louis hand is in harrys pants

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
Vampire Fic Snippet #3

(And the last one before the fic is posted!!!!!!!!! yay, sorry this is taking ages)

As always, I want to note that this is from the draft of the fic, so some things may be changed for the final version.

Warning: Mentions of vampire biting and so on, but still nothing graphic.

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Things we could talk about instead:

•Harry’s rose ring
•the neon rose shirt that Louis wore during a full day promo of JHO
•Harry’s rainbow pin
•Louis being pictured next to a rainbow unicorn
•Lottie’s Snapchat bee filter
•All the Beewear clothing items
•Harry’s tattoo that is either a bee or a fly…that looks like a bee
•Louis’ green and blue plaid pants
•SOTT amazing success so far
•JHO amazing success
•Steve liking exclusive H posts
•Harry’s hair and how it’s growing and curling and being wonderful
•The 2-8 coincidences which are too many to name
•the Mick sketch which I’m still reeling from
•Louis’ triangle tattoo
•the time that Louis hashtagged welivetogetherdealwithit
•the time that Harry talked about hands and knees for two days straight
•the fact that Harry and Louis are in love

if people were elements,
then we are ice and fire.

your touch is frost upon my burning skin,
my breath melts your frozen heart.
your kiss is cool against my lips,
and my heat warms you all the way down
to the tips of your toes.

and although we could complement each other,
beckon the other away from the end of polarity
to come and meet in the middle,
too much of one

will eliminate the other.

—  and i’d never forgive myself if i caused your destruction, c.j.n.
Stoned love

Stop messing round with that fire,
Living like love is just a gun for hire,
Cos one moment its just messing round,
To your wiki saying she’s your spouse,
Oh but its not just girls,
Cos yeah one moment I was tearing off her blouse,
Now she says she’s living in my house,

Babe I know you said you’d never smoke pot,
Its just; that burned Like your first splif,
Now we just hanging around in the dark, you’re pale as a ghost.
Stop messing round now, cos am too stoned,
You’re know I can’t save you cos in this game am too gone,

She’s only seventeen, and thinks at sixteen am all there is,
But a degenerate kind, baby am definitely not what you need,
She wants to dance with devil, Mr brownstone is just grave,
Oh Y’know the drugs will drown her out, just too young,
Can’t believe this is my life, smoking and fucking in the back,

That One Night H.S.

So I was going to do this all in one, but it was kind of long, so I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

*You meet Harry and have a one night stand. You get pregnant and he doesn’t know, but five months later he sees you and your pregnant belly.

Soft snores came from beside you as you sat up and looked for your shirt. The room was dark making it difficult to see, but you found your button down by the door. You held it up and frowned; over half of the buttons were ripped off. Sighing, you threw it back on the ground and grabbed Harry’s shirt that was next to it, pulling it over your head. Once you had your shorts on, you grabbed your phone and keys and snuck out of the room, breathing a sigh of relief once you made it into the bright hallway.

It only took about fifteen minutes to get to your apartment, but you were exhausted the moment you saw your bed. Falling face first onto your mattress you let sleep come over you.

You pulled a shirt over your head, staring down at your five month pregnant belly peaking out of your shirt. Your belly finally popped two weeks ago and now nothing fit you right. Thankfully, your best friend, Liza, was going to go shopping with you for new clothes. You sat on your couch thinking back to the moment you found out.

Harry had left the next day after their concert and only a couple of weeks later you were sitting on the edge of your bathtub with Liza staring at the multiple pregnancy tests with two lines. At the time, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your apartment wasn’t that big and you were working and going to school full-time. You didn’t have room for a baby in your life and that terrified you. Thankfully, your parents had been very supportive, so at least you didn’t feel alone. As much as you wanted to tell Harry, you didn’t have his number or any way to contact him, and part of you was thankful. You didn’t know if you could handle the stress of all the fans on top of how much your life was changing, so you let it be.

Your phone chimed, bringing your mind back to the present. Liza was outside waiting for you, so you made your way down the stairs and into her car. She liked to listen to One Direction just to annoy you, and that’s exactly what was playing when you opened the door. After the two of you had been driving she spoke.

“So, did you hear that they’re back in town today? They’re going to be here for three days,” she told you, but you already knew that. Though you wouldn’t admit it, stalking Harry had become a way to pass the time when you weren’t working. You also had contemplated buying a ticket, but they were sold out the minute the announced the reunion. 

“Yeah? So what?” You shrugged and looked at the store while Liza found a parking spot close to the front. You didn’t want to think about it. Truth is, you were afraid of telling him. You had no idea how he would react. You’d like to imagine he’d be excited and drop everything to help, but you tried to be realistic. He had a career that caused him to be away for months on end, and why would he want to give up One Direction for a baby he didn’t even want.

“So? Are you going to try to find him? He needs to know, Y/N.”

“He doesn’t. He’s a big rockstar, and I don’t need him or his money to take care of my baby,” you denied, while grabbing a cart. The two of you walked towards the maternity section and began picking out clothes. This wasn’t you at all. You liked to wear crop tops and booty shorts, not big stretchy bras and pants with elastic at the top.

“It’s not just your baby though. I could understand when you thought you’d never see him again, but now he’s here. He’s literally somewhere in town. You can’t just ignore it.”

The argument when back in forth for awhile while you finished shopping. Once you were done, Liza waited for you to pay and then the two of you left, deciding to stop somewhere to eat.

You were about halfway through your burger when a bunch of screaming came from outside the store. Dread filled you as you recognized the sound. You turned to face the doorway to see Harry and Liam walking inside the restaurant, waiting for the hostess to seat them. You sunk down in your booth and hoped that they wouldn’t notice you, but as fate would have it, they were seated in the booth in front of you.

Harry hadn’t noticed you yet and you debated running out of the restaurant, but Liza refused because ’she wanted to finish her steak’. She smirked at your disdain as you drank your water to the point nothing left was coming up the straw. The noise caught Harry’s attention and he looked at you. You hoped he wouldn’t recognize you, but of course that wouldn’t happen. He grinned when he saw you and motioned for Liam to look as well.

“Hey! Y/N! It’s so great to see you!” Liam said, speaking across the booth. Liza was still slightly awestruck due to the fact that she had never actually met either of them and that she always had some sort of crush on Liam, but she played it off cooly.

“Hi, I’m Liza,” she greeted, reaching behind her to shake Liam’s hand. He smiled greeted her back as did Harry, before focusing back on you.

“Hey, Y/N. How long has it been?” he asked, as if you hadn’t been running through his mind since the moment he woke up alone.

“Um, I’m not sure. Like five months?” You posed it like a question, like you didn’t have a very obvious way to keep track of the time. You began picking apart your bun, nervous for what might happen. There wasn’t an obvious way around him finding out, and somehow, a public restaurant didn’t seem like the best scene to have this kind of conversation. To top it all off, you had bought a nice loose-fitting dress that would’ve somewhat hid your bump, but it was currently in one of the bags in Liza’s car. You were still in your tight shirt that barely covered your stomach.

“Wow, long time,” he said, smiling at you. The little growing baby in your stomach decided to give a strong little kick and began rolling around. Maybe it was due to your heart racing now that you were near Harry, but either way, it really made you have to pee. It felt like the fates were kicking you while you were down and nothing could go your way.

Seriously. This city was huge and it just so happened that the one guy you wanted to avoid walked into the same restaurant you were at, sat in the booth in front of you, and now your baby had to make a scene. “I have to pee,” you grumbled, standing up and facing the bathroom. You knew Harry’s eyes must’ve been on your rather prominent stomach, but you kept walking. Your face was red and you let out a shaky breath once you made it to the bathroom, leaning back against the wall.

You stared into the mirror and looked at your belly. Your shirt had risen up, again, and the small purple stretch marks were beginning to form at your pants line. After taking a breather, you went to the bathroom and washed your hands, staring at your reflection for a moment before walking out of the bathroom.

Harry was standing right next to the door and cornered you. “Y/N. We need to talk.”

So there it is! Hope you guys like it and I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

Part TWO


Asking you to move in with him was no doubt one of the best decisions Harry had ever made. He got to wake up to have you snuggled up to him while letting out soft snores, he got to make breakfast for you, and not to mention, being in the privacy of your guys’ own home meant you could be as loud as you wanted when.. You know. Besides the whole privacy thing, something else that Harry absolutely adored was being able to come home being greeted by the sound of your twinkling voice. 

“Y/N, I’m-” 

“In the kitchen!” Harry looked towards the kitchen door as he was interrupted, a small smile playing at his face at the sound of music echoing around the house. 

“Hello, you.” Harry let a full blown grin appear on his face as he saw you bopping around the kitchen, using a wooden spoon as a makeshift guitar. He couldn’t help but laugh as you pranced around him, singing (or, screaming) the lyrics out loud before accidentally knocking into the fridge. You had always been terribly clumsy, but that was something Harry found so very endearing about you.

“Nearly knocked myself out there.” You breathed out, holding a hand to your chest as you panted lightly. You got a bit out of control when it came to lip-syncing to one of your favourite songs. Lately, you had been playing Just Hold On on repeat - Even Louis was getting a little sick of it whenever he came over to hear his song blasting out from the speakers. 

“Wouldn’t want tha’ t’ happen. C’mere and gimme a kiss.” Harry cooed, walking over to yank the spatula out of your hand before placing it on the counter. His arms slinked around your waist, Harry leaning down to give you a sweet kiss. “How was your day, love?” 

“Oh, you know. Woke up. Made breakfast.” You shrugged, turning back to glance at the boiling pot of soup on the stove. “Watched Netflix - Apparently season 2 of Stranger Things isn’t comin’ out until Halloween! I can’t wait that long!” You whined lightly, giggling as Harry nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. “Missed you all day.” You hummed, your fingers looping around some smaller curls at the back of his head. 

“Missed you to-” 

Wish that you could build a time machine..” You immediately pulled away when Just Hold On began playing, a grin growing on your face before you tugged Harry to the middle of the kitchen floor. 

“Dance with me!” You laughed, Harry twirling you around in a circle before you began hopping up and down while singing along. 

Harry really hit the jackpot with you, didn’t he? 


gif isn’t mine!

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your career as a model has really took off. you have received so many job offers after walking the Yves Saint Laurent show in paris at fashion week. since then fashion labels like marc jacobs, gucci, dolce & gabbana, prada, miu miu and more have contacted your manager and magazines like vogue, love and harpers bazaar have had you in for shoots and interviews. life was looking insane for you and today was another day to add to the list. 

you were so surprised to receive a call from your manager telling you that calvin klein, yes calvin klein the fashion label would like to have you in for a shoot. you were beyond ecstatic. you have always love calvin klein and their elegant products as well as funky and old style campaigns. starting as a model you have always aimed to shoot for calvin klein. you were just screaming on the inside. 

this whole month you have been full of energy and dancing around every chance you get. your mind couldn’t get off the fact that you would be doing a calvin klein shoot so soon. everyone that you were able to tell have been so glad and happy for you. 

as the day came you woke up extra early due to your excitement. all morning you were unable to stop moving. you ate breakfast, had a shower and got ready for one of the most exciting opportunities you have received. you let your hair fall into loose curls and applied some light makeup to give the illusion that you are more awake then you actually were. you spritz some vanilla perfume on and threw your camel coat on and left the house.

arriving at the location you were just so excited. you entered the building and told the receptionist that you were here shooting for calvin klein, she gave you all the information you needed and you quickly arrived to the location. 

standing infront of you when you entered was a middle aged lady with a clipboard in her hands and a pen in her mouth. she removed the pen and smiled at you. ‘you must be y/n, oh my you are prettier in real life’ she greeted you. you smiled ‘haha thank you its lovely to meet you’ you replied with a blush creeping onto your cheeks. ‘oh I’m sorry I’m jen and ill be running everything today’ she smiled. she then lead you into the dressing room where you were met with your makeup artist. ‘hello, oh my gosh what a beautiful girl.’ the man said as he stepped back and admired your face. ‘what a perfect canvas.’ he smiled. you giggled and shook his hand ‘I’m y/n, lovely to meet you’ you said smoothly. ‘oh you are so beautiful, I’m julian, come follow me’ the dark skinned beauty guided you to your chair and sat you down. you both got along automatically and began to chat away about almost everything. the conversation was going great, julian was hilarious and so entertaining. it wasn’t until something he said really grabbed your attention. ‘are you nervous about shooting with harry?’ julian asked. you stopped for a moment repeating the question. ‘harry?’ you asked confused. julian looked at you in shock. ‘oh my gosh love, you don’t know? you are shooting this campaign with harry styles’ julian explained. your breath was caught in your throat. harry styles. the insanely gorgeous harry styles. julian has got to be joking.

before you could even say another world jen walked in the room checking the time. ‘y/n we are starting in 5 minutes come with me to get changed love’ jen said pretty quickly. you paused for a moment still in shock from the news julian told you. you quickly got out of your chair and followed jen to the change room. you jogged up to jen, ‘jen am i shooting with harry styles?’ you asked in complete innocence. jen paused and looked at you ‘yes silly. did your manager not tell you.’ you shook your head. jen let out a little laugh and signalled you to follow her. you arrived to the change room where you were handed an orange calvin klein thong. is that all? jen spoke to you while you dressed. ‘don’t worry about it love, harry is lovely.’ she assured you. you nodded and followed her out. she handed you a robe to put on over your practically bare body. ‘i can’t believe you didnt know you were shooting with harry.’ she began ‘he was the one who asked for you in the shoot’ she laughed. ‘what do you mean?’ you asked. ‘he first saw you walking the yves saint laurent show and ever since he wanted to shoot this campaign with you.’ she informed you. you were left in shock. once you reached the set your nerves struck you. there was a white wall and floor as the set like lots of shoots but there was also a bathtub full of bubbles, pink petals, orange peels and glitter. you were excited but still really nervous and self conscious now that you knew you were going to be photographed in only a thong.

you were bought back to life by a manly voice. ‘hello love i am mario and i am going to be your photographer.’ he smiled. the man was a bit older, maybe his 30′s you guessed. you could also hear a tint of an italian accent laced behind his voice. you smiled and introduced yourself. then the rest of the crew shook hands with you and introduced themselves as well as you. then a few more people entered the room. harry styles, jen, julian and a few other people. you shook hands with the people and then you reached harry styles. ‘hello love I’m harry lovely to meet you’ he greeted in his charming british accent. his voice was so smooth and delicate you could almost melt. you smiled ‘hello i’m y’n, its a pleasure to work with you’ you smiled as a blush crept onto your cheeks. you were both in white robes ready to start. ‘shall we start’ mario proposed and everyone cheered and nodded. harry swiftly took his robe off leaving him in orange calvin klein boxers with a white waistband and cali klein written along it in black. the matching set to your thong. you took off your robe leaving you in nothing but a thong and holding your bare breasts in your arms. you looked up at harry and saw him smirk before turning back to mario. you blushed but listened to instructions. everything you both needed to know was already said and you two walked towards the bath.

it was halfway through the shoot and the music in the background was playing calmly and the shots were being taken. harry and you were not awkward at all, it actually felt quite comfortable. the shoot was quite intimate which lead to a lot of touchy touchy shots and pleasurable scenes. mario was so happy with both of you he just couldn’t stop smiling. mario stated he didnt want any full nudity slipping out which you were thankful for. that meant your nipples wouldn’t be peeking out at anytime. in some shots harry would be holding your breasts for you which he was quite cheeky about. you both would giggle at times like school kids but at other times all you could hear was his heavy breathing in your ear and his sensational touch on you. mario wanted the scenes to portray a young couple in pure lust and love. harry would be kissing your neck and your head would be tilted back in pleasure. it was an amazing shoot and the bath and wetness just made it even more lustful. once the shoot was done everyone was cheering. mario was just so happy. you both put your robes on and mario gave you both a massive hug. he was just so ecstatic. he said the photos turned out even better then he imagined. he called it “i create in my calvin.”

you thanked the crew and everyone else before heading back to your change room. its been a few moments since you had just arrived in your change room and you were just staring at yourself in the mirror. in nothing but your thong you just couldn’t believe the amazing creation you were apart of. and how gorgeous harry was. a second later harry opened your change room door and came in. ‘hello love’ he smirked. he was just so irresistible. ‘hello’ you smiled. he walked over to you and leant into your ear to whisper, ‘i just wanted to say you were amazing and that i had such an amazing time with you’ you almost had an orgasm just from his raspy voice but you contained yourself. but before you could reply, harry had start peppering kisses on your neck and then pinned you against the dressing room wall. your were in complete shock not expecting this at all. you moaned as harry sucked on your sweet spot and then let his hand roam around your wet body. he tightly held his grip on your ass before slowly taking you to the carpet floor beneath you both. you were struggling to keep your body still as he placed sloppy kisses on your neck, collarbones, chest, boobs, core and just above your thong that you had yet to remove. he then lifted his head and stared at you in the eyes, his eyes full of lust and you just couldn’t let him stop there. ‘harry please’ you moaned in an airy breath. ‘tell me what you want baby’ he groaned in his raspy velvet voice. ‘i want you please, harry p-please’ you caved. he smirked and then pulled down the thong so your body was left fully bare. he pulled hid boxers down and lined himself to you. he then slowly thrusted into you causing you to tilt your head back even more and arch your back due to the massive  amount of pleasure you were receiving. harry thrusted into you and leaned down to place a kiss on your collarbone and then your jaw. ‘fuck y/n’ he moaned. ‘you’re so tight baby’ he spoke in a husky voice. you opened your eyes and were met with his forest green eyes twinkling. ‘fuck harry I’m gonna cum’ you gasped as you felt yourself almost reach your high. harry sped up a little bit so when you did you would feel absolutely amazing. the both of you reached your highes and harry fell beside you. the room was full of heavy panting and the smell of sweet sex. harry stood up and retrieved his robe. he then reached his hand out to pull you off the ground which you gladly took. ‘lovely meeting you y/n’ harry smirked and winked at you. and then he leaned in and gave you a kiss on the cheek and slowly whispered in your ear ‘and i love your vanilla scent baby.’ he said and then winked and left the room just like that. 

fucking harry styles.


this is not my gif :)

hope you enjoyed. x IC

im just sitting here thinking about how beautiful louis and harrys future magazine covers and spreads are gonna be one day, i can see like louis wearing a over sized red flower print blazer with no shirt under, tight black briefs and harrys wearing the pants that match the blazer with no shirt on with his whole body towering over louis holding his hand saying something in his ear and louis just looking at the camera from underneath his eyelashes, his cheekbones are on point and lips are bit pouty or a close up picture of harry grabbing louis arm and just one pretty ring on his wedding finger and all you can see is the arms, hand, their tattoos or one of louis profile and hes smoking and softly blowing a puff of smoke out of his lips with harry sitting behind him, arms softly around him, laying his head on his back with this eyes closed or one of them is just harrys neck and louis softly hovering his lips over him but its a close up so all you is lips, neck, tattoos or akadhffhka them like mid giggle and louis has his face pressed into harrys shoulder and you can see that his eyes are crinkly and harry has head up full on laughing and you can see his big teeth and dimples and his arm is around louis shoulders or a picture of them at home writing music and its all dim lighting by the candles and lots of pillows and soft blankets and louis is on the piano and harry is on the floor next to him laying on his belly, hair a bit of a mess, they are both wearing soft clothes and paper all around them cause harry likes to write music the old school way … *sighs* someone come stop my brain.

@tvshows-addict tagged me to do the Fic authors/Fan artist self rec! The rule is to post your 5 favorite works that you’ve created, then pass this on to at least five other writers and/or artists.  

So….this really isn’t easy for me to do because an artist it’s often hard for me to look back at my old work and love it as much as I did when I first created it! However, here’s what I came up with. Thank you, Addy for tagging me!

Rockstar Harry from the fic Walk On The Ocean. I collaborate with @a-writerwrites a lot and it’s always such fun. This fic gave me a great chance to draw stage hoe Harry, which I hadn’t done before. And I couldn’t resist the idea of trying to capture him in purple and gold glitter platform boots and leather pants! Frankly, I think the other two drawings I did for that fic are among the best drawings I’ve done. 

Valentine’s Day Kiss  - This was one of the first drawings I tried using Copic markers and a photo background. There was a big learning curve for me as far as blending and placement, so it was a bit scary to post it, but I was happy with how it turned out. Apparently I really like Harry in sparkly shoes (thank god I did these with pen and left the actual glitter in the box this time)!

Touch Me - This was one of a bunch of drawings I did for the wonderful fic Where Your Heart Is. I was really thrilled to work with @anhcor and @tvshows-addict on this project. This drawing was the first time I felt really good about my pen and ink rendering and crosshatch shading. Plus I just liked the perspective on the hand gripping the sheet and how much the whole things turned out looking kind of like a drawing in a graphic novel. 

Meow I drew this after Harry’s SOTT promo interview with Nick Grimshaw. Nick was teasing Harry and said that if Harry was a superhero he’d be Catwoman. I seriously need a Catwoman!Harry fic in my life. Someone? Anyone? I was happy with how the facial expressions and the light on Harry’s costume and Louis’ hair came out. Plus I got hilarious reaction comments from @larryhuanaig and @prettytruthsandlies when I posted this that truly made my day. 💗

Rainbow In My Pants - This drawing just makes me laugh. For me it’s sums up cheeky Harry so well: penis jokes and rainbows. Bonus points for the tiny yellow shorts. It was also the first drawing I attempted with a photo background (thank go for Silvia @melmanpur who helped me with that)! 

Trying to choose 5 was harder than I expected. But thank you for the challenge, Addy! I think I may do a second version of my 5 favorite NSFW drawings as well. 😈

As for tagging…I’d like to tag a couple of artists: @prettytruthsandlies (because you always inspire me) and @nasalouis (because your drawings are brilliant). A manip maker: @melmanpur (because your manips give me life on a daily basis). And two authors who hopefully haven’t been tagged yet: @xabjectlessonsx (because literally everything you write is genius) and @alienproof (because you’ve written some of my favorite fics ever). No pressure on any of you to do it though!

Larry on late late show

Alot happened on late late show with one direction 2015 …louis and harry weren’t out but they did have a great time.

lets see,

( Moment 1 ) right from the start when liam was supposed to sit with harry but louis changed seats keeping “NEXT TO YOU” alive.

louis looks happy borderline proud.

well yeah “happy and proud”

( Moment 2 ) while talking about their tattoos both louis and harry looked pleased even though “most of their tattoos are pretty stupid”

Well happy couple with stupid tattoos indeed.

( Moment 3 ) when harry simply drinking his tea is enough for louis to fond over him for days.

( Moment 4 ) when discussions of harry getting hit by a dildo on stage amused the boyfriends and James gave the candid information that “getting hit by dildos” is actually a regular in Larry world.

( Moment 5 ) when dream team rose again after a long hibernation.

( Moment 6 ) when louis wanted to hold harry’s hand but couldn’t !!!!!

( Moment 7 ) when the size of your pants don’t match during and after the show because of the rushed “interaction” you had to have with your boyfriend in the locker room.

during the show !!!

after the show !!!! 

also these two were the only ones half dressed..WELL SOME INTERACTIONS TAKE TIME !!!!

( Moment 8 ) when you showcase your “how to be embarrassing parents” skills with your boyfriend.

and the “judgemental” ones too

( Moment 9 ) when you don’t even try to pretend sympathising for your  bandmate (alleged boyfriend ) who just went through a breakup. 

well louis also didn’t look like he wanted sympathy. “HAPPY SINGLE MAN AFTER A LONG TIME”

( Moment 10 ) when louis followed harry’s every single move 

lets watch this again …the way louis’ entire body moves just to follow harry’s movement is so amusing.

( Moment 11 ) when james made louis act like a cat and made him sit on his lap …our night in shining armour bringing every “cat louis” “hybrid louis” fiction to life !!!

well harry was fine with the cat arrangement but not at all happy with the lap arrangement … and by not at all ..i mean NOT AT ALL !!!

but this reminds of that time when louis was the jealous one…because james kissed harry

paybacks are always bitter !!!

( Moment 12 ) its time to discuss the elephant in the room …THE NO CONTROL SEQUENCE !!!! …the song that louis wrote for harry … the song that is about harry …if people were speculating about it and had their doubts, louis and harry’s expressions confirmed it all ….and nialler’s too !!!!

( Moment 13 ) when clicking the appearance picture louis was biased with his hand placement on liam and harry.

( Moment 14 ) when james said louis was his favourite because harry didn’t agree with him ..now the best part here is that there were two other options for james to choose from ( liam and niall ) but he picked louis ..the way it came out its like an instinct ..with only explanation that louis and harry have been together for so long that their friends joke about picking one over the other.


we get louis and harry sitting together.

they shareD the milkshake but Ben Winston got possessive over it and decided to keep it with himself  


this is my favorite part OF carpool for some reason.

harry adjusting his seatbelt while louis tries to not get distracted by it 

larry being adorable babies throughout

harry screaming on the top of his voice offends liam but not louis …never louis !!!!!

louis and harry pointing at each other ..subtle song dedications !!!

no idea what happened here, but calm down larry !!!


phew…. lets take a break and enjoy how beautiful louis and harry look standing together ….there’s alot left !!!

( Moment 16 ) when harry got hit by a ball in his balls and he immediately turned and looked at louis 

guess louis felt his boyfriend’s pain too.

( Moment 17 ) harry’s smug face when louis said there are no further plans 

( Moment 19 ) louis and harry focus alot on each other …not just the late late show but every interview , every performance , every concert !!!! one knows what the other one is doing at all times !!!!

( Moment 19 )  when they were asked to pick up cake pops to lick and niall had put his captain hat on !!!!

( Moment 20 ) when harry focused on louis and sang to him like always than to the cameras in front !!!!


Thank you very much …IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU ALL !!!!!

anonymous asked:

hiiiiii first of all I love you💙💙 and second can u do a Drabble on what made Harry realize for the very first time that he developed romantic feelings for Louis when they were younger? like which moment tipped him off? maybe he felt something when he saw Louis with Chris together?

Meeting Louis Tomlinson is simultaneously the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to Harry.

Louis is loud, he’s brash, he’s obnoxious, he never shuts up, he makes Harry’s life a living hell - in more ways than one. From the very start, Louis makes it his mission to tease Harry mercilessly, embarrass him at any cost, and Harry curses the day Chris just had to bring him home, Harry politely holding out his hand with “nice to meet you” on the tip of his tongue, Louis snorting and punching him in the stomach, instead.

But it’s so easy to overlook all of that; in fact, if anything, Harry is endeared by it. He likes that Louis is never too careful with him, that he calls him out on his ugly puns, his sloppy hair, his briefs that can never seem to stay inside his jeans. He’s sarcastic and sometimes he takes it too far but he’s undeniably funny and Harry is always smiling as long as Louis’ around.

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For the anon who asked for a bit of Louis’ POV in Roots and for @littlechilllarrie who has a birthday coming up next week and loved this particular part.

“Harry, hey,” Louis whispers.

Harry nods against Louis’ neck, not saying anything.

“We fucking forgot to buy the mugs.”

He bursts out laughing at that, stepping back, letting his hands fall to his sides uselessly. “I know. You distracted me and I totally forgot.”

Louis bites at his bottom lip, smile bright. “That makes two of us.”

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Like Father Like Stepson

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles (Larry)

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Underage, Bdsm, Slightly non-con scene 

Word Count: 7500

Summary: Louis has a complicated life being the stepson of prestigious business executive Harry Styles. It doesn’t help that he is forced to live along side two annoying step brothers Liam and Niall. With Louis’ bad temper and lack of boundaries, quite the eventful week is about to ensue. 

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