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Hey love :) can you rec me some really good CEO Louis fic? Longer ones, if you can :) thank you so much ❤️

Sadly, not that much (and not that long). also I was supposed to do a CEO AU fic rec, so I’m gonna add CEO Harry in this :)

CEO Louis

- Loving You Is Free : Louis is a workaholic record label CEO who hasn’t been on a date in nearly a year. Niall and Liam make an account for him on a sugar dating website as a joke. And then Louis meets Harry. (67k, E)

- The Shirt You Hate :  “Soph,” Louis says to his female executive assistant. “I’m making more money than ever, and I have just realised that I have no one to spend it on.” At thirty years old, Louis is past halfway to becoming a billionaire, and he needs to find the one. He literally stumbles upon his university sweetheart. (15k, M)

- You Could Be Happy: “Fuck you,” Louis gritted through smiling teeth as he watched Harry gingerly buckle up his son in the back of the car waiting for them outside of the grocery store. “Fuck you and your fucking husband and fucking countryside ranch house and fucking baby. Fuck all of it,” and he lifted a hand to wave politely in their direction before the car sped off and he was left wondering how many times Harry Styles was going to walk out of his life before it stopped hurting.orSix years after the breakup, Louis is the CEO of the family corporation and Harry is married with a kid. (13k, NR)

- Stuck In Time : Harry Styles works at the local bakery every day from seven in the morning till six. When he obeys his obnoxious boss and goes to the mall to buy supplies, he doesn’t know what awaits. Louis Tomlinson is a successful CEO, found gold buying the Doncaster Rovers football team. When he goes to the mall to meet with his business partner, he finds himself trapped, in more ways than one. (24k, M)

- Mr. Tomlinson  : Louis is a billionaire CEO who makes grown men cry and rival companies crumble. He’s also an omega. Harry is the quiet cupcake of a man he calls his alpha and the only one who gets to see Louis as anything less than fearsome. (4k, E)

- nothing but a little bit of love : Basically, Louis sees Harry in a bar and falls in love. (8k, !NR)


- Reduce Me To A Pleading Cry (Break The Skin and Tantalize) : As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business. His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings. When all you really want to do at night–ache to do–is give away the reins, let someone else make the decisions, be ordered around for once, just–let go. Harry has reached his breaking point when one touch from a man whose very stance commands attention leads him back to a place he thought he’d never return. Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets.    (37k, E)

- Manhattan From The Sky : Harry’s been raised to know that successful men do not fall in love. Louis believes that love is all you need to be successful in life. They meet. (47k, E)

- take me all the way down : Harry Styles is young, successful, and positively dangerous.Mark Tomlinson decides he has to go. Louis Tomlinson is just the man for the job.- or -The CEO AU where success is all Louis Tomlinson has known–until Harry Styles comes into his life, of course. (69k)

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hi! I just went into fic recs , do you have any bottom harry? cus i couldn't see any

I don’t have one yet! But I will make one for you!!

Say Hallelujah, Say Goodnight by alivingfire  @alivingfire

Louis is an angel who is just a little too bad to be good, Harry is a demon who is just a little too good to be bad, and they’re both a little too in love to be impartial when angels and demons go to war.

Louis has been alive since life was a mere concept; he watched the summoning of Man into existence, he was there when Eve took the apple. He’s seen seas break the world into separate pieces, he’s watched empires crumble into dust. He’s seen wildfire consume cities, he’s seen the world painted white with snow. He has known the most beautiful humans to walk the planet, he has watched the most powerful mortals gather their riches and influence around them and then die just like the poorest, weakest humans do. He’s met humans whose motives defy explanation, people who use their lives as battering rams, as tools, as weapons, as chess pieces.

None of that stopped Louis in his tracks.

But Harry did.

 Reduce Me To A Pleading Cry (Break The Skin and Tantalize) by taggiecb 

As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business. His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings. When all you really want to do at night–ache to do–is give away the reins, let someone else make the decisions, be ordered around for once, just–let go. Harry has reached his breaking point when one touch from a man whose very stance commands attention leads him back to a place he thought he’d never return.

Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets.

Landslide by aimmyarrowshigh & spibsy (lucy_and_ramona)

The year is 1976. In November, Jimmy Carter will take control of the White House. Americans are meeting Laverne & Shirley at their apartment in Milwaukee. Hotel California diverges from the reign of Kool & the Gang. And the FBI is still reeling from the repercussions of Watergate, the tragedy at Wounded Knee, Operation Family Secrets, and the strategic terrors of the anti-cult movement.

That’s what Special Agent Harry Styles has been told is the basis of his mission to an abandoned farmhouse in rural New Hampshire.

With his hair grown out long and his shirt untucked, he’s going undercover to do reconnaissance on suspected cult leader Louis Tomlinson, who has led a group of people out into the middle of nowhere, leaving no record of the life he’d had before. All Harry knows is what the agency gave him: Tomlinson’s name, and instructions to figure out what he’s doing with the eleven people he brought with him.

In the year that Harry spends undercover and under Louis Tomlinson’s wing, he learns more than he ever expected.

Fall At My Door by FullOnLarrie  @fullonlarrie

A-list actor Harry Styles and award-winning musician Louis Tomlinson have an acquaintances-with-benefits relationship, so whenever their busy professional lives happen to land them in the same city, they meet up. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

And that’s all it is. Until it isn’t.

take my hand (and my heart and soul) by bananasandboots  @anylessreal

Harry feels nauseous when he opens his mouth. “Hey. Um, hi. It’s me,” he mumbles before realizing with a jolt that Louis might not have his number anymore. “It’s Harry… Styles,” he tacks on, screwing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose. This was a terrible idea.

There’s silence on the other end for a long time. Harry understands. He shouldn’t have called. He tries not to let the static swallow him whole.

“I – yeah. Hi,” Louis finally answers, slowly, awkwardly. “I um. Sorry. I heard about your accident. You’re alright?”

Or, the one where Harry hasn’t spoken to his best friend in sixteen months and can’t remember why

I will add more fics when I can!! Happy Reading!!!!!

(As always, you can find all my fic recs in my FIC REC MASTERPOST)

(This week fic rec is an obvious example of “when I’m sad, I read famous/not famous AU. Bear with me)

 -  Here In The Afterglow , by @fondleeds  :  “If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.  Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.” -1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

Larry Historical and High School AU (88k):  amazing fic, very accurate in terms of History, well written with great characterization. LGBTQ themes and coming out, bottom Louis for the smut. And now I want to come back to SF.

- Then We Talk Slow , by @letsjustsee : (…) A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets.

Larry famous/not famous AU (20k) : okay let’s be real, I’m in love with this fic. I mean, all my fav tropes are here : famous/not famous, Twitter interaction, Tumblr fandom at their best, so much flirting, EVEN STEVE AOKI IS THERE. REad this now. Just do it. (bottom Louis for the smut)

- Reduce Me To A Pleading Cry (Break The Skin and Tantalize) , by @taggiecb : As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business. His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings. When all you really want to do at night–ache to do–is give away the reins, let someone else make the decisions, be ordered around for once, just–let go. Harry has reached his breaking point when one touch from a man whose very stance commands attention leads him back to a place he thought he’d never return. Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets.

Larry BDSM and Boss/employee AU (33k) : Hooolllyyyy god. I’m not even usually in sub/dom fics. But this is something else, REALLY. Sub!Harry and Dom!Louis, awesome smut, and really great explanations about BDSM rules.

- All the Lines We Cast Will Bring Us Home  , by @afirethatcannotdie :  Harry wakes to a series of tweet notifications.  @Louis_Tomlinson: Sooo excited to announce I’m going on tour !! In America in 5 weeks and then coming back to the UK ! Get tix here: bit.ly/LTonTour    @Louis_Tomlinson: Gonna be siiiick !! “Niall!” he yells, running out of his room. “Louis is performing at the O2 in January. Niall, I have to go. Wait. Niall. Oh my god, we’re gonna see Louis Tomlinson’s bum.”  AU. The one where Louis is a famous singer, Harry’s a uni student obsessed with his music, and sometimes things have a way of working out.

Larry famous/.not famous AU (10k), cute and fluffy, with Tumblr / Twitter themes. No smut.

- Carried Away Like Butterflies , by anonymous : “Actually…” Liam said, scratching his chin absently. “I have a friend who is moving to London soon.”
“Without anywhere to live? Who is it? Do I want them living in my home?!”
“You met him at my birthday party. Harry, from Cheshire. Remember? Really tight jeans, curly hair down to here?” Realisation dawned on Louis, staring at Liam who was gesturing round about his nipples. Did he remember Harry? Did he remember Harry? He remembered Harry’s square front teeth biting into his collarbone, and he remembered Harry moaning, loud and obscene with no provocation. He remembered Harry dropping to his knees at the edge of the bed and roughly pulling Louis closer. He remembered, vividly, Harry’s lovely plump lips wrapping around his- “Lou?” “Uh- what?” Louis said, startled. “Oh, yeah. Um, I think I remember him.” -  It was probably a huge mistake for Louis to let his former One Night Stand move into his spare room, especially when said One Night Stand doesn’t seem to remember him.

Larry Roomates AU (17k) : ahaha I love the plot so much !! so this is very funnt, with a lot of pining, so good smut (bottom Louis) and nicely done !

- What do you mean he’s coming? , by @mediawhorefics : When Harry accepted to be his sister’s Maid of Honour, despite how non-traditional of a choice he was, he didn’t think writing a speech for the wedding reception would be this hard. Now, not only does he have less than two weeks left to find something moving and inspirational to say, but Gemma just confided in him that her old childhood best friend is going to be in attendance. The one who moved to LA and they haven’t seen in fifteen years because he was too busy becoming an Academy Awards winner. But hey, no pressure. It’s just Louis Fucking Tomlinson. Harry is screwed.

Larry famous not famous and ex friends to lovers AU (15k) : so actor Louis and photographer Harry, a “long time no see” story, perfect for when you’re sad :) (no smut)

- Stars and Boulevards , by @cherrystreet : They’d been friends for years, had known each other throughout middle school and into high school, meeting in a music class on a sticky September morning. They hit it off instantly, falling into one another immediately, never looking back. Their friendship was comfortable, genuine, safe, always there, achingly present and solid. Harry never felt uneasy confiding in Louis, their one year age gap making Louis somehow seem more worldly, more experienced, and even when Harry had to look down at Louis, he still looked up to him. They spent the quickly passing school years making each other’s homes their own, Harry’s mom calling Louis her honorary second son, Louis’ mom giving Harry a similar title, and everyone knew that if you wanted to find Harry, you had to find Louis first. 

Larry Uni and coming back together AU (6k): well written, with a BFF to lovers relationship is reaching the break-up point because … life and long distance. nicely done, with happy end, and barely smutty (bottom Louis)

- Like Candy In My Veins , by @littlelouishiccups :  “Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”  “Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”   Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

Larry a/b/o and fake relationship AU (30k), add some hate to love, some amazing sisters, great smut (bottom Louis) and you’ll get an unconventional Christmas fic :p

You're Abused

A/N: Now before I start, I just want to say that I’m sorry. A lot of people really don’t like very dark stories. But I got this idea off of an Investigation Discovery channel (I like crime shows okay I’m sorry) so I’m sorry. & this is long okeyyy.


“I love you” Harry cooed to his girlfriend, Avery. Harry planted a long kiss upon her cheek as she smiled widely. Everybody at the dinner table was having their own conversations.
I never talk when I’m around Harry, only because he never wants me to. After we broke up a year ago, something had made him stop liking me all together. He would always say rude comments toward me, or say very insulting stuff when I’m not around. But there is still that little part of me that knows I could never move on from him.
Whenever Harry tells me to do something, whether it’s something harmful to myself or not, I will always do it. I will do anything for him, if that’s what makes him happy. I never want to go a day where Harry is unhappy, and I couldn’t imagine him being unhappy because of me.
“Can you not stare at me” I heard Harry growl.
My body trembled as I looked down at my food, which was completely untouched by me. I was so scared to do anything around Harry, almost too scared.
“I’m going to head home” I mumbled, dropping my fork.
“Do not say that” Niall stated, gripping my leg from under the table, trying to make me stay. His grip tightened, almost knowing what I had to say.
“I have to, Niall”.
“No. I’m not letting you go back home!” Niall nearly yelled, causing the whole table to stop what they were doing and turn to look at me.
Everyone at the table besides Harry knew what happened at home, and knew that once I get home, I’m screwed. I haven’t been there in weeks, but I knew I had to go back eventually.
“N—Niall, I have t—”
“No you don’t!” Niall roared, slamming his fist hard against the table. The conversations died down, having all eyes on me. They knew what was going on, they knew.
“Niall stop pretending like you give a shit about her. Last time I checked, she’s too damn paranoid” Harry growled, sending a glare my way.
My eyes brimmed with tears, not knowing what was going on. I didn’t know what to do. Harry treats me like my father, and it scares me.
“Harry, I swear to fucking God,” Niall barked, pushing Harry against the wall as he held onto his collar tightly, “if you make her take a damn step out of this house, I will fucking make every day a living hell for you so you can drown in guilt everyday of your damn life!”.
“So what if she fucking goes home? Either way she’s a damn waste of space. I’m never seeing any of you if she’s there. Why should I care about a girl who I don’t even want in my presence?”.
My heart fell down to my stomach as I took it all in. My body didn’t move, and I only shed a few tears, but what else was I supposed to do? Cry in front of him, begging me to stay here? If me gone makes him happy, I’m gone.
I slowly stood up from my chair, hanging my head as I took in a sharp breath. I had to pull myself together, had once I did, I slowly looked up at the table. Harry’s girlfriend was angerly glaring at him, looking as if she was about to snap. Zayn had tears in his eyes, his arms promped on the table as he looked like he was about to get up. Louis was crying softly, sniffling, looking everywhere except me. Liam had his head in his hands, shaking his head, clearly knowing this is one of the last times he’d see me.
“Bye, guys” I mumbled ever so quietly, before nodding my head slowly at Harry. With the room still silent, and the air still thick, I slowly made my way to the front door.
“You don’t have to go” Avery said, making my body freeze. I took in a sharp breath, nearly considering to go back with them. But I couldn’t. I’d rather risk my life than watch Harry hate me the way he does.
“I’ll see you guys soon” I said, grabbing the door knob between my palm and fingers, “maybe”.

Harry’s POV:

Avery and the guys have barely spoken to me, and I didn’t know whether it was because of what i said to y/n, or if I had done something worse.
I was chipping away the paint of my phonecase, trying to put everything together. Why didn’t Niall want her home? Where even was her home? Why did she say “maybe” after saying she’ll see us again? What’s going on?
“Niall?” I whispered, not daring to take my gaze away from the damage I had done to the case.
“What?” he growled, turning his head toward me, looking at me as if I were disgusting.
“What happens to y/n at home?” I asked.
“That’s non of your fucking b—”
“Have you talked to y/n yet?” Liam interupted, storming in the room frantically.
“No. God damn I can’t—” Niall started, breaking down into harsh sobs that shook his body in a way I’ve never seen before, “I can’t even imagine what happened to her in that house. I can’t. I just can’t”.
His hands reached to the back of his head, hooking his fingers as he rocked back and forth in attempt to calm himself. Liam started crying with him, holding onto his shirt for dear life.
My head spun quickly, not understanding anything that was going on. My body knew, because it started shaking with fear and regret, but my mind didn’t.
What was going on?
I had to clear my head. I had to take a break from all this thinking. Quickly grabbing my keys and coat, I slowly made my way to my car. Driving was always a relaxing adventure for me. It was something that you didn’t have to focus on anything else but yourself and all the world’s beauty.
I started to drive mindelessly, not really knowing where I would end up. I drove everywhere until it was dark, only the sidewalk lights of whichever neighborhood I was in the only visible guide. As I continued, I noticed something extremely odd.
The house was the only house that had all the lights off, as if the power had disconnected. Something gave me a chill down my spine as I looked at it, and something was practically pulling me to that house.
I pulled over near a side walk, putting my car on park as I studied it. Something was wrong, too wrong, and I didn’t know whether to see if anything happens, or to walk in.
To answer my thoughts, a man walked out of the house angerly. Kicking and stomping on everything he saw.
“I’ll fucking kill that stupid bitch” he muttered under his breath, taking a long swig of his alcohol. He waddled to his car, slamming the door shut before he backed out of the driveway, and drove into the night.
“The hell?” I muttered, unbuckling myself before jumping out of my range rover. I stalked over the house, checking everywhere before I took any step closer, hoping nobody saw me. Once I reached the door, I slowly walked in, closing the door quietly as I took a look around.
I could barely see anything around me. The moon shined through the windows, making me see little areas of the house, but no detail. I could smell hard metal, something so shivering about it. Something was going on in here, something very wrong.
“H-hello?” I called, scared of what I might find. The wind was the only responce, making me go deeper in the house. In the light of the moon, I saw a small lamp sitting in the corner of a book shelf.
I took a short step, and another, and another until I nearly tumbled over, tripping on something. I gripped the lamp lever and pulled it, shining light very dimley around the room.
“What the hell was-” I stopped, looking below me, completely breaking my heart. I felt it drop and break, nearly destroying everything within me.
It was her.
“Oh God,” I choked out, feeling the room spin around me, making me place my hand on the wall and the other to my forehead, “Oh God, no. No!” I screamed.
I dropped my upper body abover her, taking ahold on y/n’s shoulders. I could recognize her from a mile away, but I could barely notice anything of hers now. Her lips were cut, it looked like her lips have been stabbed and cut with glass. Her eyes and nose were so swollen they didn’t even look like they belonged to hers. Her skin wasn’t even her beautiful tan anymore. It was all black and blue, and so swolen and bloody it didn’t even look like skin. Her clothes had blood stains all over it, but it was the clothes she wore that night, the night I made all this happen.
Her eyes were slightly open, and I knew she was awake. I knew she knew I was there, and I knew she was feeling an unbareable amount of pain.
“I’m going to bring you to the hospital now, okay?” I questioned through my sobs, clutching onto her shirt so I can bring her body towards me without hurting her.
I slowly brought her body against mine, moving slowly. I tried to avoid touching any deep cut areas, but there was nothing else I could touch. Y/n tried to help me with getting her in a comfortable position, but I could tell she was in so much pain everytime she moved.
“Don’t—don’t move”.
Eventually, I held her body against mine as I stood up from the ground, holding her as if she was glass.
I walked her to my car, placed her gentley in the back seat, and sat on the drivers side of the car. I let out a scream, a scream full of regret, hatred, and sadness. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. I should’ve just let her stay. I shouldn’t never broken up with her for Avery.
I let out strangled yells, hiccups, and cries, but no feeling subsided. I had never felt more disgusted with myself. Why did I always have to do that? Shut everybody who I love too damn much out?
I reached in the glove compartment for my phone, and I knew I had to call Niall. My shaky fingers barely got the numbers right, and it took what felt like hours to finally press the “call” button.
“Niall please pick up. Niall please” i sobbed, starting to drive away from
the house.
“What do you want?” Niall’s harsh tone answered. I let out a loud weep, putting my hand over my mouth so I can quiet my cries.
“Oh God, Niall—”
“Harry what’s happening? Harry what is going on?”
“It’s y/n—I-Niall please just go to the hospital please”.
I threw my phone to the passenger seat, roaring into my arms as I angerly punched the steering wheel. This was all my fault. Every part of it, and that’s something nobody can deny. Why did I have to be so harsh on everything she did? I probably made her feel what her dad made her feel.

Driving with violent cries and continueus curse words was extremely challenging, but I eventually made it to the hospital.
I ripped my seatbelt off, jumping out of my car as I went to where y/n was. She was laying on her side, clearly having no strength to pick herself back up. I slowly and gentely sat her up, in hopes of getting her out of here as fast as possible.
“Come on. S’alright” I whispered, grabbing her underarms, which was really the only part of her body that was perfectly normal. I lifted her up carefully, lightly touching the bottom part of her body to hold her up.
“Uhhugh” y/n whined.
“I know, I know just please y/n, please” I begged, trying to not harm her in any way. I held her closer to me, but I could tell that the more she was touched, the more pain she felt.
“Uhhh” She nearly weeped, and I suddenly started losing my mind.
“Damnit!” I yelled.
Without closing my car doors, I sprinted to the entrance of the hospital, faster than I’ve ever ran before.
“Help her! Please help her!” I shouted once I entered, and before I could even blink, she was being taken away from me. Her small, fragile body being placed in a rollaway.
“You’re going to have to stay here, sir” a nurse said frantically before running down the halls.
My body gave up on me. I slowly sunk to the ground, grabbing my hair and screaming countless “I’m sorry“‘s in my knees. This is all my fault. I should have listened to Niall. I should have known something was happening when she started staying for two weeks. I should have known. I dated her, I should have known.
“Harry!” I heard Niall shout, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t calm down, and I couldn’t stop apalogizing, even though y/n wasn’t here to hear it.
“Alright he really needs to relax” I heard Zayn mumble quietly.
“I can’t fucking relax!” I roared, flinging my body up from the ground, “This is all my fault! All of it! I wasn’t fucking suspicious when we dated, ever! I never asked her why she had so many marks and cuts! A—and I practically fucking threw her to her house! I should have known!”.
My whole body shook with anger. Anger toward myself. Anger toward the stupidity I carry with me. I was about to scream, but I felt a warm hand placed on the small of my back, rubbing soft circles on my skin. I turned my body around, looking at the worst condition I could have ever seen y/n in in a hospital bed, pushed by countless nurses.
I could tell she was trying to say something, but the weakness of her body was becoming to take over her.
“I love you”.
The three words were so hushed, almost as if she was scared I would hear her. I barely could hear her, but nobody could ever mistake those words, ever.
“y/n, I—” I couldn’t finish, because the nurses pulled her cart away from me.
“No” I whispered, feeling so incredibly lost without her presence here.
“No!” I yelled, running after the nurses, “Give her back to me!”
Zayn held me back, making me kick my legs and squirm under his hold.
“Y/n I love you! I always loved you!”.
Without warning, Niall pushed Zayn off of me before throwing me to the ground. He started punching me, slapping me, doing anything he can to harm me. I deserved this. I didn’t lift a finger.
“Don’t you fucking dare say you love her! You did this! She was save and you’re the reason she’s here you fucking peice of shit!”.
His fist started pounding into me harder, making the room and nurses around me look like I was looking at them from beneath water.
“Don’t turn into her father, Niall!” Liam said, ripping him away from me.
The nuses started sticking needles in Niall, making him sleep in seconds.
“Please get him a room so he can get rest” a nurse said, pointing her finger at me.
Without really knowing what I was doing, I started to get up by myself, falling down numerous times.
“Y—you have to let me see her. Please. Even just for a second. I h—have to see her” I slurred, stumbling over my words as I started to feel like I didn’t exist anymore.
“Come with me” she said, holding me on my feet as I was practically dragged to her room.
Nurses were checking her frantically, sticking needles in her, putting an oxygen mask on her, doing everything you never want to see someone you love being done.
“Y/n” I whispered, stumbling toward her.
She was crying; shaking as if she had no idea what to do. Her eyes looked frantically around the room, wincing as needles were being placed in her, but she could barely move.
“I’m here. It’s over now. It’s hard, but don’t give up on me right now. I love you. I always will love you, y/n” I whispered, grabbing her swollen hand in mine.
“Sir you have to go now” The nurse said to me, pulling me away from her.
“Stay strong for me, y/n, please” I cried, still reaching out for her hand, even though I was being pulled away, “please stay strong”

Coax the Cold - written by MediaWhore
By Organization for Transformative Works


England, 1897.

English Professor Louis Tomlinson’s passion for the occult has been a source of mockery and derision for most of his life. When he hears whispers of a travelling freak show newly established in London claiming the existence of a monstrous sea hybrid, half-man, half-fish, Louis sees it as his ticket to credibility amongst his peers. The summer he spends undercover working on the show, however, gives him much more than that.

Author - MediaWhore        Tumblr - @mediawhorefics

Chaptered - 14/14 - 86,153 words

Fic Post Here! (Gorgeous art by @neon–diamonds omg)

Review - 9 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!

This fic is so interesting and different from anything I’ve read in the fandom. At times it’s dark and reflective, but it’s also cute and sweet. It’s a constant stream of emotion, and, having just finished it, I feel the need to share that I officially love it. The full arc of the story left me nostalgic, wistful, and (even though I cried a tiny bit) full of hope.

I really enjoyed the characters in this fic and each of their personal journeys. It was wonderful to see opinions change with knowledge, and even some of them learning to be humble in the face of love.

I don’t really want to say much more about it, because I’m pretty sure I’ll slip up and give something away. Just know that if you’re looking for an angsty fic full of personal discoveries and starring a beautiful merman, this one will be good for you! 

Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

I wasn’t sure if you wanted a pairing for this prompt so I made it Larry. I hope it’s what you wanted. 

Title from “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane.

Warnings: MPreg, slash, mentions of abortion, graphic birth, forced pregnancy?

Disclaimer: This is pure fiction and I own none of the characters.

Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

11 weeks

“Harry I know this is a shock, but can we at least sit and talk about it for a minute?” Louis exclaimed, storming into the house on Harry’s heel who was already speeding up the stairs of their house and in the direction of the bathroom. “Hazza?”

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Preference #62 He Cheats On You (Niall)


*His POV*

We were in the middle of the Australian leg of the tour (our last before heading home) and I was really missing Y/N. It was evident; I just wasn’t being myself. The boys thought it would be fun to go to the casino on one of our off nights in hopes of cheering me up. At first I really didn’t want to go but the boys had dragged me along anyways. It wasn’t long before I was drinking and having a great time. I had girls all around me and after all the drinks that I downed, I was beginning to forget about the thoughts of Y/N. “Mate, let’s go we’re going to head back to the hotel”, I couldn’t believe Harry was trying to get me to leave after he was so persistent about bringing me here. “No chance, I’m havin’ fun” “You’re drunk you really shouldn’t be here by yourself.” “Piss off; I think I’m old enough, I-I don’t need a babysitter to watch me” my words were beginning to become slurred. “Fine mate, whatever but don’t do anything stupid or I swear..” He gave me one last look before he finally walked off with the rest of the boys. After he left there was a sudden buzz that washed over me and it just made me feel so alive. Different from anything I had ever felt before. The drinks continued to come and music was blasting, next thing I knew, I was back in my hotel room with a girl lying next to me. She was kissing slowly up my neck and things were quickly escalating. A few quick movements and we both lye naked on top of one another. I wasn’t in my right mind but something about it felt so good, so right. An hour later and there we were gasping for air. There was a sudden knock at the door that shook me from my haze of ecstasy, I slowly turned my head to be faced with the alarm clock that read 6:43 A.M. “shit..”, I got out of bed with a grumble and yawn and wrapped the loose sheet around my lower half. I opened the door to see Harry all dressed and showered, the bright light from the hallway caused a wave of pain to cut through my head. “What are you doing, you’re supposed to be dressed, we have to be out of here at-” “Ni..who is it?” there was a low moan that came from deep in the hotel suite. “Is there someone in there with you! What the hell are you doing..what about Y/N, does she know about this?” I wasn’t really paying attention to anything coming out of Harry’s mouth, I just watched the movement of his lips, but he appeared to be angry as he pushed right past me and into my room. “Who the hell are you! He has a fucking girlfriend!” That’s when it hit me…what have I done. I was so in the moment I wasn’t even thinking about Y/N. “What the fuck mate! I don’t know what’s going on with you right now but you have 10 minutes to be downstairs..” he took one last look at me before storming out. I sat back down in bed with my head in my hands just feeling the guilt pour over me. She wrapped her arms around me and began kissing my neck once more. This was wrong; so so wrong. “I think you need to go..I uh have things I need to do. I think this might’ve been a mistake” “Come on Ni…” “No. I’m sorry. I can’t right now. You just need to go…”, she gathered her clothes and got dressed as I did the same. We rode down the elevator in silence and when we reached the lobby I could see the boys had been waiting. “That’s her…” I could hear Harry whisper to the other boys but I decided to brush it off, they had all the right in the world to be mad at me and they clearly were. I walked over with my hands in my pockets and the 4 of them just stood there and stared at me. “I can’t believe you. I told you not to do anything stupid so you just pick up some random chick and have sex with her!?” I didn’t have anything to say to Harry but then the others chimed in. “That’s real nice of you Niall. You have Y/N at home waiting for you and you could give less than two shits!” “Oh shut the hell up Liam! It was one damn mistake!“ 

(The Day They Return)

We had just landed back in London, the plane was pretty silent for the most part. The other boys were still mad at me and were keeping mostly to themselves. When we had landed and got off the plane, we made our way up to the gate. The first person there to greet me was Y/N. She looked so happy and all I could think about was what I had done just 5 days earlier. I walked over to Y/N and engulfed her in a hug “I missed you so much Ni, I’m so glad your home!!” “Me too babe” Harry scoffed as he walked by shaking his head “I cannot believe you, bastard”, he mumbled it just loud enough so that I could hear him. “What’s that all about?” “Oh nothing he’s just mad about something stupid. Come on let’s go home babe…” - The car ride home was quiet, I didn’t know how I would bring myself to tell her what I had done. Maybe it would be best to say nothing at all. 

*Your POV*

I couldn’t believe that he was finally back after 4 months. I had been awaiting this day since the day the boys had left. Niall had just gone upstairs to take a quick shower and I stayed in the living room watching TV. His phone kept buzzing and after multiple rings I finally decided to see who it was. There were several text messages from the same person. ’Are you still in town’ ‘I really want to see you tonight’ ‘I wish we could go back to Tuesday night’. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. With each message tears were getting closer and closer to the brim of my eyes. I began bawling; was he cheating on me? Here I am waiting for him to come back home for months and he’s out with some other girl thinking I won’t find out because I’m on the other end of the world! My mind was spinning, I immediately picked up the phone and dialed El’s number. As soon as she answered she could hear the tears burning in my voice, “Y/N what’s wrong!? Are you alright?” “I-I think-k he’s ch-cheating on me-e. Some gir-girl is texting-g him as-asking about wh-where he is and if-if they can see-e each other” I took in a gasp for air through all my tears “Oh my gosh, Y/N I’m so sorry! Are you okay? You can come stay the night if you’d like..you know to get out of there.” “Ar-are you sure? I d-don’t want t-to bother you and L-Louis” “I don’t mind at all! I’ll see you in a bit, okay? Hang in there!” I hung up the phone and gathered a few things to take along with me. I wasn’t going to stick around and wait for him to get out of the shower, I couldn’t bare facing him right now. The last thing I did before I left was to  make sure that the text messages were left open on his phone. With that I slammed the door and made my way downtown to Eleanor and Louis’ shared flat. The whole way over I remained in tears, I couldn’t believe what was going on. 

 I rang the doorbell and almost instantly the door was opened and Eleanor was wrapping me in a hug. “Aww Y/N I’m so sorry to hear about all this. Come on, come in and tell me everything, it’s freezing out there!” She brought me into the kitchen where she was putting on a spot of tea, I sat down on the counter and told her about everything that had transpired in the past few hours. “When he saw me at the airport he acted as if nothing had even happened and that everything was fine. It wasn’t until he went to shower that his phone started buzzing and I saw the messages.. I-I can’t believe it.” I began crying once more, just the thought of Niall with some other girl urked me to no end. The two of you were now sat in the living room sipping slowly on the now room-temperature tea when Louis came strolling down the stairs. “Hey Y/N how are you?” you gave Louis a half smile and he gave you a look of apology. “I’m sorry about what happened…I guess I feel somewhat responsible because we were the ones who brought him to the casino that night. We just thought he should get out and have some fun and he just got a bit carried away. We were going to head back to the hotel rooms and he wouldn’t listen to Harry when Harry said that he should leave. He just snapped at Harry saying how he was old enough to take care of himself and that he didn’t need  a babysitter. Then the last thing Harry said to him was you better not do anything stupid..and that’s the last we saw of him..” “Louis you shouldn’t have left Niall there!” Eleanor exclaimed, “Well Harry was trying to get him out of there but he wouldn’t listen!” “It’s fine Lou, It’s none of your guys’ fault. He has his own mind and he controls what he does. He was the one who made the mistake.” There was a brief silence before your phone rang and broke the quietness, “speak of the devil…” the room fell silent and you waited before answering, making sure you had the confidence to not let your voice falter so he couldn’t tell that you had previously been crying. “Yes.” “Oh Y/N you’re okay! I was so worried when I couldn’t find you…where are you? Are you alright?” “I’m fine.” you kept your responses short, you had no interest in talking to Niall at this point. “Well where are you? Can we talk? Please babe…” “I’m sorry but I really don’t want to hear it.” you hung up as Niall was mid-sentence. You excused yourself from the living room and went into the guest room to get some sleep, maybe you just needed some time to yourself to think things through. 

When you woke up Harry was sitting at the table with Louis while Eleanor was making breakfast. “Hey girl, how did you sleep?” you smiled, for a moment, the whole incident with Niall hadn’t even entered your mind “Great and I really appreciate you letting me stay here for the night El…” “Oh anytime!” you turned yourself to the boys sitting at the table, “Morning Lou, morning Harry” you smiled and they returned the gesture almost in unison. “Are you alright? Louis said you were staying here so I thought I’d see if you were okay…” “Thank you Harry, I think I’m doing a little bit better. I just don’t know how I’m going to face him person to person when I finally see him.” you let out a sigh and then you heard the doorbell echo throughout the house. “Jeez did someone decide to throw a party, looks like everyone’s coming to our place!” Louis laughed at his own comment as he made his way over to the door. The conversation between Louis and the stranger at the door was muffled from where you were sitting but from the sounds of it your only guess of who it could be was Niall. “Mate, I don’t think you should be here right now..it’s not a good idea” “I don’t care!” you heard the scream and then you saw Niall turn the corner. Harry stood up in front of you as if he was protecting you, “Get the hell out of here you low life scum..” “I’m here to talk to MY girlfriend!” Harry scoffed, “You disgust me..I cannot believe you have the nerve to show up here and think that you just ‘talking’ to her will make everything better” Harry’s voice changed to a tone much softer “You really hurt her mate..” he turned away revealing you to Niall “You don’t have to talk to him if you don’t want to..I’ll get him out of here for you.” Harry whispered to you before walking over to where Louis was standing. “Y/N…” “Save it Niall, nothing you say will ever change the fact that you cheated on me! Here I am at home all alone for months on end waiting for you to come back home because I’M a faithful girlfriend while you on the other hand are having sex with some random girl that you just happen to meet! I don’t care what you have to say all I know is that we’re done and I don’t want to see you ever again. I’ll get my things tomorrow.” there was a strange emotion inside of you, part of you wanted to cry but the other part was raged and angry. A single tear fell from your eye before Niall stepped closer “Y/N…I’m so sorry. I was drunk and stupid and-” “You knew exactly what you were doing! Harry told you to leave but you didn’t listen. Harry told you it wasn’t a good idea to be there when you were drunk and you didn’t care because you’re to smart for that aren’t you?” Niall was beginning to tear up himself “Y/N please pl-please just give me another chance..it’ll never EVER happen again! I promise!” “It shouldn’t even have happened once Niall! Forget it, it’s over. Now can you please leave..” Niall was turning toward the door but he stopped and looked at you once more, you didn’t have the strength to make eye contact with him. “Come on mate I think it’s time for you to go.” Louis was urging Niall to leave but he was slow-moving, he buried his head in his hands before slowly making his way towards the door. “I love you Y/N don’t ever forget that..” a few more tears fell from your eyes, this was the last time you would ever be seeing Niall. Harry walked over to you and gave you a hug, “I’m so sorry Y/N, I tried to get him to leave but he didn’t listen..” “Thanks Harry, I know you did, thank you for doing that for me, I know you were trying to do the right thing..” “Listen, if you ever need somewhere to stay, know you can always come stay with me..” you smiled and gave him a small nod. Harry was being so kind to you and it almost made you wonder if you had ended up with the wrong guy.

**I know this is really long but I hope you guys like it, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

friends w benefits fic rec (23 fics)

so here is my fwb fic rec!! here are some of my favorite friends with benefits fics, and i have some more that i will make a pt. 2 with later!! as always, i hope y’all like these, and if anyone has a request for a certain fic rec, just come drop by my ask!

lagrangian point by flimsy (4k)

They find each other again the night of Valentine’s Day.

Louis figures it wasn’t a good night for either Harry or him, and suddenly the comfort of Harry’s sharp edges pressed tightly against him is more than welcome.

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New Preference #3- Cry

This preference is based on Cry by Kelly Clarkson. Love it!


It’s been 6 months since you and your boyfriend, Harry Styles of One Direction messy break up. Messy in the sense that you two were a sobbing mess realizing that your three year relationship wasn’t working anymore. It mostly due to the constant distance between the two of you, since you were both constantly on tour, in a studio somewhere, or visiting family and friends. Tonight was the night of the Billboard Music awards and the first time since your break up that you would be in the same room as your ex and a possible sighting. To say that you were extra nervous, this particular award show was an understatement. Not only could you possibly run into Harry, but you were performing your brand new, never heard single that was about your breakup. 

Once you arrived and did all the red carpet things, you were shown to your seat, which just so happened to be in front of One Direction. Now your nerves were really getting to you. It was a official, you were going to see Harry for the first time. Luckily for you, the boys didn’t get to their seats until just before the show started. During the host’s opening monologue, you happened to look towards your left and you ended up catching Harry’s eyes. He smiles a bit to you with a nod while you respond the same. Had he been staring at you…You thought. You didn’t have much to think about before they came to get you to take you backstage to get ready for your performance. 

After changing into a beautiful, flowy, white gown, touching up your hair and makeup, they take you out to the stage. You walk up to the microphone stand and you wait until they announce your name. 

“And now it’s time for one of the most, if not the most, anticipated performance of the night. She’s nominated for 10 Billboard Music Awards tonight and she’s here to perform her new, never before heard single. Please welcome to the stage, Y/N!” The announcer says. 

The curtain then rises up, but you’re still covered in darkness as the music starts up. 

“If anyone asks, I’ll tell them we both just moved on. When people all stare, I’ll pretend I don’t hear them talk. Whenever I see you I’ll swallow my pride and bite my tongue. Pretend I’m okay with it all. Act like there’s nothing wrong.” You sing. 

You continue to sing the rest of the song, closing your eyes as you feel tears starting to form in your eyes. However, once it gets towards the end of the song, you can’t hold your tears anymore.

“I’m talking in circles I’m lying, they know it. Why won’t this just all go away.” You sing as tears are falling down your face. “Is it over yet. Can I open my eyes. Is this as hard as it gets. Is this what it feels like to really cry. Cry. Cry.” You sing finally before the lights go down. 

Meanwhile, in the audience. Harry was watching you the entire time. The boys look over at him at the end of your performance and see that he has tears in his eyes. 

“Go to her, mate.” Liam whispers. “Go make it right between you two.” 

Harry doesn’t even have to take a second to think before he’s up, out of his seat, and making his way backstage to you. 


The sound of the cork leaving your wine bottle and the sound of your current favorite song, Cry by Kelly Clarkson, was all you could hear in your flat tonight. Well, technically most nights for the last few weeks since you broke up with your boyfriend of one year, Liam Payne. You thought that you could be part of that life with him, but you couldn’t handle the distance or the lack of privacy. He tried everything that he could to make you comfortable and to help you deal with everything that comes with dating a member of the biggest band in the world, but you couldn’t. You just missed being able to go out with your friends without being hounded by paparazzi or fans, especially when you weren’t even with Liam. You hated how people always referred to you as Liam’s girlfriend or that member of One Direction’s girlfriend instead of your name. You were hurt by some of the things that were getting sent to you on twitter or on a picture you posted on instagram of you and Liam. All of it was getting too much for you and the only thing you could think of was to break it off with him. 

Fast forward to now, and you were miserable. It was times like these when you would pick up your phone and make a phone call to Liam, but whenever you clicked on his number to call, you remembered, he wasn’t yours to call anymore. So, here you are, sitting in the candlelight, downing a bottle of wine, while listening to Kelly sing her heart out over a breakup. Something that you would do, had you not been completely tone deaf. You would think about Liam and how hurt he looked when you said you couldn’t do this anymore. Couldn’t be with him anymore. The way he looked at you, when he practically begged you to give him another chance to make this work, to make you okay with his life, but you just walked away. 

The minute you got in your car and drove away, you had instantly regretted that decision. You loved him more then anything, hell, you still love him and deep down you always knew that you would. 

“Why won’t this just go away? Is it over yet. Can I open my eyes? Is this as hard as it gets? Is this what it feels like to really cry?” You hear through the speakers. That is just what you were doing, crying. Crying over your broken heart, wishing the pain would just go away, but you caused this. You caused this broken feeling inside of you and you knew that there was only one way to fix what was broken. It wasn’t this song. It wasn’t wine. It wasn’t even a phone call. 

You quickly grab your keys, but the small tipsy feeling in your head, reminds you that you had been drinking and it’s best not to drive, so maybe at this moment, a phone call would have to suffice. You grab your phone and click on the on, so familiar name and number. The person on the other line instantly picks up after two rings. 

“Hi, Liam. It’s me.. Y/N.” You whisper into the phone. 


“So, Louis, this is the first time since I’ve known you that you’ve been single, mate.” One of Louis’ friends states while at the bar one night. 

“Yep.” Louis says downing another drink. 

“How you holding up?” He asks. 

“Perfect. I mean I’m out with my friends, having a few drinks.” He smirks. 

“Speaking of drinks, don’t you think you should maybe slow down a bit.” His friend states.

“Actually, I could another.” He says heading towards the bar. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” His friends says getting in front of him. “Why don’t you go home? Mate.”

“Because there’s no one there. No one. I’m alone.” Louis says. “At least here, I’m in complete silence, thinking of her. Did you know she took everything? While we were out on tour. I came home and she was gone. It was like she was never even there.” He says. “Like we never even together. She didn’t even say goodbye, mate. She just left.. I came home and she left a note saying we were drifting apart. That it was something that happened a long time ago, but she was just finally admitting it. She said that she needed to leave like this because it would be too hard doing it in person.” Louis says as tears form in his eyes. “So, no, that’s why it’s not a good idea for me to go home because I can’t face that house alone, not without her. Now, excuse me, I need another drink.” He says before making his way to the bar again. 

The bar was now closed, so now Louis had no choice, but to head home. Once the driver drops him off, Louis walks over to the steps of the house and just sits there. Not being brave enough to walk in. It was there, when he completely lost it. His head was in his hands and he just let the tears fall out as he was finally letting himself feel the broken heart that you left. 

After he was exhausted from crying, he got up off the steps, debating if he should go inside or go where what was left of his heart was telling him to go. 

The pieces of his heart won. 


Niall sighs as checks his phone, not seeing your name. No text. No missed call. Nothing. 

“Mate, didn’t you break up with Y/N?” Harry asks walking into the dressing room that Niall was in backstage. 

“Yeah, but she’s always called to wish me luck before each show.” Niall sighs. “I guess, a part of me was hoping she still would.” He sighs. 

“You mean even though you broke up her, you still think that you two can be friends and she’ll still call you before each and every show that you do?” Harry says. “That sounds a bit selfish.” Harry sighs. Niall looks over with a glare. “I’m sorry, but it’s true. You broke up with her. YOU, yet you still want to be her friend without considering her feelings about this. The breakup is still fresh, give her a chance to get over you.” He says. 

“Can I tell you something?” Niall says. 

“Sure.” Harry says. 

“I didn’t really want to break up with her.” Niall sighs. 

“Then why did you?” Harry asks. 

“Because… I don’t know how do this.” Niall says. “I haven’t had many serious girlfriends in my lifetime, especially with this life. I didn’t think it was fair to her for me to be gone all this time. She deserves someone who is there for her.” He sighs. 

“I get where you’re coming from, but don’t you think you should have given Y/N the choice instead of making it for her.” Harry says. 

“I really messed up, Harold.” Niall sighs putting his head in his hands. “I really love her.” Niall whispers sniffling. 

“Then maybe you should tell her. I mean I’ve never seen you cry over a girl before, so she must really mean a lot to you.” He says. 

“She won’t want to talk to me after what I did.” Niall says wiping his eyes. 

“I could see why you would think that, but the fact that she flew all the way here.. I beg to differ.” Harry says. 

What do you mean?” Niall says looking at Harry. 

“H-Hi, Niall.” You whisper standing in the doorway. 

Bun in the Oven (Part 2) - Requested (Luke)

Requested by Anon - Can you do a part 2 of “Bun in the Oven” it was a personal but i really love it!?

I changed the story so that it is a (Y/N) one instead of a continuation of the personal. Hope you guys like it!


Part 1 is here

It’s been 10 months since little Isaac James was born and his development was right where it needed to be. At a month old he was holding his head up, at 4 and a half months he was sitting up on his own, and at 5 months he had mastered the rolling over. Standing was a little more difficult because Luke had wanted to see him do that before he had left for tour. You knew it was going to be a hard time being away from him during the developmental stages, but you didn’t know it would be that bad. He had succeeded though. The night before Luke left he had been recording videos of Isaac so that in the month before we came on tour with them, he would have things to look at to keep him smiling. Suddenly I heard a shout and I came running into the room expecting to see someone hurt but much to my surprise there was Luke standing in the middle of the room with his phone on record and Isaac right in front of him wobbling all on his own. It wasn’t long before you saw him fall right on his bottom, but you felt excitement that Luke had gotten to see another milestone in person.

The next morning was bittersweet because you knew Luke was going to be having an amazingly fun time while he was in South America, but you were going to miss him being away for the month. You had Liz and your mother on standby in case you needed anything for Isaac but it just wasn’t going to be the same. You dropped the boys off at the airport and kissed Luke goodbye as all the boys cuddled Isaac for a while. Everyone only separating when Nigel came over to tell them that they would miss their flight if they did not go now. Secretly I hoped that they would because that would mean more time with them, but you knew you couldn’t keep them from the fans. Not after they had been so welcoming to the news since the moment that they knew you were pregnant.

This brings us to today. No significant milestones had been passed in the month since the boys had been gone but the flight over to Los Angeles was not a fun time. Liz had offered to come with you since you had never been on a plane before with Isaac and you were very thankful for that. Take off and landing were fine but when you got up in the air and Isaac felt the pressure change all he knew to do was cry. Luckally, through the power of Gram-Gram Isaac was asleep after only an hour of crying. When you were finally off the plane and after apologizing to nearly every single person that you had seen, our feet were on solid ground and by baggage claim. I heard someone shout “Isaac” and turned to Liz.

“Well, at least we know who he is excited to see” I laughed.

“Let him have his fun with him now. Tonight though, tonight I am taking him off your hands and you are going on a date. Like a date, date. It’s been far too long and you need a night alone together” she replied. I sighed in relief because it’s true, you loved your son with all your heart and more but you needed a break. The boys had finally reached you and Luke reached right for Isaac, giving you a hug and kiss only when the baby was safe in his arms. I went down the row of boys and handed out hugs and cheek kisses to each of them when Ashton looked at me.

“I am so glad you are here. If I had to hear about Luke’s fear of missing this kid walking one more time I was going to lose my mind” he told me. I giggled at him and glanced over at Luke.

“Don’t think it’s over yet Ash, he should be walking any day now so you have to be prepared for Luke trying to make that happen” I replied. Ashton just sighed and smiled.

“I can’t wait. I mean yeah he isn’t my son but it’s amazing watching him grow up. OH! I forgot to tell you!” he says excitedly. “The 1D boys are still in town for the next 2 weeks so they wanted to stop by and see you and the baby if that is okay.”

“Liz is making Luke take me out on a date tonight so maybe you can give her some time off too and she can relax by the pool since Isaac can have 8 other baby sitters” I laughed out.

“Sounds like a plan” he states.

“What sounds like a plan?” Luke asks as all the boys join us from their conversation with Liz.

“You guys have a date and we have a baby he says plucking the little one out of Luke’s arms. “How does that sound little one?” he asked Isaac in his goofiest voice. He received a giggle as a reply and everyone took that to mean that he was okay with it.

Our dinner date ended well with a movie to follow and some alone time in the hotel. No baby to worry about, no interruptions from the band, and though I don’t think it needs to be said, no clothes.

“I missed you so much baby” Luke says as he runs his fingers through my hair after round 2. I sigh and look up at his baby blues.

“I missed you more then you know” I reply. “I can’t believe that it’s been over 3 months since the last time we were able to do this.” I leant up to kiss him on the lips, I didn’t know if he was ready, but I could find myself already set for round 3. My question was answered when I felt Luke roll his body onto mine and start kissing down my neck to my collarbones. “Luke” I said breathily.

*Knock knock knock*

“Sorry guys” we heard through the door. “Isaac won’t stop crying and we asked Liz and she can’t stop him either.” I grumbled as I slid out from under Luke to find my pajamas. “He won’t stop until I play him the ‘gotta get out video’ and it has to be me. We tried with everyone else at home.” Once I put all my clothes back on and headed out to the living room I could see Liam bouncing Isaac on his lap while Louis and Harry tried everything to make him stop crying. Cal looked frantic as he was trying to read the formula bottle and make sure they had made the right mix. I handed Luke his guitar and took Isaac off of Liam’s lap.

“I’m so sorry” Liam said. “I changed his nappy and we fed him and I just can’t stop him.”

“It’s not your fault” I said as Luke looked at me confused. I then rocked Isaac back and forth as I told the boys “Sorry, computer is still packed away. Looks like you have to do an acoustic set of ‘gotta get out’ or it’s never gonna end.”

A little more then half the way through and Isaac was sound asleep. Dreaming of something good because he kept smiling. Liam looked at me with his mouth hanging open.

“You could have given us that little bit of information” he laughs. Luke had taken the baby out of my arms as soon as the song was over and he just watched him while he slept.

“I think Luke was getting antsy to have the little in his arms again.” Luke had just returned from putting Isaac in the crib when he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“True but if you will excuse us, we have to finish something” he says with a smirk. All the boys give him a knowing smile and we head back to the bedroom.

——— 3 months later ————

“Hey baby” I said when I walked into the bedroom. “You remember how nervous I was to tell you that I was pregnant with Isaac?” I asked Luke sitting down on his lap. He placed a light kiss on my nose and looked at the crib that our first born was fast asleep in.

“Yeah, I thought you were going to leave me from the way you were pacing but instead I got the best news in the world” he said with a smile.

“Well, what if I told you that the little one may or may not be a big brother?” I told him, unsure of what his reaction might be. He looked in my eyes, a look of pure happiness.

“What do you mean by "may or may not?”“ he asked.

"I missed my period and I thought that it was maybe it was just because I have been stressed a little bit with Issac learning to walk and Louis encouraging his discovery by teaching him how to get into various things and the fact that we have been in 6 different countries and 18 different cities over the last month and a half. I took a test and it’s in the bathroom now. I was too scared to go look by myself” I told him. Luke put his hands on my waist and lifted me to a standing position and got up himself. He took my hand in his and walked to the bathroom. I heard him take a deep breath as he rounded the corner of the door followed by a laugh. 

“Number 2” was all he said before he picked me up and spun me around a few times.

“Luke….LUKE! Stop spinning me before I puke on you!” I told him. He immediately stopped and looked me in the eyes before jumping on the balls of his feet. 

“I wanna tell the guys!” he whisper shouted (he didn’t want to wake Issac after all) 

“I thought about that when I bought the test and I bought this just in case” I said as I held up a onesie that simply said “Big Brother”. Luke could not rid his face of the big grin he had and went to change Isaac as gently as possible. We walked out of the room and started to make ourselves some breakfast. When we heard Isaac start to cry after waking up I looked up at Ashton. 

“Ash, can you please get the baby? I just really need to eat something” I said. He didn’t find it suspicious since I’m usually eating with the baby attached to my hip and I always look like I am having a real hard time. Ashton gave a short “yeah” and disappeared down the hall. We heard fast foot steps as Ashtoncame around the corner with Isaac giggling at the fun ride.

“Are you serious!?” he practically yelled which caused Michael and Calum to look up. “Your pregnant again!?” I could tell by is ear to ear grin that he was happy. “I can’t believe it” he said. He came up to me and hugged me. He then turned to Luke, Michael and Calum. “I call dibs on teaching the next little one drums. If Cal gets to continue to sit with Isaac on his lap for every footy game that comes on, I get to teach this one drums. End of story, you will not fight me on this” he says crossing his arms.

“What if it’s a girl?” I ask.

“Then she is going to be one punk rock, ass kicking princess that is ace on drums” he smiles almost proud (of a baby that isn’t even here yet).

I let out a chuckle and look at Luke. “Good luck fighting off the boys if it’s a girl”

I smile to myself and think *I’m glad that these little ones have so many people who care for them*

"Her Face" Blurb Preference

Harry: I never wanted to see that look on her face again. She sat frozen on the couch, not even blinking. I, on the other hand, couldn’t move enough. I kept rearranging my position on the couch before finally I knelt on the floor in front of her immobile place on the couch. I reached for her hands but she moved them away in a small gesture that broke my heart. “Don’t touch me,” her words were soft but commanding and I immediately dropped my hands. “I’m-I’m so sorry [Y/N], I wasn’t thinking…” I ramble. Her silence cuts me like a knife. “It only happened once…” I say before remembering my promise to never speak those words. That phrase was her trigger and before I knew it, she burst off the couch, enraged. “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?” She screamed at me, tears already pouring down her face. “Just…just how could you?” She begged, quietly this time. I fell to my knees in front of her, crying as well, before she walked into our bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Louis: I eagerly searched the crowd for her face, the one face I had been waiting to see for months. We reached the escalators and I still hadn’t seen her. As we started to descend, we heard the echoing of the girls’ screams coming from below. Panic started flooding my stomach, “She promised she’d be here,” I whispered to myself. I studied the giant mob of girls waiting at the bottom of the long escalator. Finally I saw her. She was standing in front of the horde, one lone figure of perfection standing in front of the fans. I shoved past Niall and Paul, jumping the last few steps and running towards her. I threw my bag on the ground and picked her up in a swinging embrace as soon as my feet reached her. I felt her shoulders squeeze a tight hug around me and I drank in the feeling, being without her touch for three months left me craving it. “I missed you,” she cried in my ear. “Shh, babe you don’t need to cry. I’m here now!” I try soothing her but fail utterly when a few tears of my own start to fall. “I missed you too,” I admit, breathing in her perfume.

Zayn: Her face was contorted in disarray, highlighting her perfect features. Fifty different emotions flashed across her face before her eyes slid up to meet mine. I wobbled in my perch on one knee and rose the velvet box a little higher. “Please [Y/N]? Make me the happiest man in the entire world and say yes.” I urged her, a sudden doubt that she would say yes creeping into my mind. However, this fear was immediately washed away when the biggest smile I’ve ever seen burst across her face. “Yes, Zayn. I’ll marry you.” She said simply, reaching out and gently caressing the side of my face. My own smile was partly relieved, part ecstasy at her response and I slid the ring onto her delicate finger. I stood up and slid the box back in my pocket as [Y/N] started to cry. I pulled her into a tight hug as a few tears of my own slipped down my face as well. She pressed her lips to my shoulder and I could feel her tapping out “I Love You” on my back, the light impressions of her fingers more memorable than any tattoo.

Niall: Her entire face was rosy and her cheeks had a light film of wax shining in the fluorescent lights. I never wanted to look away from her round face, a smile lighting up her features the same way it does on her mother’s face. “Hello little one,” her mother cooed. The newborn wriggled in her arms and my cheeks started throbbing from the goofy smile plastered on my face. “Welcome to the world little Kaye,” I whispered, tracing her small body with one of my fingers. Suddenly her entire, tiny hand wrapped around my index finger, her miniature fingers flexing and gently squeezing it. Tears pricked the inside of my eyelids. I couldn’t believe this was the beautiful girl we had waited 9 long months to meet. “We made this,” I said as Kaye gurgled happily in her mother’s embrace. “We made this…” [Y/N] repeated, studying our beautiful little creation.

Liam: I couldn’t take my eyes off her face, from her light eyes to the delicate curve of her cheekbones. She had her face buried in the book in front of her, eyes leaping from one page to the next, as if the outside world didn’t exist. I, on the other hand, had been lingering over my empty cup of coffee for twenty minutes because something was drawing me to the table that shook whenever she would re-cross her legs. Her lips were slightly parted and every so often her tongue would poke out a tiny bit. She looked up, her eyes just as beautiful as the frame they were set in. Her gaze met mine and she smiled tentatively. I flushed and smiled, looking away immediately. She went back to reading and I sat there 10 minutes longer before finally gathering the courage to move. I reached her table and she still didn’t look up so finally I had to clear my throat a bit. She looked up, those startled deer-in-the-headlights eyes turning my brain to mush. “Uh…nice book.” I stammer, cursing myself out in my head. “You’ve been sitting there for 30 minutes staring at me and that's the best you got?” No response came to me, but to my relief she smiled and nodded towards the chair opposite her. I willingly took the seat and conversation flowed easily then, her eyes never failing to cause my heart to skip a beat. 

One Shot #14 - "Home For The Holidays"

One Shot #14

“Home For The Holidays”

[Past One Shots]


You walked into the office that you and Louis shared. You moved over to Louis’ desk and grabbed the huge desk calendar he had laying on the desk that had everything band related etched into the dates they were scheduled on. You grabbed your calendar and walked into the kitchen, laying them down on the table.

“Louis!” You shouted, not knowing where he was in the house. 

“Why are you shouting?” He asks, walking into the kitchen with a basket full of clothes fresh out of the dryer. 

“Well, look at you helping your amazing wife out with the laundry.” You smirk, winking at him.

“What is all of this?” He asked, eyeing the table that was covered in calendar’s and planning books. 

“We are going to plan our trip to both Doncaster and the States for Christmas and that involves our schedules." 

"We’re really doing both this year? You realize I only have five days off for Christmas before I go back into press and tour planning, right?” He asks, setting the basket down on the chair. 

You looked at his calendar and rolled your bottom lip between your teeth, “We’ve got to figure out something, Lou. I didn’t get to go back home for Christmas last year. I’d really like to this year." 

"I know you do, babe, but my mom already bought everything for us and is planning on us to be there the full five days." 

You looked up at him with disbelief, "Did you miss the whole conversation we had where we decided to look at our schedules before planning anything for sure?" 

"Babe, you and I both know that we don’t have time to fly hours to the States and then stay for maybe a day and a half, at the max, and spend two days out at mum’s. We have to pick one or the other.”

“Well, thank you for picking our destinations for us.” You mumble, sitting down at the table with a huff, “You know, for one year, I’d like to spend some time with my family." 

"You get to see them!” He argues. 

“Once a year, Lou.” You say, rubbing your face with your hands, “You see yours much more than that. I get that you have a big family and you want to be a part of your siblings lives, I get that. But, I have siblings. I have nephews and nieces. I have cousins. I want to be involved with their lives, too." 

He sighs and sits down next to you, pulling his calendar over and looking at the dates. After a few minutes of silence, he looks up at you. "I can move these back…and get us eight days total instead of five." 

"No, just forget it, Lou. It’s too hectic. We’ll just spend the week at your mum’s.” You say, standing up, “It’ll take us two of the eight days to fly which leaves us three days in each place. It’s too rushed and hectic.” You grabbed the calendar’s and walked back to the office, setting them in their respective spots. 

“No, babe, we can do it. We can make it work!” Louis says, following you into the office, “We can make it work. I just have to talk to management and move things around. I may be able to get nine or ten days." 

"Lou, it’s fine. We’ll just go to your mum’s and keep it on the five days so you don’t get in trouble with management.” You say, “It’s fine. It’s fine.”

“When you get angry or upset you repeat things to convince yourself that’s how you feel.” He says, crossing his arms over his chest, “The more you say ‘It’s fine’, the more you’re confirming to me that you are upset with me." 

"Lou!” You say, your voice tight with tears, “It’s fine. We’re keeping it the way it is and we’re going to your mum’s for your break.” You say, moving past him into to hallway and up the stairs. 

You went into your bedroom, grabbed your pajamas and went into the bathroom. You shut the door behind you and you leaned against the counter. You picked up your phone and found your mom’s contact, tapping the 'call’ button.

After a few rings, she answered with her normal, cheery voice. “Hey mom…how are you?” You ask softly, trying to keep your emotions hidden.

“I’m good, sweetie. How are you guys doing? Did you get your plane tickets yet?” She asked. You could hear the smile in her voice. 

Louis quietly walked into the room, standing outside the door. He almost opened it, but stopped when he heard your voice. 

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” You say, sniffing slightly, “We’re, um, we can’t come this year, mom. Louis’ schedule is tight and we just have the time to go spend a few days with his family. We don’t have time to fly out there and then fly back.” You say, your voice breaking at the end. 

“Oh…well, that’s a bummer, but that’s okay. We knew that this could happen.” You mom says after a few seconds. 

“Mom, I’m sorry. I know…I know you and dad were looking forward to this and I was too.” You say, starting to cry, “I’m sorry, mom. I really am. I can’t…I’m sorry.” You whisper, squeezing your eyes shut and pressing your hand to your forehead. 

“Sweetie, it’s okay. Maybe dad and I can fly out there sometime soon. We miss you, but we knew that this could happen.” She says gently.

You sniffled and rubbed your eyes, “I know and I know I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up, but I can’t help it. I miss you guys so much that it hurts. It kills me that I’ve only seen you once this year and god knows when we’ll see each other next.” You whimper, starting to cry. 

She quickly calmed you down and talked you through it before you said goodnight and started your shower to relax. 

Louis sighed as he listened to the whole thing, feeling terrible that it was his fault that you had been kept away from your family. He was going to do something about it. 


You picked up your suitcase and set it in the back of the car before getting into the passenger seat, gearing up for the ride to Doncaster. 

“You ready to go?” Louis asks as he buckled up. 

“Yeah,” You mutter, still bummed out that you weren’t seeing your family, but you tried to hide it from Louis. 

“Get ready for all the craziness of my little sisters and brother.” He grins, squeezing your knee. You smiled weakly in response, nodding. 

You focused your attention at the scene that was passing by you out the window as you drove. You looked at the sign that pointed to the road that you usually took to get to Doncaster. 

“Babe, you missed our exit.” You muttered, looking over at him.

“No, I didn’t.” He says, shaking his head.

“Yeah, you did. The road we take was back there.”

“No, I didn’t.” He repeats. You sigh in frustration and looked at him. He kept his gaze straight ahead and ignored your gaze.

After almost an hour with no talking, Louis took the exit that led to the airport. “Lou? What the hell?" 

"We are going to see your family. I talked to management and I got two weeks off. They moved everything because all the guys wanted more time. We’re going to fly out in about an hour and then we’ll fly back to Doncaster in eight days." 

You looked at him in disbelief, "You…You did this?" 

"Yeah,” He laughs, “I overheard your conversation with your mum and it killed me. So, I had to do something and here we are.” He says with a smile.

“Do they know? Do my parents know that we’re coming?” You ask, getting excited. 

“Yeah,” He laughs, “Well, your dad knows. Your mum doesn’t. He’s helping me surprise her.” Louis laughs. 

“You are the best.” You grin, leaning over and kissing his cheek. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” He grins, rubbing your leg, parking the car. “Let’s go see your family." 

1D Pref; He defends his ex (Louis) part 2

You don’t know how long you’ve been on the ground crying, but you finally managed to pull yourself up to find a cab. 

Once you found out, you got in and told the man your address. 

“Ma’m are you okay? Do you want me to drive you to the ER?” The man asked concerned, his attention on your bloody leg.

“I’m fine, I have a first aid kit at home.” You replied.

“Are you sure? Please, let me take you." 

"Thank you for your concern.” You smiled, “But I had a really long day and I would just want to go home.”

The man nodded and began driving towards your flat. 

“Thank you so much.” You paid him and limped into your flat.

Sighing, you changed out of your dress and went to take a shower. The water washed away the blood from your foot but it was still coming out once you were finished.

You opened the first aid kit and cleaned your wound, wincing every so often as you cleaned it. It was a bit late now so you went to bed, your leg still in pain and so was your heartache..

The next morning, you woke up from a stinging pain on your leg and checked it to see that the blood had bled through the gauze. You looked to the right to see an empty side of the bed. Looks like Louis didn’t come home.

You got ready for the day, deciding you were going to head to the ER since the pain in your leg got a lot worse over night. Who knew someone’s claws could hurt this bad?

Just as you were about to head out the door, someone else opened it from the other side.

“Y/N..” Louis muttered.

You froze. 

“I’m sorry.” Louis cried, his face showed guilt.

You bit your lip from saying anything as the tears threatened to fall..

“I need to go..” You said softly, trying not to limp so Louis couldn’t see your leg. But each step you took, the pain shook through your entire right leg. Before you could fall, Louis caught you.

“H-hey.. what’s wrong?” He asked worried, looking at your body, find your bloody leg.

“I need to go to the ER, just let me go please.” You pleaded, pushing him away.

“No, let me take you.. I’m sorry Y/N.. Harry saw everything and he told me. The only reason I didn’t come home was because of how ashamed and guilty I felt. I did’t know what to do.” Louis rambled, “I’m so sorry.. I shouldn’t have done that.." 

"You’re right. You shouldn’t have done that.” You replied, “Now please just get out of my way so I can’t go to the ER.”

“Y/N, please.. give me one more chance.” Louis said, “I love you.”

You sighed and had no choice. “Can you take me to the ER first?" 

"Yes, of course.” Louis rushed and helped you to his car. 

“I’m not going to forgive you just yet.” You said.


"What you did to me what unforgivable and humiliating..” You answered, “It’s going to take more than a sorry and a drive to the ER to make me forgive you.”

A few weeks later, Louis earned your trust again. He did everything, from taking you out to dinners, staying in with you, and was always by your side through events and parties. 

“I told you I’d do anything for your trust. and most definitively you.” Louis said, giving you kiss.

“I love you, Lou." 

"I love you more." 

anonymous asked:

since it's valentines day, shall we discuss your favorite louis&harry moments through the years?? (ps happy valentines day!)

Hi friend! Yes I would LOVE to discuss my favorite Harry and Louis moments on this special day :)

1. Paris 2012 of course. The signing, the interview, Louis’ sweater. I hope they take trips back there every once in a while.

2. Dallas when Harry and Louis had flushed faces, glassy eyes and looked pretty #dickdrunk

3. Little Things. 1D Day. Enough said

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Preference #11: He Cheats (I'm Not The Only One)

I based this off of “I’m Not The Only One” by Sam Smith. Harry’s and Zayn’s I got a little carried away. Hope ya enjoy.


You and me, we made a vow.

For better or for worse.

I can’t believe you let me down.

I sat in the dining room looking down at my dinner. Liam was casually eating his dinner not noticing the pain I was going through. I rubbed my pregnant belly. When he would catch me crying I blamed it on the hormones but the truth is he was cheating…I’ve known since the beginning.

At first I blamed myself. I had just gotten pregnant and he had his needs but it became a pattern. I was disgusted. We were married and expecting a child, how could he cheat?

“Thanks for the dinner.” Liam smiled. “I gotta go to Nialls we’re gonna-”

“Nialls out of town…” I said causing him to freeze.

Liam scratched the back of his head, “I meant Zayn-”

“Save it.” I mumbled not even caring. “I know…about you and the girl.”

“W-what are you talking about?”

I shrugged, “It doesn’t matter. You cheated. I have a packed bag in my car and if it wasn’t for this baby, I would have left the minute I found out. Our child is growing inside of me and if that’s not enough to keep you from cheating then I don’t know if I can be with you.”

Liam started to cry, “Please (Y/N). I love you. I’m sorry, don’t leave me.” he begged.

I sat there watching him. I don’t know if it was my pregnancy or if I was just fed up but I didn’t cry or even feel sad. It was like the past weeks have escalated into hatred. The day we got married, he promised to never hurt me.

I pulled the ring off my finger and placed in on the table, “I’m leaving…You let us down, Liam.” I mumbled placing my hand on belly leaving the man who was once the love of my life.


You say I’m crazy.

Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done.

“Where were you?” I asked looking at the time.

It was 3 am and Louis had just got home. It’s been like this for months, I didn’t mind at first but when he started coming home with love bites and mysterious text messages throughout the day I knew. Louis plopped down on the couch beside me and shrugged.

“Been at the studio. You know we have to prepare for the new album and everything.” he lied turning on the tv.

He wasn’t at the studio matter of fact none of the boys were at the studio. I tried not to jump to conclusions but when I caught him in a lie last week I was done. He played it off like I was dumb.

“Are you lying, Louis?” I asked looking at him.

Louis rolled his eyes, “You got to stop reading those tabloids. Why would I lie? Where else would I be?”

“Are you cheating on me?” I asked studying his face. He barely flinched, instead he laughed.

“You’re crazy! You seriously need to stop with all the rumors.” he shouted throwing the remote at the wall. “Why would you even think that?”

I sighed, “Because I know, Louis.” This shut him up quickly. “I’m not crazy. Did you think I was that dumb? I noticed the first time you came home with smeared lipstick on your shirt! I don’t even know why I’m still with you!”

“Babe, I never meant to hurt you. I’m so sorry.” he apologized grabbing my hand. “I love you so much. I’m sorry.”

“You got caught! That’s the only reason why you’re sorry.” I said feeling the tears form. “How could you do this to me? I’ve done nothing but love you.”

Louis also began to cry, “Baby don’t leave me, I need you.”

“I can’t do this anymore…” I say getting up. No matter how loud he shouted after me I kept on walking. I walked out on my best friend, my lover and my world.


For months on end I’ve had my doubts.

Denying every tear.

I wish this would be over now.

I sat in my parked car for the last 3 hours crying my eyes out. I told Niall I was going out for a few hours but I’ve been sitting outside the house parked across the street. For months I had suspected he was cheating. He could never kiss me or look me in the eyes when he said he loved me.

I seen a girl enter our home and I was going to wait until she left to confront him but I was tired of being in denial and blaming myself. I just wanted everything to be over even if that meant that Niall and I couldn’t be together. I had put myself in so much misery for so long that I needed a break.

I entered our shared home quietly. I saw a pair of heels beside the door and discarded clothing on the floor.  I could hear them laughing coming down the stairs so I took a seat in the living room waiting for them to come down.

“That was amazing. I’ve never felt that way with anyone else-” Niall said making my heart hurt even more. He stopped once he saw me.

“Who’s this?” the blonde asked.

I laughed, “She doesn’t know she’s sleeping with a taken man?” I asked.

“Oh, so this is (Y/N).” she mumbled making the sadness turn into anger.

“So you’ve told her about me?” I nearly screamed with tears rolling down my face. “God, Niall. Why did you have to put me through this? All I’ve done was try to make you happy. Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t happy?”

Niall ran over and wrapped me into his arms as the girl got her stuff and ran out. “I’m so sorry, princess. I never meant to hurt you. Please don’t cry.” Niall whispered holding me tight. I could tell he was also crying. “I love you baby. I’m so sorry.”

I pushed him off of me. “Don’t. I can’t even look at you.” I sobbed.

“I’ll do anything. I made a mistake I’m sorry.” he begged dropping down on his knees.

“You’re making this harder for me to say goodbye.” I said kneeling down to give him a kiss on the cheek. “I love you so damn much but I can’t get hurt anymore, Niall.”


But when you call me baby.

I know I’m not the only one.

“I can’t come home now but I’ll see you tonight, love you baby.” Harry said over the phone before quickly hanging up.

I went into my room and cried. Harry never used to call me baby, he’s been calling me baby ever since he accidentally called me my best friends name while we were getting heated a couple weeks ago. He thought I didn’t hear it but I did. At first I didn’t think much about it but whenever Harry was busy so was my best friend, after a while I got suspicious and so I followed Harry. He went to her house every night that week and when he came home he went straight to bed without saying a word to me.

I cried as I packed some of my stuff that I hid in the guest bedroom. I didn’t think I could cry this much but it was like I couldn’t stop. Of all people why did it have to be my best friend? I knew they were together right now probably having the time of their life. I gave up on the packing and went downstairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and popped it open. I got out my phone and texted the both of them that I wanted to hang out and watch a movie. Once they agreed I sat on the couch with my bottle crying my heart out. I heard the door open and the two of them came in.

“Hey.” my best friends said coming into the living room.

“Baby, why is the light off its so dark?” Harry asked turning on the light.

They both froze once they saw how big of a mess I was. They didn’t know what to do or what to say. It was like they were afraid that I had found out.

“Are you both proud?” I asked putting the bottle down. “You know, the two of you are probably the most important people in my life and to get backstabbed by the both of you…God, why?”

Harry was the first to cry then it was my best friend. “I’ve run out of tears. I’m so hurt I can’t even cry anymore.” I shook my head. “Was it worth it? Are you both happy?”


“Don’t you dare call me baby!” I shouted. “You never call me baby! That’s how I knew you were cheating on me! Fuck you both! I-I can’t believe this is happening.” I sobbed, these weren’t sad tears trust me I was pissed off.

“We never meant to hurt you, (Y/N). But it just happened and when I’m with him I feel happy.” she finally spoke. I swear I’ve never been that close to killing someone.

Harry walked towards me and I threw the bottle in his direction. It hit a wall and broke causing the both of them to back away. “(Y/N) we were meaning to tell you.”

“No I get it. I wasn’t enough.” I shrugged wiping my tears. “I’ll get my things and leave the both of you alone so you can fuck up my life even more.” I said marching upstairs and getting my things.

“Please don’t be mad, we can’t help-” Harry said as I came the down the stairs.

I scoffed, “Go to hell.” I said leaving slamming the door behind me.


You’ve been so unavailable.

Now I sadly know why.

Your heart is so unobtainable.  

Even though Lord knows you kept mine.

I smiled as Zayn’s parents left the house. It was our 3 year anniversary and for months Zayn and I planned a party because he insisted we needed one. Yet he was nowhere to be found, even his bandmates came. I had to lie to everyone and say that Zayn had some important meeting with management. I cleaned up everything and as I was taking out the trash I saw Zayn pull up. He smiled and gave me a hug.

“Sorry I forgot! I overslept at Danny’s.” he lied. I smiled and nodded. “So what did you tell everybody?”

“Told them that you had an important meeting with management.” I answered as the both of us walked back into our home. “So how was your day?”

I tried to listen as Zayn lie and make up some story about playing video games but all I could think about was the fact that he’s been lying for so long. It’s been months that he’s been cancelling because he’s “overslept” or “had a meeting”. I knew he was seeing Perrie again. He promised he would stop talking to her but last month it accidentally slipped out of Niall’s mouth that they’ve been texting again. It explained a lot, the more he was with Perrie the less he loved me.

“I just feel bad for missing out.” he said taking off his clothes and changing into his sweats. “I’m so tired, babe.”

“I am too, Zayn.” I sighed watching him get into bed with me.

He wrapped his arms around me and I waited for him to sleep until I could cry to myself. I loved him so much and I thought he loved me just the same. I tried to control my shaking but soon Zayn was up.

“(Y/N). Baby what’s wrong?” he asked turning on the lamp. “Was it because of tonight I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“Why don’t you tell me you love me anymore?” I asked taking him by surprise. Before he could answer I stopped him. “Is it because you still love her?” I watched as his face fell. “It’s okay if you do…I just would of thought you would have told me instead of going behind my back.” I said wiping away my tears.

“How did you?…Baby I’m so sorry.” he whispered kissing my cheek. I could tell he a genuinely sorry. “Please don’t leave me. I would go mad without you. At the end of the day baby I only want you.” his voice broke making this 10x harder for me. “Please stay…I need you (Y/N)…I need you.”

I nodded and curled up into him. I know it was wrong and I shouldn’t have but I just wanted one more night with him. For the first time in months I felt loved. I woke up early in the morning, Zayn was fast asleep. I carefully wiggled out of his arms and stuffed a bunch of stuff into my suitcase. I bent down and gave Zayn a small peck on the lips. I stood there admiring him for a couple minutes before turning around and leaving because no matter how much I loved him, his heart already belonged to her.

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Part 5: Only hate the road when you’re missing home (and you let him go) (Liam/Louis)

Continued from here (or if you haven’t read the earlier parts either, here it is chronologically)

Only hate the road when you’re missing home (and you let him go) Part 5

Liam/Louis, sort of real-life AU except Louis is at uni doing his teacher training course, and living with Zayn and Niall, and Liam is a pop star. Harry isn’t in this bit but he’s BFF with Liam and living in London. 

I wanted us to be an adventure. The best fucking adventure in the world. That’s what I thought we were doing. But it turns out I thought eating chips in bed was an adventure, and it would have been your only one.

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Preference #34: Accidental Pregnancy

Niall: “Babe!” Niall shouted from the bedroom. “Babe, What the hell is this?” You were in the living room, intending to catch up on The Mindy Project but Niall’s voice was more than distraught. “This can’t be what I think it is.” He panicked stomping in front of your view, holding the pregnancy test that you had taken earlier in the morning. You cursed out loud forgetting that you had planned to take the trash out. “Y/N, seriously, what the hell?” You knew that the harsh words coming out of his mouth were just out of panic and not actual anger, this was Niall for Pete’s sake. “I suspected, so I called my sister and she brought this over last night.” You finally spat out after pausing your show. “And?” Niall pressed, the worry lines on his forehead evident. “It was positive but I’d like to make an appointment to make sure.” Niall’s eyes lit up like the fourth of July, before he jumped on the couch next you in excitement. “I’m going to be a dad!”

Liam: You had never been more nervous in your life. Your boyfriend of 6 months, Liam, was sat in front of you waiting eagerly but the words were not coming out. “So, you remember the first Wembley show? You were really excited, I mean so was I, but as soon as we got back to your place it was kinda a blur. You remember right?” Liam looked at you confusedly. you weren’t helping with the aloof look on your face and the constant rambling. “Well, I think we might have forgotten something that night and last week when I was going to renew my prescription the doctor told me that I was pregnant.” Liam froze, not expecting this sort of news, so you decided to ramble some more. Nervous for his response, you tried to blink back the tears. “I know this was not part of your plans, and gosh, I’m only 20, but it happened and now I’m going to deal with the consequences. If I have to do it on my own I will.” You became braver as you spoke. “Say something.” You whispered. Liam finally looked up at you but his face was unreadable  and when he opened his mouth but nothing came out.

Zayn: Your manager, Chase, sat across from you with a horrified look on his face. After a week of sulking you finally told him, you were pregnant. “Who's the father, Y/N?” Chase asked but you shook your head, that information was not going to come from you. “I don’t think that’s important, Chase-y. Nothing good will come from me telling you.” His hands started massaging his forehead. “This is something I need to know Y/N. If it’s who I think it is, we have to take the appropriate steps.” You shook your head diligently looking like a madwoman.“ I’ll tell him, Chase, eventually. I haven’t made my mind up as to what I’m going to do, but once I do. I’ll tell him. There’s no use ruining his future marriage for this.” By now the tears were free falling and your long time friend got up and attempted to calm you down. “If this were me I would want to know.” Sobs were the only thing that your could really get out. “I can’t do this to him.” Chase, hugged you while you continued to cry. “Y/N, Zayn deserves to know.”

Louis: You had expected a different reaction from Louis. One that involved throwing things and yelling expletives in anger but for the last couple of days since you had told him, Louis has a permanent smile on his face. He was on cloud nine, spending his day pintresting baby paraphernalia, it was a bit anti-climatic but who were you to complain. Your cell phone rang from the kitchen and you rushed to it, smiling at your boyfriend as he continued his onesie search. “Hello, Y/N.” You greeted to the unknown caller. “Ms. Y/N, this is Doctor Stanwich, we met last week.” You greeted your doctor amusedly. “I’m afraid that I have some bad news. It seems that our nurse mixed up the charts with one our other patients. You were given the wrong diagnosis.” Your heart sank and nothing came out, Louis noticed your expression and slowly made his way to you. You couldn’t make eye contact with him, knowing that this news would shatter him. “I’m not pregnant?” Louis’ eyes closed in anguish as the doctor mumbled more excuses. Louis pulled you into him muttering comforting words. “It’s okay, Y/N, its okay." 

Harry: This wasn’t the worst news, but it definitely wasn’t the best. You considered Harry a close friend and one night you two just got a bit too intoxicated and things sort of happened. You didn’t think a baby would be a consequence, people in the movies never seem to have any after a one night stand. You sent Harry a text explaining the situation, coupled with a few baby emojis, and he was taking it well. "I told my mom the other day.” He whispered over the phone, after you had called him during a mean case of “morning” (every hour really) sickness. “What did she say?” You were trying not to vomit and his voice had a soothing quality. “She spent most of the conversation wondering if she should be called Nana or Gran.” You smiled and knew that Harry was smiling on the other end of the phone. “Nana, Your mother isn’t old enough to be called Gran.” A coughing fit over took the conversation but you knew he would still be listening. “Y/N, I’m really excited about all this.” Harry sputtered when you had finally calmed down. Your heart seemed to fill with invisible warmth. “Me too, Harry, me too.”

Preference #10: You break up

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Harry: The car ride home was completely silent. You were staring out your window, refusing to look at him. Tonight was the worst night of your life..to say the least.

He’d been on a month long break but didn’t spend it with you. He would always leave early in the moring, and come back home late at night. You had no clue why he has being so distant….but you never said anything. Tears started falling as you watched the blurry trees go by; you never thought that you and harry would break up, he had promised you forever.

Finally, the car pulled up infront of the house you shared. He bought it for you after he proposed 1 year ago…..things were so much better then. You were pulled from your thoughts when he finally spoke.

“This isn’t what I wanted to happen…” he said, his words caught on his own tears.

“Well, it’s what you got.” you spit back as you go out of the car. You refused to look at him, to feel sorry. But you still loved him; you always would.

You reached the the door and unlocked it, letting yourself in. Harry was still sitting in the car, his head resting against the steering wheel as you closed the door and went straight up to you guys’ bedroom; collapsing onto the bed, finally letting the tears fall free.

* * *

The next morning you woke up tucked under the covers with one of Harry’s shirts on. You looked around for him but he wasnt there, so you pulled yourself out of bed and went downstairs. There he was, cuddled up on the couch still in his clothes from last night. You could see his puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks and your heart broke. You hated seeing him cry and knowing that it was over you made it worse. He stirred around and opened his eyes, letting them adjust to the light when he sat up.

After he stretched and began walking towards the stairs he stopped once he saw you.

“You didn’t have to sleep on the couch.” you said and slowly made your way down the steps, getting closer to him with each one.

“I know but I wanted to give you some space”

He took your left hand and rubbed his thumb over the diamond ring, and smiled. Going back to the night he asked you. Remembering how nervous he was……and how beautiful you looked.

“I know that I’ve been distant and i’m sorry. I’ve just been so stressed with the tour and the new album, I didn’t want to bring that around you since you’ve been stressing yourself with the wedding.” he paused for a moment but continued, “I love you so much (Y/N) and last night shouldn’t have happened. We’ve gone through too much together to just end things over a little argument.”

You felt tears about to fall but blinked them away.

“I don’t want to lose you. I promised you forever and I’ll never break that promise.” he continued. “Please forgive me.”

You nodded your head without question and he pulled you into a hug. Kissing your forhead and sobbing into your neck.

“I love you so much Harry.”, you whispered into his ear. His emerald eyes looked up into yours and he flashed you that smile that made your knees goes weak.

Your lips locked with his and your hands tangled into his hair. He picked you up and your legs wrapped around his waist. You were carried into the bedroom with your lips not breaking apart once. He kicked the door closed with his foot and you two fell onto the bed.

 Let’s just say that you two spent the rest of the day making up for lost time ;)

Niall: “GET OUT!” you screamed for the second time but he didn’t budge.

“We can talk about this (Y/N)….please” he begged but you shook your head refusing to listen to any of his excuses.


A few hours earlier you checked the messages this morning and got a voice mail from a girl named Kate; she left the message for Niall but you listened anyway. She told him that she took four pregnancy tests and they all came out positive.

“You might be the father Niall….just please call me back.” you heard her speak into the phone.

You couldn’t believe what you just heard, she couldn’t be serious?!? Niall would never cheat on you….he loved you….right? But you soon got your answer after you confronted him and he confessed.

She was a drunken one night stand after you and him got in to a fight two months ago.

“I can’t fucking believe you! We made up that next day and you didn’t tell me?!!” you were more than furious…you were hurt, your heart was in a trillion pieces and he knew that.

“Princess, please. I’m sorry! I hardly remember what even happened, you’ve got to believe me. It was an accident.” He tried to reach for your hand but you moved farther away from him.

He continued, “She could be lying you know! I always have them** when I go out, you know that!”.

“YOU STILL HAD SEX WITH HER. WETHER YOU USED ONE** OR NOT…..you still had sex with her..”.

You whispered the last part as you began to cry. You grabbed your keys and phone as you walked out even though he was begging you to stop. It was over. You didn’t answer his calls or texts, but sometimes you wish you had. He came to your flat every week but stopped after you begged him to leave you alone. You both tried to be friends but it wasn’t easy, you loved each other but you needed him to focus on being a father; and maybe one day…he’d get another chance.


Zayn: You sat across from him at the dining room table, he was staring at you with a blank expression. He was in complete shock after you told him it was over. But why?, he had cheated while he was in the states for the tour and you could never forgive a cheater. So hear you are, staring into those hazel eyes that once brought you joy.

His face begins to get blurry as tears form in your eyes and you look away to keep yourself from breaking. You refused to let him see you cry.

You finally broke the silence, “I love you so much Z…I just can’t be with you, I can’t forgive you” you said without looking at him.

You could see him drop his head as he began to sob.

“It won’t happen again, I swear it…” he choked out, hoping to change your mind.

“How can I believe that?! How can I even trust you again?!”, you said as you started to raise your voice.

He hung his head low, knowing that he’d lost. He screwed up and know he was going to deal with the consequences.

Louis: You looked at your phone, not being able to take your eyes off the screen. All over twitter there were pictures of Louis and Eleanor from a few days ago; he told you that he was taking his sisters out….but that’s obviously not what happened.

You were currently at lunch with him. He excused himself to go outside and take a call; once you saw him coming back to the table you looked at you food and pretended to eat.

“Sorry love, that was mum.” he said with a smile.

You just ignored him and pushed around the untouched salad on your plate. Once he noticed what you were doing and asked what was wrong, you handed him your phone. His eyes got wide and he began to speak but you stopped him.

“I don’t want to hear any excuses Louis. Just tell me if your seeing her.”

You looked at him as tears began to swell in your eyes. He gave you a slight nod and without hesitation you grabbed your phone and purse, “I can’t believe you.” you said  as you started to cry. You walked out of the café, letting the tears fall. Not caring if anyone saw.

Once you got to your car you broke down, he didn’t even come after you….or apologize.


Two weeks later, you moved out of the flat that you guys had shared and thankfully he wasn’t there when you were. It was over…just like that. It was over.

Liam: “I don’t know what you think happened, but it was nothing!” he yells ducking, trying to avoid the phone you threw at his head.

He finally reaches you and grabs your wrists.

“I know you’re fucking her! you lying bastard!”, you had seen all the texts…the pictures she sent him. “I’m not stupid Liam!” you yelled and finally got out of his grasp.

This has been going on for at least four months, according to the texts. He started seeing Sophia again; after he told you over and over that she meant nothing. Of course you believed him, you honestly didn’t think that would go behind your back like that.

“Just let me explain (Y/N).”, you looked at him in shock.

“Explain!? What is there for you to explain?! I saw ALL the texts and pictures from her! I know what’s going on.”

He looked like a deer in head lights as he listen.

“I trusted you Li…I gave you everything. I was always there for you! Whenever!…..and you pay me back with this?!” His gaze fell to the floor.

You walked out of the living room and into your shared bedroom, grabbing your keys and your purse. You came back to see him sitting against the wall. His head in his hands and tears falling down his cheeks. Seeing him like that broke your heart…..but you had no sympathy.

He called after you once you reached the door, “I love you, please don’t leave me..”, you turned to look at him and without a word you were gone. The most amazing girl he’d ever known. The only one that was always there, through thick and thin, was gone. But he refused to let you go, and was going to get you back.

One way or another.

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