louis in sweats

  • Harry: [puts on his suit]
  • Harry: something's not right.
  • Louis: what do you mean? You look wonderful
  • Harry: Something is off. It needs to be more.../provocative/... [rips all the buttons out of his shirt]
  • Louis: ..,,,you could h-have [sweating],....just unbuttoned it....ffuck ddamn

*frantically wakes up at 2am, covered in a cold sweat* louis wishing harry a happy birthday on Twitter was the first time they interacted on that platform in years

historical summaries: the french revolution
  • louis xvi: well we have no money because i can’t budget for shit! guess the third estate better pull their weight again
  • third estate: how about we call an estates-general
  • louis xvi, sweating profusely: o-ok
  • first and second estates: Hmm well it is nice to not pay taxes so this meeting is adjourned
  • third estate: Right well in that case this country is also adjourned
Valentines Day

In which Harry surprises his lovely girlfriend with an interesting game on Valentines Day.

A/N: Well! I kept you waiting long enough but it’s finally here, and just in time.  I hope you’ve all had a lovely Valentines Day! xx

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Do you have a link for the video, where Louis and Harry were late, Louis was sweating and Harry said "he lost his trousers"?

Yes! That was their performance on Wetten Dass in November 2014 —

Enjoy! (The “lost my trousers” comment is after they sing.)

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Oh my yes, skillful and smart. Also, could we highlight the part when Louis was concentrating on opening the safe with the number combinations, while Harry was asking him to go out on a date with him? with everyone pitching in? That part was so well written. I enjoyed reading it again and again. I can feel the pressure on Louis' part. I was sweating and whimpering.

YES NONNIE WE CAN HIGHLIGHT IT. It was rom-comedy perfect.

“We should go on a date.”

He’s concentrating so hard for that tiny little click that it takes him half a minute to recognise that the statement was meant for him.

His hand slips on the dial and he chokes out a laugh. “What?”

He shakes out his hand and starts again, turning the dial slowly.

“We should go on a date. You and me. Tomorrow night, here in Paris.”

“Mhm.” There it is, the first little click on the second revolution clockwise. He peers at the number – seventeen – and commits it to memory.

“I know this great little restaurant, the owner is a good friend of mine.”

“Big surprise there,” comes Sophia’s sarcastic input.

Three revolutions of the dial later and he still doesn’t hear anything, so he starts turning it counterclockwise instead.

“Also,” comes Harry’s voice, deeper now, private. “You can stay at my place after. I know we only booked the hotel until tomorrow morning.”

Louis hears the words, but they don’t register, not really. There it is, the second click. Thirty-two. There’s more conversation in his ear. He only tunes back in when he hears his name. “What?”

“Are you really gonna do that?” comes Liam’s surprised voice.

“Do what,” he asks distractedly. Three turns again, and again no click. Or did he miss it? No he wouldn’t miss it. Back to clockwise it is. One turn, nothing. Second and there, maybe -


Fuck, was that a click or not? Fucking com in his ear. He isn’t sure, not a hundred percent. He bites his lips, trying to decide if he should count it as a click or start over.

No, work exact, be the best.

He starts over, muttering grumpily, “what?”

Two turns clockwise, stop at seventeen. Three turns in the opposite direction, thirty-two. He switches back to clockwise, listening intently on the second revolution.

“– date with Harry?”

What date with Harry? What are they even talking about? There, that was definitely a click. Four. Louis tries spinning the antique wheel in the center of the door. It reminds him of a ship’s wheel with eight spokes and a handle for each. Something he’s recently seen on a webpage displaying nautical tattoos.

The door doesn’t budge.

Ok not three numbers then. He starts listening for the fourth click, but gets distracted by the conversation over the com.

“– we could even tour the Eiffel tower if you’d want.”

“Eiffel tower?” he asks, not really listening to the answer, instead trying to concentrate on the sounds in his other ear.

“Yeah, it’ll be romantic.”

Romantic? What the fuck is Harry even talking about? What they have – relationship – for the lack of a better word, is a lot of things, but none of them romantic. “Why do you want romance?”

Harry sounds less patient now. “I thought we’d discussed it. If we try this whole relationship thing we need romance.”

Louis hand slips on the dial, spinning it uncontrolled. And he hasn’t heard the last click yet.

Sophia’s snickers come over the com, along with Harry’s deep murmur, talking of dates and romance and exclusivity. Exclusivity!?

“Will you all shut the fuck up!” he roars, hand already starting on the now familiar sequence. “I’m trying to open a fucking safe by sound here and I can’t hear anything with you chattering over the coms!”

Fam, we’re discussing No pressure, No Diamonds today which has been released into a book! Send me your favorite parts/quotes!

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The whole living in Ben's attic is complete bull. more with them involving who did Harry bring home to sleep in the attic. Like, what the actual hell? If I was there during the interview i'd question "Didn't you live with Louis?" and watch Ben Wiston sweat, like i cAME FOR THE TRUTH JANICE, that is all.

Can u believe barry used to bring girls to ben’s attic while ed used to sleep on the couch in the same room while harry was also living with lou n tom at the same time lmfaoo

Setting aside everything else we know: Harry would never be the type to bring someone to Ben’s attic to hook up with them. They also act like Harry literally spent every day of those 20 months at Ben’s. Even if he was staying there (which we all know he wasn’t) he was touring and recording and doing press.

i’m just imagining long-legged harry styles crouched in an attic that isn’t his for 20 months straight coming down occasionally for food scraps then scurrying back up it really does sound so ridiculous