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Unhealthy Tides {James and Katrina}


Katrina Karamakov Phillipe had everything a woman in the 19th century could ever want: a husband who was the ruler of France, a wealth that stretched overseas, and access to almost anytingshe desired. The problem was she was not in love with her husband, Louis Phillipe I, who was a very cruel man indeed, known for choosing wives based on beauty and once their looks faded, they were exiled to another part of the world. It was only a matter of time before the young Kartina, who was currently only twenty years of age, suffered the same fate.

She tired not to think about it, but wanted to help the people of France, who suffered so much. The people did not trust the blonde, as she was Australian, the same place Marie Antionette was from. 

There were talks of assasination, which prompted the king to hire more guards, including a young lad named James. Many women at court were fawning over him, which amused Katrina, but she was also secretly doing the same. Often when the young girl would pass by him, she would give a smile, but never said a word.

Today, the King was travelling to Austria to recruit their army. He would be gone for two weeks. After saying farewell, it was determined James would stay at the castle to guard his precious wife. 

She stood, looking out the window, down at the people. “Would you like something to drink?” she asked James, turning to face him. Her hunter green dress russled as she did so. “You must be quite parched."