louis looks so proud of himself

Okay but...

I loooove how Harry’s embracing himself?? Like he does his own shit, the shirts, the nail polish, the acting, the fucking evERYTHING. He once said he doesn’t think he’ll ever be one of those people who don’t care about what other think about them but biTch lOOK AT MY BOY IM SO PROUD OF HIM

They didn’t burst through his skin or clothing. Instead, they seemed to unfold out of thin air, sprouting from Louis’ shoulder blades and unfurling like a flower in bloom. The ends were long enough to drag the ground at their full height. Louis rolled his shoulders, the weight of them grounding after going so long without letting them breathe, and he held them out to the sides so Harry could get a better look at them. “What do you think?” he asked meekly, spreading his hands in front of him. He felt as if he was offering himself up, somehow. Like Harry was some ancient god, and Louis was the best sacrifice mere mortals could come up with.

But Harry looked at him with shiny eyes and a slack jaw, wonder etched into every feature. “They’re beautiful.”

My Sweetest Downfall, by kiwikero

Author of ‘Til I Tasted You, Naked & Proud, Paint The Sky With Stars, and more! 

Coming April 26th to AO3 as part of the Big Bang Round 5.

As we’re blessed with Footballer!Louis during Socceraid, I guess it’s time to make a fic rec, right ?

- Pull Me Under : AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career,  it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed  relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)(140k)

- so grab your passport and my hand : The one in which Louis plays football and Harry sings a lot, and somehow that means they’re meant to be. They’ll figure it out soon enough. (32k)

- Hold My Breath  : AU. It’s possible — possible — that his three-week ban from the football pitch makes Louis just a tad antsy. Surely it’s not so bad that it warrants punishment in the form of his friends signing him up for a yoga class? Either way, Louis is determined to hate every second of it.He didn’t count on a yoga instructor who wears flower-patterned headscarves and smiles like summer won’t end. (19k)

- Just For Me  : Harry is a supermodel with a fake boyfriend. Louis is the captain and star forward of Manchester United with a fake girlfriend. They should have no problem having a completely platonic lunch between friends.(They do.) (9.5k)

- and your light’s always shining on (Series) : Louis sends him lots of messages with exclamation marks and so proud of u haz !! and that save was brilliant ! and u look so cute when ur angry :p. Harry replies back with lots of heart emojis and pictures of himself shirtless and still in bed, grinning like an idiot, and Louis saves all of Harry’s pictures. (16k)

- Bring Your Body Baby (I Could Bring You Fame)  : Eighteen year old Harry Styles just graduated high school and landed a summer job as a waterboy for his favorite football team. His job description is simple: be ready to hand water and towels to players if needed. That didn’t seem to include Louis Tomlinson though, a twenty-three year old, recently transferred Paris Saint-German player, who seems to like making Harry’s job much more difficult than it has to be. OR    A self-indulgent AU that takes place over the summer of 2015. 18 year old Harry hates pining after people he can’t have, and 23 year old footballer Louis loves flirting with people even though it never means anything. (85k)

- We’ve got nothing to lose  : (…) Also known as an Olympics AU where Harry is a pro tennis player, and Louis is a pro footballer. They meet at the opening ceremony and fall in love, obviously. (12k)

- We Made These Memories for Ourselves  : Breath held, Harry squints his eyes open and focuses on the first stick. A blue line. Harry breathes out an unsteady breath. He’s pretty sure he read that one blue line is a negative, but he fishes the box from the bottom of the pile just to make sure.“Negative,” he confirms, voice echoing around the small room. “Next.”Now that he’s feeling a little less shaky, he scans the rest of the tests at once, is met with a headache-inducing mixture of pink plus signs and blue double lines. His heart rate picks up until it’s pounding triple-time in the base of his throat and the pit of his stomach, thundering in his ears and throbbing in his temples. He flips over the rest of the boxes slowly, but he knows what they’re going to say before he even looks.[or, Louis is a footballer, Harry owns a bakery, and they’re having a baby.] (17k)

- anything could happen  : Harry’s famous, Louis is almost famous and they switch phones one night. (1.4k)

- but me, i’m not a gamble  : A Posh & Becks AU in which Harry is a star on the stage and Louis is a star on the pitch, but they’re both inexplicably terrible at articulating their feelings. In the end, it only takes a season’s worth of failed matchmaking schemes, platonic dinner dates, road trip holidays, and one very convenient David Beckham cameo for them to figure it all out. And if Niall knew all along? Well, he at least has the decency not to be too smug about it.  (33k)

- You’ve got to see yourself from far and wide; Harry and Louis meet at a very early age under all the wrong circumstances, which leads them to absolutely loathe each other for years on end. Eventually they both make it as professional football players in (very) rival teams, but are suddenly bought by the same club and depend on one another to either make it or break it at the height of their careers.With a side of sports journalist (and bridge friend) Niall, teammate Liam and wannabe football rep Zayn. They say that there’s a fine line between love and hate. That line might as well be shaped as a football trophy. (287k)

- We’ll go slow and high tempo  : Apprentice journalist Harry Styles has a bit of a crush on former football player turned Adidas model Louis Tomlinson.A fortuitous encounter with his ex colleague Liam might lead to an interesting turn in Harry’s life.  (5K)

- Sing When You’re Winning  :  Harry is fifteen minutes late to the office on the day Louis Tomlinson comes out as gay. Or, the one where Harry’s a chronically underpaid magazine intern and Louis is the Premier League’s first gay footballer and pretty much the last thing they need is each other. (90k)

- Way in the World  : When Louis Tomlinson enters the waiting room, Harry can distinctly feel his heart sinking to his stomach. The man’s hair is ruffled and dishevelled and his red jersey, damp with sweat from training, clings to his perfect and chiseled body. He stands there, almost unreal, against the glass door, peering inside the office. Harry knew this would’ve happened, sooner or later. That he would have bumped into him. They play for the same club after all, even if they’re in different leagues. It’s not weird. It is not. Except it totally is. Or, the one where Harry has a knee injury and an embarrassing crush on Manchester United’s number ten.  (74k)

- Without You I’ll Never Make It Out Alive  : a Bodyguard Harry/Football Louis AU where Louis isn’t even gay at all but somehow Harry is too gorgeous with his endless legs and bouncy curls and Louis just can’t resist. From there on, chaos and love ensues. (201k)

- Although We’re Miles Apart  : Louis Tomlinson is a famous football player. Harry Styles is a famous musician. They’re in love, and long distance relationships are hard.   (10k)

Update (last update on Oct.17th 2016)

- burn this flame , by @rainbowninja:  “You’ve played keeper before?” Tomlinson asks suspiciously, hands on his waist.  “Er, yeah,” Harry coughs. “Loads of times.”  “Alright Popstar, if you’re sure,” Tomlinson tells him with a shrug, his professional expression already curling into laughter. Harry tries not to read too much into it. After all, how hard can goalkeeping really be? When Harry gets invited to play in a celebrity charity match with Louis Tomlinson, Manchester United’s star player, he’s determined to impress him with brilliant football skills. The only flaw in Harry’s otherwise foolproof plan? He has absolutely no football skills, brilliant or otherwise. (14k)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC

Genre: fluff, one shot? (Maybe more if you guys like it)

Word Count:  2,172

Summary: You’re waiting in line and lock eyes with Baek. What happens next is every fan’s daydream while going to a meet.

Note: Basically, this was just a short and sweet little story I put together just to see if I could do it. I’ve done my fair share of writing for school, and did a bit of HP stuff a long time ago, but reading the great fics on here made my writing bug flare up. So I apologize in advance if it’s crap lol. Also, I know it’s the usual thing to put “Y/N” instead of giving the character a name, but from the view point it just sounded better. Just envision your own name if you want lol.

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anonymous asked:

I really love how you write, could you please (if you don't want it's okay love!) write for me a headcanon of h&l being parents??

“Orange juice is clearly the winner here—I can’t believe we’re even having this argument.”

“Apple juice is a classic, you can’t go wrong.”

Louis wrinkles his nose. “It’s overhyped and boring.”

“At least apple juice doesn’t have bits of pulp floating around in it. It has dignity, class.”

“What do you think, Madzie?”

Madzie looks up at the sound of her name, startled out of where she was intently swirling her finger in her alphabet soup.

Her cute, disgruntled expression reminds Louis so much of Harry that his breath catches in his throat and he almost completely forgets what he even asked her.

“Apple juice or orange juice?” Harry jogs her memory.

“Orange juice, orange juice, orange juice,” Louis chants.

At this, a mischievous grin spreads across Madzie’s face, looking much more like Louis now. “Orange juice.”

No,” Harry clutches a hand over his chest dramatically, acting as if he’s wounded. “I don’t know who this child is, but she’s no child of mine.”

“Aww, c’mon, babe. Don’t be like that,” Louis knocks his hip into Harry’s, looking awfully smug with himself, “you still love me despite my fondness for orange juice.”

“You’re right, you’re right,” Harry says, looking deep in deliberation. “But that doesn’t mean Madzie isn’t gonna be punished.”

Harry swoops her out of her highchair at the speed of light, tickling her incessantly.

She squeals, letting out adorable high-pitched giggles. Louis watches on, so fond he could explode.

The commotion must have signaled Clifford, as he comes bounding into the room, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

“Uh-oh, here’s trouble. Trouble wearing…a dress and socks?” Louis bursts out laughing, realising this could only be the work of one small person.

Affirming Louis’ suspicions, Jacob trots in looking very proud of himself, also wearing a dress.

“This is another fashion parade, I presume?” Harry puts Madzie down, finally relenting from the tickles, who trots over to her big brother and reaches out to pat Clifford’s curly head.

Jacob flips his invisible hair, strutting forward and striking a pose.

“Work it!” Louis cheers, Harry joining in as Clifford suddenly barrels at full speed towards them, sending Harry tumbling to the ground and taking Louis down with him.

Jacob pauses his fashion show to race over and join their quite literal puppy pile, flopping down on top of them, Madzie following shortly after.

Louis groans. “I’m getting too old for this.”

“You’re still in your 20s, honey, don’t fret,” Harry ruffles his hair, giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Don’t act like you don’t enjoy a little roughhousing.”

“I don’t take character profiles from apple juice lovers.”

Madzie pipes up, “Ooh, can I have some apple juice, papa?”

Louis sighs in defeat. “I was played…by my own daughter.”

Ziam Songs

You and I

“You and I” is clearly about closet :

Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us

I know how it goes for wrong and right
Silence and sound
Did they ever hold each other
Tight like us
Did they ever fight like us

Meet in the middle
There’s always room for common ground

Never together
Cause they see things in a different light

And it’s a Ziam song :

We don’t want to be like them
We can make it till the end
Nothing can come between
You & I
Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us
No nothing can come between [Their love is stronger than their handlers]

Ziam made it about themselves.

At every single concert :

They literaly sang it to each other. All the time.

Liam cried the first time they sang it. Niall teased him about it.

WWA : Europa, North America, South America

OTRA : Australia, Japan, Asia

And after Zayn left and they returned from the break, Liam, Harry and Louis were late on stage for You and I. Liam was the last one to come back and when he did, he cried during You and I. Niall even hugged him.

And even the press noticed.

It’s from Liam’s POV :

I figured it out from black and white
Seconds and hours
Maybe they had to take some time [feelings]

Liam made it about himself. He literaly tattooed the lyric on his arm.

I won’t mind 

It’s Zayn’s POV and also a song about closet :

Don’t look around cause love is blind
And darling right now I can’t see you
I’m feeling proud so without a doubt
I can feel you

Cause we are who we are when no one’s watching
And right from the start, you know I got you
Yeah you know I got you

I won’t mind
Even though I know you’ll never be mine

We messed around until we found the one thing we said we could never ever live without

I’m not allowed to talk about it
But I gotta tell you

It’s definitely Zayn trying to convince Liam it’s ok for them to be together and that it’s more than just a fling for him : it’s love. And he’ll love him even if he knows people won’t let them be together.

Little things


You can see Liam checking for their handlers before serenading Zayn here :

Also some staring around the 2:10 mark and some more serenading around the 3:17 mark.

It’s not their song but it’s the one during which Zayn cried at his last concert. (probably because it was their 1st emotional song as a band)

Last First Kiss 

(thanks to @team-adziam ^^ saw the tags)

There’s already a good masterpost about it here : X and X X


It’s interesting to note the recurrence of “You” in the titles of Liam and Zayn’s recent songs : “You” for Liam and “It’s you” for Zayn. They always look at each other during the “You and I” part of the song (and often at the “It’s you” in Little things).

A few other examples :

The video from which this gif comes from has been deleted (no wonder…) but here a sample of gifs for more context : X

anonymous asked:

I really just want to talk about Louis. Can you please share your top 5 favorite Louis moments?


Wow, top five. Um, okay. These will be in no particular order.

“Liam is strong, noble, perfect, and warm. … Warm.”

Oh my god. just… douse me in flames? it would be preferable? To this stupid boyish jaunt through “taking the piss” land and then stumbling into “accidental sincerity” and then sticking the landing in “intentional, heartfelt sincerity”


the way he says warm and then he fucking SAY S TI AGAIN so that Liam knows he means it like he REALLY MEANS IT HE LICKED HIS LIPS HE’S SERIOUS and then they just nod at each other like “yeah. yeah we’re in love. that was cool.” I’m fine I’m fine. that was fine. I can stop any time i want to.

“Bedtime for me!”


His first performance of Just Hold On

I don’t want to bring the mood down because I see this as a purely uplifting thing even as my heart shatters into a thousand pieces and leaks tears, I swear. I just, um. As someone who didn’t even want to get out of bed for two weeks following the US Election, I look at how Louis got out of bed that day, just days after the worst possible imaginable thing in his life happened, and did something that would have been nerve-racking and terrifying on a GOOD day - debuting his first solo song, on stage and filmed and streamed live, as a single vocalist with no band, no backup, no distractions, in front of his peers and mentors and an arena audience. And he just… rose to the task. He did that. He held it together and he made every one of us proud and his mum most of all, and I …. have water on my face, and everywhere.

“Freddie Tommo”

This one I’ve talked about here, so I won’t belabor it, but I still love this moment so much, and it never fails to warm my heart. He’s so PROUD of that name, and that nickname, that he wasn’t himself born with! Introducing his baby boy, his first born, his little lad, as a Tommo. Don’t look at me, don’t touch me, don’t talk to me.

“I assure you all I’m always true to myself!”

This one is from a tweet that gets me where I live. I was online when he sent this tweet, having watched the twitter storm brew and rage, and it cemented Louis’ position as my fave and someone I want protected at all costs. In the midst of being told repeatedly by pseudo fans how he’s lying about his life and his love and his relationships, this is the piece that Louis takes away from the conspiracy: that his fans somehow think he’s not true to himself, and he tries to reassure everyone that he is. And this is, for better or worse, what I will aways adore about Louis. He’s fucked up before! He’ll likely fuck up at some point in the future! But it’s also true that his heart is in so many good places, and that no matter what, what Louis does is true to who Louis is and what he values. His life is not fake because it’s his LIFE, imperfections and delight and joy and tragedy and all. It’s all a part of him and to be a fan of him is to embrace it for what it is, and acknowledge the parts that make him up instead of determining that which is “real” and that which can be cut away.

anonymous asked:

The gall of Sheena, crying harassment when she has dedicated nearly two years of her life to mocking, harassing, and attempting to destroy Briana. How dare she. Not so proud of your actions online when your real identity is attached, now are you?

Look, larries are never going to see the hypocrisy of their behavior. I don’t enjoy that anyone has been doxxed. If the point was to teach her a lesson, she hasn’t learned it. Louis himself could personally sit her down and tell her to stop and she wouldn’t believe him.

What I’M pissed about is her publishing all those anons of people scared of going to a Harry concert because of those nasty homophobic antis. She and the other big larries have created that bogeyman and she’s now perpetuating that unfounded fear. It’s fucking manipulative as shit.

✿ 400+ damn good larry fics ✿

just a masterpost of some of the fics iʻve read! this will be updated continuously! (currently at: 405 fics)

organized alphabetically | ♡ are my faves | ✯ are series/parts

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So here is a new fic rec list since I accidentally deleted my other one that had 155 fics in it. This one has 325 fics in it and is updated with some super great new ones! Please please always read the tags on a fic before you read it. I’ve tried to warn for anything that could be triggering but only you know what you can handle so please read the author’s tags!

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Louis and the Veela Genes

Everyone knew male veelas simply didn’t exist. What most didn’t know, however, was why. It was simple really. Veela genes had problems mixing with the Y chromosome that determined males.Every once in a while, a male with a veela mother would be born. Between ages 3-7 they would die. Louis Weasley-son of Fleur and Bill-was the seventh male to ever survive having veela genes.

For the first six years of his life, Louis resembled death. Pale, thin skin, dull strawberry blond hair and it looked like one gust of wind would blow him away. It wasn’t until he miraculously recovered that his family knew exactly what the veela genes were doing. They attacked the Y chromosome to try and take it’s place, however, the Y chromosome had its own genes that usually counter attacked the veela genes-after a while this would kill the child. In Louis case, his genes that should have fought back never ‘turned on’, and so the veela genes worked there way into the chromosome and the essentially became one with the Y.

This made a slight difference in the way Louis looked. For one, his once strawberry blond hair became a bright blond and his pale skin took on a creamy complexion. His facial features also became slightly… feminine. In other words he was a pretty boy. But this had never bothered Louis before, he had veela genes and was extremely proud of his family history. So what should it matter. 

All his cousins defended him well enough if someone tried making fun of him and if it came down to it, Louis was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Besides, he would tell himself with a grin, people are just too amazed by my life and looks. They simply couldn’t help themselves

So yes, Louis was the seventh male to ever survive having veela genes and he made sure everyone knew he was proud of it.

FICS REC (updated)

Basically this is a way for me to keep track of all the fics I read so I’m going to update it from time to time. This is only the start! (I have pretty much stolen the summaries already written by the authors cause I’m lazy, but anyway lmao)


210 Days - Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. 16k

And I’ll Be Yours To Keep - Louis is a teacher and Harry is one of the best ballet dancers he has ever seen. Louis has a responsibility to keep Harry at arm’s length, but with every day that goes by, he feels his control slip a little more. It’s risky for everyone involved, but somehow…Harry seems worth it. 59k

A Long Way From The Playground - Series. Harry and Louis eloped but neglected to mention it to anyone. Meanwhile Lottie is getting married and the only way for them to not steal her thunder is by pretending they’re just friends for the weekend. Featuring Harry and Louis as terrible liars who don’t know the meaning of the word platonic and some Tomlinsons and Styles’s who definitely don’t believe them, plus a prequel. 63k

A marriage of true minds - Four weddings, a funeral, speeches, karaoke, cocktails, cake, a healthy dose of heartache, and a love that just doesn’t know how to quit. 46k

Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space - They’ve been best friends for eight years, but have never acted on the sexual tension that’s existed between them. And when they do, it’s completely impossible to stop the feelings that arise from denying themselves of what was always meant to be. 17k

Amazing Sin - the story of Louis ‘Steal Your Man’ Tomlinson. 56k

And I’ll Be Yours To Keep - Louis is a drama teacher and Harry is one of the best ballet dancers of the school. 59k

And your light’s always shining on - Series. Louis sends him lots of messages with exclamation marks and so proud of u haz !! and that save was brilliant ! and u look so cute when ur angry :p. Harry replies back with lots of heart emojis and pictures of himself shirtless and still in bed, grinning like an idiot, and Louis saves all of Harry’s pictures. 16k

As loud as lions - fetus coming out fic. 26k

Baby how we spoon like nobody else - Harry comes out to visit Louis in Los Angeles and it’s easy, to pretend that things could stay like this. 15k

more under the cut!

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Pregnancy Preference #4 Guessing Genders

Harry: “Babe, I am really sure that we’re going to have a girl.” Harry pressed. His never ending battle of trying to convince me that we’re having a baby girl. There wasn’t any way to tell right now because I was only 4 months and I needed to wait two more weeks to find out the gender. I had told Harry from one of my readings that if you get morning sickness frequently, usually you have a girl. Due to my ongoing morning sickness, Harry is convinced that the baby is a girl. I was hoping for a girl secretly.

Niall: Niall was getting antsy in waiting to find out the gender of this baby. He wanted to start decorating the nursery so it would be perfect for the arrival of baby Horan. He had been hoping that we would have twins, why, I did not know. But I on the other hand thought that two would be to much for new parents. “What if we have a boy and a girl? That would be so perfect. I would have my littlest princess and my football star.” Niall imagined. Niall had been reading about cravings and what they mean. My never ending love for a bowl of ice cream with salty pretzels made him believe that I was carrying twins.

Liam: “Babe! I bought some Drano and paper cups. Go pee in one and bring it back.” Liam told me while rushing in with paper bags from the market. “Why in the world should I do that?” I questioned. “I read that if you pee in a cup, add some Drano, you can find out the gender depending on the color the urine turns.” He elaborated. “If it helps you sleep at night…” I went up to the bathroom and did as Liam instructed me to do. Once I was done, I returned to Liam and placed the cup down. He poured some Drano into the cup and we waited for the color change. A few seconds later, we had a blue cup of urine. “A boy! Blue means a boy!”

Louis: “Boo, I know a way we can tell if we have a boy or girl!” Louis exclaimed. “And what is that?” I asked. Louis began to elaborate. “So, you take the year the baby is conceived, which would be 2013. That’s an odd number. Then we take your age which is 22. And even number. Then, if the two numbers are odd and even you have a boy. If you have two evens or two odds, you have a girl. And by the looks of it, we have a baby boy.” Louis said with a giddy smile, proud of himself and his supposed son. “If you really think it’s a boy that’s okay. But, where did you figure this out?” “I read that it was a Mayan thing. The internet never lies.” He smiled.

Zayn: I stared at my reflection in the mirror of our bathroom. My face is covered in zits and I can’t recall why. I have never had issues with acne and I’m unaware of why all of a sudden they appear like this. “Hun, what are you doing?” Zayn asked while I probed my skin. “Trying to get rid of all these ugly zits. I have never had a problem with acne before! I don’t know why all of a sudden I’m breaking out like crazy!” I exclaimed. “You know, my mum broke out in bad acne when she was pregnant with Saffaa. They say that if you have bad acne durning pregnancy, it means your having a girl because they are taking away from your beauty. But you still look gorgeous.”

Sin and Sunflowers

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles (Larry)

Genre: Fluffy beginning, Smuty ending 

Warning: Explicit Content

Word Count: 4000

Summary: Louis is the epitome of innocence. Wearing flower crowns around his head, and never saying a swear word all his life. But when he meets the complete opposite Harry Styles on the bus one day, all that is about to change.

Author Note: Shoutout to OneDirectionZapp who had a similar prompt except with the addition of flower crowns. Unfortunately I lost the message so can not include a picture. Since the prompts were very similar they were combined. 

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Celebrating Larry Masterposts: 2012 Boyfriends

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: Part 3 

So basically this is the long awaited (by me lmao) Up All Night Tour masterpost. This is part 3/3 of the 2012 Larry Masterposts (basically bc i couldn’t fit their stupid fonding, nauseatingly cute giddiness all in one post or you’d all be scrolling for 4567863 years)

So let us begin…….;)

teeny tiny little lou tucking himself under his boyfriends arm

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Toddler Series #12 Daddy Moment

Toddler Series can be found here.

A/N: I also written Mummy Moment; you can find it here.


“Bath time sweet pea,” Liam said, picking Amelia up and sitting her on his hip. “With bubbles daddy? How mummy does it?” she asked shyly, wrapping her little arms around his neck. “Of course Emmy,” he chuckled and kissed her cheek, “I bet daddy makes a better bath than mummy,” he whispered in her ear. She gasped, then giggled, wiggling on his hip. He walked into the bathroom and sat down on the ground beside the bath tub. He quickly undressed his little girl and lifted her up and into the warm water. She squealed happily and sat down. “Bubbles,” she giggled and splashed around. Liam smiled and let her have her fun in the water. “Wash your hair Emmy?” he asked, scooping up some water in his hands and pouring it gently over her head. She smiled and looked up at him. “Sawberrie?” she asked, pointing at the pink bottle of baby shampoo on the bath edge. He nodded and reached out, putting a small amount into his large hand. He gently rubbed it into her hair, her big brown eyes watching him. “Daddy need wash too,” she giggled and knelt up. She got a little handful of bubbles and water and wiped it on her father’s cheeks. She giggled at his beard tickled her little cubby hands. “Daddy tickles,” she squealed, making Liam smile proudly at her, his eyes full of love.


“We have an extra boy for training today,” Louis said, walking onto the field. His coach and teammates turned around and smiled at Louis carrying Noah, who was wearing a mini version of their team uniform. “Shall we kick some goals Noah?” Louis asked, bouncing the little boy on his hip. Noah squealed and nodded his head. Louis got a soccer ball and walked across the field. He stood Noah up and put the ball in front of him, before stepping away. “Come on Little Tommo. Big kick,” Louis encouraged. Noah looked at his father standing in front of the goal, then down at the ball at his feet. He smiled widely and swung his leg back, kicking the ball towards the goal. He swung his little arms around as he watched the ball. Louis dramatic dived on the ground to stop the soccer ball, but it went past and into the goal behind him. He looked up his son from the ground. “That’s my boy. You’re amazing Noah,” Louis said proudly. Noah giggled and quickly ran towards his father. As Louis went to sit up, Noah jumped on him and tackled him to the ground. Louis laughed and wrapped his arms around his son. “Again Daddy,” he squealed, smiling excitedly. “I think we can do it again. Come on my little soccer star,” he smiled happily and kissed his head, “I’m so proud of you.”


“Come back here,” Niall groaned and stepped out of the nursery, looking down the hallway, “Cor, Dec,” he called out. He heard giggles and chuckled to himself, as he stepped towards the master bedroom. “We have to get dressed before mummy comes home,” he said, sticking his head into the room. He lent against the wall and watch them play happily in their diapers; Cora had a sock in her hand and Declan had his little sneakers on. Niall sighed and ran a hand through his hair; he didn’t know what to do. The two of them outnumbered him. He snapped out of his thoughts as the twins got up and walked out past him again. He quietly walked behind them, following them around the house. The two little Horan’s were smart and worked together to confuse their father. “Oh well, if you can’t bet them, join them,” Niall whispered to himself and took off his top and jeans, leaving him in only his boxes and sneakers. He put his clothes over the back of chair and laughed to himself. Declan looked up and squealed happily. “Daddy, no clothes,” he giggled. Cora clapped her hands and quickly walked past her father and brother. “Decc,” she squealed, looking behind her and smiling cheekily. Declan walked after her as fast as his little legs would carry him. Niall grabbed his drink off the table from lunch earlier and followed them. “Wait munchins, daddy’s coming,” he chuckled.


“Angel, you should be sleeping. It’s nap time,” Harry said, kneeling down in front of his daughter. She shook her head and looked at the bunny toy in her little hands. “No sleep daddy,” she pouted and shook her head again. Harry bit his lip; the last thing you told him before leaving the house was to make sure Spencer took a nap after lunch, if not she would be cranky. “Shall Spencer and Daddy have a cuddle?” he asked, reaching out for her. She quickly looked up at her father and smiled happily. Harry chuckled under his breath; he knew she wasn’t really upset. He scooped her up and walked over to the couch. He laid down his long legs hanging off the end, with Spencer laying on his chest on her stomach. She wrapped her arms around him, her head right by his neck. “Daddy?” she asked, as Harry cover her small body with a blanket. “Yes Angel,” he replied and played with her hair. “Storeee?” she asked, a smile appearing on her pink lips. Harry kissed her head and thought of a story to tell her. He suddenly remembered the one he used to tell when you were pregnant with her. “Once upon a time there lived a lovely princess with fair skin and blue eyes. She was so fair that she was named Snow White,” Harry begun, as Spencer snuggled into his chest.


“Come on buddy,” Zayn said, holding our his hand. Kaiden smiled and quickly grabbed his father’s finger with his little hand. “Ready to learn how to skateboard?” he asked, opening the front door and walking out to the road. Kaiden nodded and smiled at the little skateboard that was under Zayn’s arm. Luckily it was midweek and quiet outside. Zayn stood Kaiden on his little skateboard and pushed him gently. He bent his knees a little and giggled as he moved down the road. As the skateboard slowed down, he looked back at his father and smiled widely. “Daddy,” he squealed, moved his feet wanting to move again. “Woah, careful Kade. Don’t want you to fall off,” Zayn said, rushing to him. “Are you ready to skate with Daddy?” he asked, running his hand over the little boy’s dark hair. Kaiden’s hazel eyes lit up and he nodded excitedly. Zayn stepped onto his board and knelt down, reaching out for his son’s little hand; which Kaiden happily took. “Ready Kade?” he asked, earning a nod in response. Zayn took a breath and pushed himself off the ground. As he moved down the road, he pulled Kaiden along with him. Kaiden giggled and squealed as they went faster. Zayn saw his little boy’s happy face out the corner of his eye and smiled proudly; glad he was doing to make him happy.

- Holly

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