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Something I Can't See (Remastered)
Aaron Tveit and Louis Hobson (Original Broadway Cast)
Something I Can't See (Remastered)

A cut song from Next to Normal, meant to follow “Aftershocks.” Gabe taunts Dr. Madden for not being able to help Diana. [original]

You’ve taken from her memory the life that she survived; you can’t see that without me… she’s really not alive.

Something I Can't See
Louis Hobson and Aaron Tveit
Something I Can't See

Aaron Tveit and Louis Hobson perform “Something I Can’t See” at the Next to Normal event at 92Y Tribeca. This song was written by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey using suggestions from fans on the next to normal Twitter account as an additional song not included in the musical between the characters of Gabe and the Doctor.

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My first psychiatrist told me that according to the manual,  grief that continues past four months is pathological and should be medicated. Four months. For the life of my child. Who makes these decisions?