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I can actually was thinking about this. How much drama do you think it will be if harry ever came out dating a guy?

So Much….. larries would either say its a stunt and this is just to get the general public used to harry and men so its not as big of a shock when larry comes out. or they’ll accept that they broke up and be bitter at harry for being out whilst louis is still ‘trapped.’ i feel like the rest of the fandom would be really happy and supportive though, i think ppl would def latch onto harrys boyf and make blogs dedicated to him, update accounts, probably fic, all that good stuff. like look at me lmao i have a mitch url and we’ve heard him speak like what twice kdjsfjkshdfasf

Sad songwriting in the hospital (Harry imagine)

There’s something wrong. This is not the feeling your favourite cocktail usually gives you. It’s not normal to barely see where you are walking or even being able to stand on both of your feet. It’s not normal for you to feel so dizzy after just a couple of sips.

‘Harry?’ Your voice sounds so far away, it frustrates you. ‘Harry!’ You try again. It’s more like a cry for help. You need to know where he is because you are slipping away and you don’t want to be alone. You really don’t want to be alone. You’re searching your way through the partying crowd of people, calling Harry’s name, hoping for him to make the feeling stop.

‘Y/N? What’s wrong?’ Wrong voice. Wrong person. As much as you love Liam, you really need the curly one right now. Although it’s nice to find some support with him. Or a bit more than support because you have the feeling you’re basically leaning into him with your whole body. It’s the only thing preventing you from falling to the ground.

‘Need. Harry.’ You call out and you find yourself crying while telling him desperately. At this point you just hope to fade away. You hope to lose consciousness and make this awful feeling stop.

‘Y/N? Honey. Hey-’ Finally the right voice in your ear and the right arms holding you up while you lean your head on his shoulder. You don’t know where he came from but it doesn’t matter. He’s here now and you’re not alone. You’re not going to die alone.

‘Oh shit- What happened to her? Y/N, stay awake for me love.’

‘I don’t know. She’s completely out of it.’ You hear Liam’s voice respond instead of you. ‘One moment she was fine and next time I check on her she’s like this.’

You feel Harry grab your cheeks in his hands trying to make eye contact but it’s like you cannot focus on him. The lights are too bright and everything is spinning and you feel like throwing up but you know nothing will come out.

‘Honey. Look at me… You-  Hey- NO!’ He yells when he notices your eyes are closing. You hear the panic in his voice and it breaks your heart. ‘Y/N. Stay with me. Open your eyes, come on!’ And as much as you want to give him what he wants. It feels so nice to close them. It feels so much better than the colours and the lights. ‘We’re going to the hospital. Someone must have put something in her drink.’ The way he spits his words out only gives you a glimpse of the sudden anger boiling in his chest. ‘Liam, you’re driving.’ You feel Harry carry you up in his arms and although you are thankful for not having to stand up anymore, the feeling of spinning doesn’t stop. It gets slightly better when you breathe in the fresh night air, but somehow you are not able to stay awake anymore. Your body wants the feeling to stop. And you want it too.

The next thing you hear is Harry’s voice in a way you have never heard it before.

‘-I don’t give a shit about the fucking speed limits, Liam. Just drive!’

‘If you would just calm down, you-’

‘Next time your girlfriend is tripping because some asshole put something in her drink you’ll realize calming down is not a fucking option.’

‘Maybe not, but yelling like a mad man is not helping either!’

A short moment of silence follows and you feel Harrys shaking hands lightly stroke your hair.

‘I can’t lose her, Li…’

‘You won’t. She would never do that to you. She loves you too much.’

And with Liam’s calm voice lingering in your head, you slip away again.

‘-some kind of drug. They emptied her stomach.’ Harry’s voice just next to you.

‘Yes, I’m with her. She’s sleeping now.’

He’s on the phone with someone.

‘They said she’ll wake up soon. But I’ve never seen her so pale. She doesn’t have the right colour and she won’t open her eyes when I ask her to.’

A long pause and a faint voice on the other end of the line.

And just before you lose consciousness again, you hear him one last time.  

‘I know. I know… I’m just scared, mom.’

Next time it’s another voice.

‘- hate hospitals. Harry hates them as well. Especially now you’re in here.’  


‘He needed some sleep so I send him away.’ A short pause before he corrects himself. ‘Well, Liam and Niall basically had to drag him out of here. He’s been here for 10 hours. It was about time for him to get some sleep.’

There was something very soothing and calm about his voice. And you love listening to it.

‘The thing is, you really cannot leave him. I know you’re going to wake up and it’s going to be okay. But I mean this just in general.’ You hear him move in his chair, like he’s making himself comfortable before he goes on. ‘We’ve seen how you are with him. And we can’t imagine anyone better. And I know it’s not always easy with our schedule, but it really will get better.’

‘Harry told me about the house you bought together. He’s so happy about it. You should’ve seen his face.’ You know he’s smiling by only hearing his voice, something Louis was very good at.

But when he speaks again, his voice sounds rather sad and maybe even a bit desperate. ‘Just wake up soon for me, okay? … I want to see that Harry again.’

You don’t know how long you’ve been out. But it feels like a very long time because when you open your eyes the light hurts even more than it ever did before. It’s dead silent in the room and your first thought is that your alone. And just when you are replaying snips of the conversations you heard in your head, your eyes fall on a figure sitting right next to you.


He’s reading something. He has a pen in his hand and he’s reading through a whole bundle of papers and you wonder what’s on it.

‘Worst sentence I’ve read in my life.’ He mutters against the sheets while holding the pen to the paper and it looks like he crosses something out.

‘If they have the fucking nerve to ask me to go through lyrics while you are in here, they better don’t expect me to agree on any of these songs. They are all too happy anyways.’

‘That’s a bit bitter.’ You reply in a croaky voice.

‘That’s not bitter. It’s reality! It’s-’ But then he stops abruptly and his eyes instantly meet yours. It takes him a couple of seconds to fully realize you’re awake and when he does, he gets up from his chair, throws the papers behind him and it doesn’t take long for him to connect his lips with yours, so careful and light but still with so much love, just like you’re used from him.

‘That took you a hell of a long time.’ He whispers against your lips.

‘Just in time to prevent you from making a very sad album.’

A chuckle slips from his mouth and it’s good to see him smile when he sits himself next to you on the bed.

‘You scared the living hell out of me, you know that?’ His eyes look still worried, like he’s scared you’ll disappear any second. ‘From now on no bar people making your drinks anymore. I’m done with that. I’m going to be your personal bartender.’ It sounds like a joke, but looking at his face makes you think he actually means what he’s saying.

‘What happened?’ It’s only vaguely that you can remember the party. A last minute idea from you, Harry and Liam. A last minute idea ending in a hospital bed.

Harry takes your hand and starts playing with it while he tells you the story. ‘You started tripping for no reason. You just were not able to look at me. Your eyes were open but it felt like you were gone already. We drove you to the hospital and they emptied your stomach. Someone put some kind of drug in your drink and your body reacted to it. Obviously…’

His words died out at the end. He suddenly looks out of it, remembering the small details of the anxious moments he went through. You can see the pain still lingering in his eyes, and you feel bad for him.

‘I’m sorry you had to go through that, Haz.’

He quickly looks up from his thoughts and smiles sadly. ‘I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you from it.’

‘You couldn’t know! Nobody knew… Just wrong place, wrong moment kind of thing.’

He nods, but you know better. You know he blames himself in a way. Something he shouldn’t do, but you’re never able to talk him out of it. So you lift up his hand and while looking in the eyes, you press your lips against his palm. ‘I love you, Harry Styles.’

A provoking smirk appears on his lips before he replies. ‘I love you more.’

He knows exactly where he’s getting himself into, but before you’re able to react, you both get startled by the door.

‘Harry? Don’t tell me you are actually going through the lyrics Julian send y-’ Niall comes storming in the room, but stops abruptly when he sees you up and awake. Instantly a sigh of relief leaves his body. ‘You have no idea how happy I am to see you, missy!’ A big smile appears on his face when he walks over to you and gives you a big, but careful hug.

‘Only to prevent him from cutting out all the happy songs.’ You say while pointing at a pouting Harry.

‘Exactly what I was thinking.’ Niall winks back at you while collecting all the papers. ‘As much as I think you are a great songwriter, Harry, I would love to have a couple of other electric guitar solos on the next album, instead of a sad piano in the background.’

And with those words and a kiss on the top of your head he leaves again with the papers, ready to tell the others about the good news.

NOTE: It’s incredibly long. And it took me a long time as well. I’m not extremely happy about it. But oh well. Hope you like it a bit :-) Thank you if you read all of it! 

AN OITNB GUIDE: Are Harry and Louis in love?

You know sometimes I wonder what Harry and Louis would say love is based on the fact that they write/sing so many songs about it. After watching the valentine’s episode of Orange is the new black I realize that they don’t have to because they’ve show us again and again. So let’s talk about it. This post was bound to be made because Larry H/L and Larry OITNB keep popping up on my dash.

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It’s my 19th birthday today and I made a follow forever as my own little gift to myself because the past year brought a lot of change (starting college, moving to a different state, etc.). I’ve faced some struggles this past year as well (starting college in a different state is great but for me it has been a real struggle to control my anxiety, whether that is my social anxiety, OCD, or panic attacks college hasn’t been starting too great) and I am hopeful that this next year of my life is going to be better.

For me personally, tumblr isn’t a ‘good’ place. If you haven’t heard me talk about getting hate before then this is me saying that I receive hate messages daily. Through the years, it’s really only gotten worse but the people I’m going to talk about below have managed to help me more than they will ever know. Honestly, I have never said anything to a vast majority of the people I follow so I am taking this moment to say thank you. Thank you for being on tumblr and running such kick ass blogs. Thank you for running blogs that I can look at when I feel low and instantly smile. Thank you for following me (and putting up with me). I appreciate you all more than words can describe. Thank you.

Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to tumblr and have gone through both highs and lows (more lows probably though). However, I miraculously reached a very big ‘high’ a few months back and that is reaching my goal on tumblr. When I first joined, I set this big number in my head that was like, “douglas, you’ll never reach that”. I still don’t know how I did but I am very grateful. So even if your name is not below I still would like to say thank you for following me (and putting up with me), it really does mean a lot to me. Thank you.

This is really really long so it’s under read more :)

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