louis new tat

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speculation is louis will most likely pop back up in the uk today or tomorrow, and naturally h will follow a couple of days later like clockwork, both of them most likely tanned, harry probably with a new ring. louis might have two new tats. there's one on his hand that is either an L or a C (NOT an E lol don't listen to shit stirrers), and what looks like a balloon near his given a chance tat. we're on tattoo watch again.

shit stirrers sjfghdfkgjh. i love tattoo watch though it’s really…rejuvenating tbh. i honestly wonder exactly how many rings harry has. what’s the exact number…because louis gives it 150% it’s like a talent. beautiful

louis' new tat
  • harry: wait if an anchor is on my arm and it doesnt have a rope, does it mean that some has to have a matching tattoo? does someone have a rope?! does it mean that whoever has that rope tattoo is my soulmate
  • louis: ...
  • louis: i'll be right back
  • louis: *shows up with rope tattoo* oh, uh, wow, hazza look at my new tattoo
  • harry: oh look its a rope. cool.
  • harry: *eyes widen, heavy breathing* wait our tattoos are matching
  • louis: ohhhhhh, woahhhhhhh , would ya look at that