louis had a cry on me once

Preference #243 Faking It
  • Liam:You stumbled yet again in your heels, still huffing from being out of breath. Liam seemed fine, moving swiftly through everyone easily, even though an hour earlier he was complaining about his dress shoes were starting to hurt. No one payed any mind to the newlywed couple rushing out of the hall, apparently deciding the booze and music was more important. Liam finally stopped you two once he had pulled you into a random coat closet. “You want to explain this now, Payne?” you said, smoothing out your hair now that you had stopped jogging. “I need you to make me cry.” Liam explained, nodding to himself. “You cried earlier today. Exactly why do you need to cry more?” You questioned. “A bet.” Liam said easily. You groaned, knowing that seeing Louis and Liam alone earlier was going to lead to this. “Apparently Harry is nervous about his speech and he thinks no one will care of cry so Louis bet him 100 bucks that I would cry and if I do, he will split it with me.” Liam said, grinning. “You dragged me in here for 50 bucks. That you know Louis probably will not even give to you?” Liam narrowed his eyes for a moment but then shrugged, nodding. “Yeah basically.” You blinked a few times, turning around. “This was supposed to be a surprise, but if you want tears, I got them. Unzip me.”
  • Louis:Louis waved again at some person you didn’t know, hand still firmly on your waist. “I have no idea who that is.” He said through clenched teeth as you chuckled. Niall still had eyes on you two from across the room, and you narrowed your eyes at him until he wandered over. “You know, I lost 200 quid because of you two.” He said as he approached. You furrowed your eyebrows. “You two, you know.” He said, gesturing towards Louis hand on your waist. Louis snorted, “Oh, no. We’re not, you know.” Louis said, gesturing between the two of you again. “Oh I know. But you two keep up this fake date thing all night, and I know you’re not going to be able to handle yourselves. We have been waiting on this for years.” Niall said, taking a sip of his beer and walking away. “That is the fourth person that has said that to us.” You observed, praying that at this point Louis might catch on and make a move. “Yep.” He said, popping his ‘p’. “We've basically been dating for months now anyways, we should just, you know.” He said after a few moments of silence. “Say it, Louis. Say you want to date me.” You said, singing and poking at his chest. “I’ve wanted to date you since the first week we met.” Louis said seriously, smiling softly at you.
  • Zayn:It was still silent in your room, save for Zayn’s hard breathing. You glanced at him, the sheets around his hips and his arms crossed over his tattooed chest like a petulant child. You pursed your lips, trying not to show how amused you were at his reaction. “Do you want to talk about it?” You asked, flipping onto your side to face him. “I would like to just go to bed and forget the betrayal.” At that statement, you couldn’t help it, you snorted. “Betrayal?! The drama, Malik! I am not the first woman to fake an orgasm, and I am surely not that last.” You said, defending yourself. “Yes, but not with me! Now I am questioning everything.” Zayn said, head in his hands. “Will you calm down? I said I was tired but you insisted and then took your shirt off which you know is distracting to me, and you know, it didn’t happen.” You said, shrugging. “Are there support groups for this?” Zayn asked no one in particular. You rolled your eyes again, leaning over him to shut off the light. “You might’ve gotten away with it if you weren’t so terrible at faking it.” Zayn mumbled angrily, despite grabbing at your waist and pulling you into his warm body. “Excuse me? I was very convincing, you never would’ve known if you were a normal boyfriend, but apparently you pay very close attention to me in that moment.” You grumbled. “Oh so now you’re saying I’m too attentive?” Zayn quipped, launching another bickering session.
  • Niall:Your left arm was being shaken furiously, and you swear if it was Niall waking you up in the middle of the night to cheer on about how x team in y country at some ungodly hour won a stupid game, you might actually divorce him. You poked open your left eye, instead seeing your five year olds messy blonde hair, her face bright red. “What’s the trouble bubble?” You asked, mumbling through your sleep. “Sick. I think I have a fever, can’t go to school.” She whine, stepping closer to you. You tossed off your blankets, sitting up. “Okay, let’s check your temperature.” You mumbled, pressing a hand to her warm forehead. “I already did.” She said, thrusting a thermometer into your hand. Through your sleepy haze, you were able to make out a temperature of 108.3. You glanced at the other side of the bed for the first time all morning, noting Niall was gone. You narrowed your eyes at your daughter, cocking your head to the door for her to follow you. You quickly made your way across the hall to your kids bathroom, not shocked to hear a hair dryer running and Niall mumbling to your son. You shoved open the door, Niall pushing your sons hair back, hair dryer in front of it. “Really?” You deadpanned. “The children might have begged me to let them stay home because I might’ve mention the band was coming over when I got them up.” “So instead of just asking me, you’re trying to burn their faces off?” Niall frowned. “This is a good skill to know.” He defended. “A skill you suck at, by the way. The temperature was at 108. If you’re going to teach them these things, at least teach them correctly.” You said, kneeling next to your son, ready to explain just how to play hooky.
  • Harry:“And you just had this, lying around?” You said, looking at it in the light again. “Some place sent it to me.” Harry said, shrugging, keeping his eyes on the road. You glanced that the engagement ring again, smiling softly. “I’m starting to feel guilty about this.” You said after a few beats. Harry groaned, “We aren’t hurting anybody. If you’re that worried about it, I will buy the one we like best anyways.” When Harry had called you that morning asking you to marry him, you were a bit lost, seeing as Harry had been oblivious about your feelings towards him for years now. But he explained that he read somewhere that a couple of friends fake an engagement in order to try out some wedding cakes. Harry was amused, and you were recruited, and you did enjoy a good cake. Harry parked outside the bakery, throwing it into park. “We need a good engagement story.” He said, biting his thumb nail. You snorted, “You would so propose at a fancy restaurant and stumble over your words and all that.” Harry shook his head, “Absolutely not. You hate PDA, I would do it at home. Very little fluff since you don’t like that either, just like an I love you, marry me.” He said, simply, increasing your heart rate, because he was right. That was the way you would want to be proposed to. “And I would probably say I guess.” You said, rolling your eyes. “Good enough for me.” He said softly, eyes shining.
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(you've probably done this already but) lilo moments?

Oh god. I really don’t think I can do five? Okay, let’s just say that these are my top five as of this second as the ones I remember at the moment. 

1. Writing the album together and everything that it entails (might be cheating, but whatever) because it’s such a thing. They seemed to enjoy it so much and it makes me happy that they are close enough to do something as personal as writing together. 

2. The Take Me Home tour has a lot of moments in itself, but the ones that literally made me stop everything I was doing and fall to the floor (chloe can probably attest to some of these) were as follows:

3. All broo dates. But especially the trip to Sweden, Surf Date 2k13 and when they hung out for the entirety of the 1D anniversary. 


5. The interviews where Liam and Louis seem to forget that they are actually supposed to be doing their job. It is both a blessing and a curse that there are too many for me to mention. 

Either way. It’s been a tough year [pours glass of wine and cries]

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heyy so im totally feeling the lack of good new fic atm too. do you think you could possibly recc me a couple of your fave oldies? idec what ship, plsss xxxxx

i pretty much only read lilo so if that’s ok here’s the fics i basically re-read constantly when there’s lack of new fic (most of these are going to hurt u emotionally and i’m sorry)

restart the heart you gave me - “I—” Louis starts, stopping himself abruptly and taking an extended pause before rushing out “I miss you” so fast that Liam almost, almost doesn’t catch it. He hears Louis’ sharp intake of breath on the other end and thinks that maybe Louis is just as surprised by his admission as he is. Okay.

 my love is a fever - Liam gets sick. Louis looks after hi

build a nest for us to sleep in “It’ll be fun,” Louis tells Liam quietly. If it was anyone else’s break-up, Louis would know exactly what to do, what balance of fondness and foolishness he’d need to give, but he’s totally lost with Liam. Louis has no idea what he might need, what could make him feel better, so in the end he gives Liam the only thing he has: “We can order take away and play videogames and fuck about for a few days. I’ll get Harry to bring us groceries, we won’t even need to leave the house. Come on, Liam, come live with me.”

lonely boy Liam never expects to find another best friend when Andy leaves town. He never expects to only have that new best friend for the holidays, either. Then again, Liam never expects a lot of things—including a love that lasts longer than a summer.

if it’s love, hold on tight - Relationships are complicated, especially if the other person is carefully avoiding talking about it in any serious way; or, the one where Louis is afraid of commitment and makes a right mess of things because of it.

i don’t wanna know - The one where Liam isn’t really Liam, he’s a robot, and no one’s supposed to know. (Louis finds out, anyway.)

thought it would be safest And for years after that, all throughout school, Liam comes home with Louis’ name in the corner of his books and the thin skin of his inner elbows and the back of his shirt even though they’re never in the same class. (Liam and Louis grow up together)

searching for a language (that the two of us can speak) “Sometimes Liam will run his fingertips along Louis’ neck, gripping ever so slightly, and then adjust the collar of his t-shirt. haha, your tag was sticking out and you just took a bunch of pics with fans, hahaha. Because the way Liam touches is the way he talks and writes. His big hands are steady, but his movements and his intentions are a little bit goofy.”

we lost our chance to run - He feels content, like this feeling of peace settling in his gut that’s got nothing to do with the spliff, because it’s like it was meant to be. They’ve all kind of fallen into each other and it feels right. (Skins!AU loosely based on Rich and Gracie’s storyline but with no character death and a happy ending.)

but my martini is still dry (these things never last) - “No,” Louis says, mostly into Liam’s jaw. “What are you even doing here, working for MI6?” 

(also here take some shorter ones too because there’s so many good ones)

this love’s worth all my troubles - Liam wakes up one morning as a puppy. Louis doesn’t take it very well.

play it again, louis - In which Liam is tired and makes a silly mistake. Louis takes advantage because well, it’s Louis.

i like saturdays and the rocket summer Louis shaves Liam’s chin because he doesn’t believe Liam is capable of doing it himself. Liam isn’t very okay with this.

you can be my white knight - ”Liam comes down with the ‘flu on tour.”

it’s been a long day Louis doesn’t sleep well when it’s storming outside. Liam never asks any questions.

ready or not In which the boys play Truth or Dare.