louis in football

but this thing with the 28 is so surreal..like once is a thing, two might be a coincidence, but he’s literally doing his entire promotional campaign around this number in any possible combination, the same number that appears on Louis’ in-ears, it’s Louis’ football number and it’s tattooed on his middle and ring finger of his left hand. everything harry announces or drops is in some form connected to the number 28 you can’t make up this stuff 

For those of you who don’t know what Deadly Day is…

The 22nd of every month is Deadly Day, where the boys basically say “Fuck management” and do whatever they want. They say whatever they want in interviews, they do things they’re not supposed to, Harry and Louis act like a couple in public. It’s like their break from being cookie-cutter boybanders.

(This is not my post, it was originally posted by what-love-means, but they’ve deleted.)

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my mother just told me about the son of one of her colleagues: he works in a high-end store in London and one day he assisted the owner of a famous football team and apparently the owner liked him a lot and gave him tickets and invited him to a private dinner afterwards with him and all the footballers. and the guy’s mother was like “but you don’t know shit about football” and he’s gay so he was like “mum……. i went for the footballers” and i’m not saying make it an au BUT MAKE IT A FOOTBALL!AU