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Jane Goodall

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Anthropologist, ethologist, and primatologist.

She is best known for her work at Gombe Stream National park in Tanzania where she studied the social behavior of chimpanzees after having been sent there by the ever famous anthropologist couple, Mary and Louis Leakey. She studied the chimps for five years without having a degree. She was sent to Cambridge University where she obtained a Ph.D. in Ethology, becoming only the eighth person to get a Ph.D. without earning a BA or B.Sc. first. In her research, she famously busted two myths: that chimpanzees were completely herbivorous, and that humans were the only species to use tools. She was the first to observe chimps perform their now famous behavior of using twigs to “fish” for termites in the earth.

“Another round!”

Louis, Frank, Albus, James, Teddy, and Hugo at the Leaky Cauldron, celebrating Teddy and Victoire’s engagement.

Taken by Fred.

“You’re all the biggest dorks.”

Lily, Albus, and Frank at the Leaky Cauldron one summer night after a few too many drinks.
Taken by Louis before a huge crowd joined the party.

Louis, James, Hugo, Al, and Scorpius hanging out near the Leaky Cauldron after having a few too many drinks.
Taken by Fred and Teddy.