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The No Control Project is not a Larries Project

The original proposal for the No Control Project came from Anna buscandoelparaiso and I am going to link that post here. The idea was and is an excellent one and at no time did it mention that it was to support Louis and Louis only nor did it imply that he was the only writer on the song.

When Layne started helping with the initiative, she never mentioned that this initiative was to support Louis and Louis only either.  Neither of them implied in any way that this initiative was a Larries one. It isn’t.

You have to understand that despite the fact that this was set forth to give recognition to the entire band in light of the fact that their own management has done a piss poor job of promoting this album on their behalf, that many of Anna’s mutuals and followers (along with Layne’s) are Louis girls as well as Larries.  As such, many Louis girls (myself included) attribute this song to Louis because he carries a very predominant part of the vocals for the song.  You also should understand that it is a big deal to us because he started out getting the least amount of solos and was generally not confident about his vocal abilities.  This has unfortunately been brought into light by the NB comments on Twitter recently.

All of those things combined lends itself to posts such as my own which talk specifically about Louis in reference to this initiative.  I feel the need to explain and defend bc this short text post of mine (which was me talking out loud on my blog as per usual…if you follow me…this is what I do… talk out loud) because it got comments on it suggesting that I forgot Liam wrote on the track as well and now I have seen angry anons on my dash asking other bloggers why Liam is being left out. 

Please don’t do that.  This is an incredibly positive project, not set forth to leave any of them out, but rather to bring recognition to their music from FOUR which has not received enough positive attention.  Everyone’s intentions were and are in the right place.  Please don’t make this a fight against favorites or ships or anything else.  This is a time to come together and support them.  Text posts such as my own are just in good fun.  That’s literally it.

I could sit here and tell you how much I adore Liam.  I do.  You can go back through my blog since it was created and I guarantee you that you will not find a single disparaging comment about him. That is not the point though.  

This is a chance to participate in a very positive movement to garner attention to their music.  Please don’t make this a fight as it takes away from what a good thing this is.  Please.