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by haloeverlasting (7k)

Published : 2017-08-23

There was no rhyme or reason to Louis’ disdain for cats. Harry hadn’t even heard him explicitly say he hated them, but his tone had said it all. He was completely dismissive of cats. This could only lead Harry to one reasonable conclusion.

Louis can never meet Olivia.

Harry has a cat. Louis thinks he has a secret husband. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

So basically the ice cream truck story went down like this:

They were asking fan questions and one of the questions was like “What’s one lesson you’ve learned from the band that you use” and he’s like sitting there in silence cause he was like stumped he didn’t know how to answer and he takes a minute and re-reads the question and then goes “…Don’t steal an ice cream truck.” And he wasn’t gonna go into details and everyone was like “What????” And he goes “So when we were at Universal Louis and I stole an ice cream truck and I’m like a passenger driver and I’m telling him to slow down and then we run over someone’s leg. And I’m like …..I told you to slow down” and he shrugs like it was no big deal and everyone’s laughing so hard and hes like “shhhh shhhh” being all sneaky and joking and is like “everyone forget all about this! It.. it was just a dream” and I’m laughing so hard I can’t fucking believe lilo but at the same time I CAN FUCKING BELIEVE THEM LOL

A Twist of Fate

by SensibleDirection (12k)   

Published : 2017-09-19

The telling of this story begins when Louis Tomlinson, professional footballer, meets his daughter’s teacher, Harry Styles, at a charity event. This wasn’t a chance encounter. Louis may have thought that his ex-girlfriend, Hannah was instrumental in their meeting, but in fact it was engineered by a much higher power.

Louis and Harry’s meeting was actually part of a much bigger plan to re-route the destinies of four extraordinary men, under the guidance of a fifth, extra special sponsor. Originally, all five of them were destined to meet and combine to form an unconquerable force in 2010 on a national talent contest, but due to a last minute attack of nerves, one of the five didn’t show and the planets failed to align.

This is a lighthearted, whimsical future fic AU, that tells the story of their reconnection. Will they fulfill that destiny some 10 years later? 

meet me in the hallway (next door + rain)
harry styles
meet me in the hallway (next door + rain)

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film meme - 3 genres [1/3] → musicals

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