louis in sweats

Valentines Day

In which Harry surprises his lovely girlfriend with an interesting game on Valentines Day.

A/N: Well! I kept you waiting long enough but it’s finally here, and just in time.  I hope you’ve all had a lovely Valentines Day! xx

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this is still so weird and haunts me to this day like louis is actually wiping his sweat on harry’s face and harry looks like it was the best moment of his whole entire life honestly what the hell? wiping your sweat on someone’s face is nasty and annoying. was louis trying to annoy harry? was he surprised by harry’s response? it doesn’t look like it, he looks self-satisfied. which now begs the question: did louis know that harry would die for louis’ sweat on his face? and how did he know? why is this reality i’m so shook by this and it’s been years who are they

anonymous asked:

Do you have a link for the video, where Louis and Harry were late, Louis was sweating and Harry said "he lost his trousers"?

Yes! That was their performance on Wetten Dass in November 2014 —

Enjoy! (The “lost my trousers” comment is after they sing.)