louis mine

and then there’s you, Louis,, who always fought harder than anyone ive ever witnessed

fought for the boys, for us as fans, for the bands sound, for the lyrics that changed our lives, for the uniqueness that each of you brought to the table, for your sisters, for your brother, for your mother, for your friends both new and old, for your OWN sound, for your OWN collaborations, for your OWN lyrics and your OWN singles and your OWN album, your OWN photoshoots and your OWN magazine covers.

you never stop fighting and I know you must be tired, but we love you so much. we are so fiercely proud of who you are and who you’ve become. we are proud of what you are doing. and we thank you for what you have done for us, in saving each of us in our own special way

Do people not find the tone of the Observer article (pathetic Louis, woe is him) interesting in relation to the Louis fandom is underappreciated article?

That article said his fans will mobilize and do everything to make Louis successful, and this article essentially says he won’t be very successful nor does he think he will be.

Tie the two together and it’s basic manipulation to have the fans do the work and put in the money for him to succeed.

if One Direction hadn’t gone on a hiatus, they wouldn’t be nearly as happy as they are now. Point-blank. Watching each of them pursue their solo careers has been a blessing because they got the chance to take a break after five constant years of albums and touring and interviews and recording for a year and now they’re expanding their fan bases, their reputations, their skills, their experiences. They’re branching out, and yet they’re still supporting each other, they’re still talking and hanging out. It doesn’t matter who wanted the hiatus or not, they all agreed to it and they all needed it. This hiatus isn’t an evil thing. They aren’t ungrateful. Not doing One Direction DOES NOT equate to them hating it or their fans. I don’t understand that myth. So many bands take well deserved breaks and sometimes even break up, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love it any less. Sometimes shit just happens. No one forced anything that all of the boys didn’t want. This hiatus has been so good for them, and fuck you if all you want to do is rain on their parade.

It’s literally so ironic in the article louis talks about how he was never treated well by his team and then he was the only one signed to the same team 😂😂😂😂 things that would NEVER happen in real life 😂😂😂