing and glances up at the dark sky where it’s threatening to piss it down, the thing is.

That bloody Tomlinson lad is stupidly fit.

And he means it in every sense of the word.

Nick struggles to make it to the gym once a week and weeps through his post-workout takeaway when his seldom-used muscles ache in protest. Louis, on the other hand, has been running suicides on the pitch in front of Nick for the past forty minutes and doesn’t even really look out of breath. And even with his hair plastered to his sweaty forehead, he looks fit. Beautiful, even, if Nick was feeling particularly poetic.

Right now though he’s mostly feeling a little turned on by Louis’ stamina, if he’s being honest.

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No one will ever reach the level of happiness Harry felt during Louis’ football match. Or Look so excited about being able to play together in This is Us and Niall’s charity game. Or be as proud as Louis when Harry kicked the ball on stage in the exact form he did. Harry getting that goal? You KNOW Louis was a fond mess. Or WORSE YET when they watched each other play football and their faces melted into fond and it was So BAD? Remember? NO ONE WILL EVEE BE THAT FONDDDD. Fond flirting foreplay football.

Those saying they used Louis name like why the hell do you think that only famous names are on the field??? This is all about big names HAPPILY AND PROUDLY signing up for charity. These x minutes were life-changing, it’s the Old Trafford, it’s a game with one of the biggest names in football history, they are playing for their country. They are so fucking happy, all of them and they are honored to even be invited to this event. Like seriously?? Do you think anyone would want to buy tickets and see a random SMITH, a TAYLOR and whatever traditional English family names are out there?? Do you think anyone would even HEAR about an event if there were no famous names?

Did Louis Tomlinson Throw Shade At Zayn Malik After Winning Soccer Aid?

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day all round; the sun was shining, birds were singing, and two members of One Direction donned a football kit for charity. It was marvellous.

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan joined a whole host of famous names on the football pitch as they competed against eachother in the charity match, raising over £5million for UNICEF in the process.

Louis’ ‘England’ team, which also featured Robbie Williams, Olly Murs, and Mark Wright, ended up taking home the gold - but Louis seemingly couldn’t resist taking to Twitter to display his trademark sass during the post-match celebrations.

With the entire game being broadcast on TV, the singer wrote: “How this song playing has made its way on to the victory playlist I have no idea!!”, and although there is no definitive way to work out what track he was talking about many fans assumed he meant Zayn Malik’s single 'Pillowtalk’, which had been playing. 

In case you missed it, Zayn has had a rather frosty relationship with his former One Direction bandmates ever since he sensationally quit last March, even having a rather public Twitter spat with Louis over his new pal Naughty Boy.

Fans were quick to reply to Lou’s tweet in their hundreds, begging him to clarify whether or not he was referencing Zayn’s sultry song:

@Louis_Tomlinson are you talKING ABOUT PILLOWTALK

— norita the peach (@envylwt)

June 5, 2016


— julianna // zayn (@whisperzjm)

June 5, 2016

@Louis_Tomlinson btw are u talking about pillowtalk

— TYSM Justin (@mahone1DDblbr)

June 6, 2016

@Louis_Tomlinson this better not be about pillowtalk

— :D (@louizade)

June 5, 2016

@Louis_Tomlinson are you talking about pillowtalk bc same

— ㅤㅤ (@grungelarents)

June 5, 2016

As of yet, Lou has not responded to the speculation.

Still, let’s not get a little bit of sass in the way of a great game, after all, we have to admit that we’re seriously impressed with the amount of hard work and dedication each and every celeb put into this charity match.

Congratulations, guys - you’ve done UNICEF proud.