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The Styles Effect

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Part Two

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Warnings: Cursing, feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

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Harry grunting as he thrusts into you, your fingers clawing at his back. "Fuck princess, you're so tight" and he'd moan as you pulled on his hair. "So close baby, fuck" and he'd start rubbing your clit making you reach your climax and feeling you clench around him sends him over the edge.

Part of me was hoping that we wouldn’t wake up the neighbors again and get a noise complaint. But another part of me didn’t even care as in this moment harry is fucking me so good.

“Fuck princess, you’re so tight” harry moaned out and pulled onto my head

He got faster and hoisted my leg up onto his shoulder, still trying to keep the rhythm going.

“So close baby, fuck” you yell out so you decide to reach down and start to rub your clit making you come closer to your climax

You can feel his cock stretching you out so good. No man has made you feel as good as harry did. He was making the bed rock so hard slamming against the back wall. You rank your hands all down his back and reach his butt and give him a tight squeeze.

“You like my butt baby?” Harry moans out and smirks while rubbing his nose against my cheek “but I don’t think you like mine as much as I like yours” harry groans and lifts me ups sits on his legs and slaps my butt

“God yes harry fuck me” I yell as harry starts to fuck up into me as fast as I can

“You gonna cum for me baby?” Harry moans out and reaches back down and rubs my clit

“I’m cumming harry I’m cumming” I yell and help him by bouncing up and down his cock

“Y/n baby yes shit, I’m cumming” harry yells, I start to clench around his cock to milk him out even more

After we both finish I fall back and harry flops down next to me, when I look over harry is already asleep. I giggle and pull him into me and cuddle his side, falling asleep slowly after him.

A/N: A quick blurb, hope you like it ;)

Between chuckles and squeals from both of you, Harry stumbled into your room. His vivid green orbs were engulfed by the warmth of your hands, long lashes tickling on the smooth surface. His tattooed arms supported the back of your thighs, maintaining you still on your piggyback position. 

The rub of his skin against your legs, in an aim to find the best spot to grip, emphasised your snickers, and, consequently, the clumsy swaying of his steps as well.

“You’re gonna make us fall” You teased.

“It’d be way easier if I didn’t have a pair of tiny hands upon my eyes” He said, wriggling his head to squirm out of the improvised blindfold.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to get by”

His hesitant treads made the brief way from the doorframe to the end of the bed desperately slow, taking his time to think the direction of his next movement.

“Speed up!” You yawned, tiredness from a hectic, yet amazing day spent with him, showing up. One of your hands quitted the contact with his face, just to end up slapping his bum.

“Ouch! Rude, my ass didn’t deserve that!”

Eventually, both of you slumped onto the mattress, drowsy eyes gazing at the ceiling. Through your minds, memories of the events that had taken place earlier that same day, ran, bringing a butterfly revolution at the pit of your stomachs.

The back of your hands brushed slightly. On edge, the fear that your mad heartbeats could be heard.

“I should get going, otherwise, I’m gonna drift off right here” He turned his face to the side, finding you already laid on your side, innocently, yet dangerously, close.

“You’re tired. Stay the night here” You threw your arm and leg over him, giving him none chance of leaving, even though he didn’t want to, at all.

Harry’s body tensed under you, this wasn’t ignored by you. Looking up at him, you found his stare travelling from your eyes to your lips simultaneously, making up his mind.

“Let me kiss you”


A Bit Of A Kitchen Mess - Louis Tomlinson Imagine

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They say the wife does the cleaning and housework and the husband works, in this case it can be opposite and sometimes they follow the order, but not tonight. (Y/N) came home late, eight o’clock, she was constantly busy that week with her work, she was on-call and tonight was supposed to be her first day off, but they took it from her. Therefore, Louis decided to surprise his missus in making dinner.

He was never the one to cook, it was usually her, but he wanted to rise up the challenge. He liked her meals, not just liked, but loved. She had a taste of his cooking a couple of times, several in their dating years, but only once of the six months they have been married. She could not complain of coming home to a cooked dinner, but tonight, she did not want to cook.

Louis sat on the sofa, it was seven forty-five at night, his eyes were gazing at the flickering screen of the TV, once and awhile he would pick up his phone and scroll through social media, but the show on the telly took his eye. He did not realise the time, until his phone went off with a message from her saying that she’ll home soon, she just left the hospital. Louis quickly turned the TV to the late night news and went straight to the kitchen, quickly grabbing random items out of the ridge, he placed a teatowel over his shoulder, turning the light on and washing his hands, and pulling out utensils. He busied himself with preparing the steak dinner, he was cutting the mushrooms in a quick matter and throwing them into the pan on low heat.

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