louis feels rn


My goal in life was to be less than you. It was not my choice, it was my duty, so I would not be the cloud in front of the sun. You think it’s hard to be a king? Try being a king’s brother for a day.

Can you just imagine cuddling with Harry at night. Like, he’d be so sleepy and all he’d want to do is cuddle with you as he falls asleep and do absolutely nothing else so when you’d try to leave to get a drink, he’d pull you back instantly with a cute pouty face, begging you to stay. His lips would be slightly red and puffy from all the kissing you both had done throughout the day, which would be especially prominent since he’s pouting, and there was absolutely no way that you could deny him so you just moved back into his warm embrace. His lips instantly press against your forehead as his fingers tangle through your hair, while his other arm is wrapped tightly around your waist to keep you from moving away from him again. “Don’t go, baby. It’s harder to sleep when you’re not here.” “Then you do you sleep on tour?” You’d reply an he’d simply shrug. “I make Niall cuddle with me, most of the time. But he’s isn’t as cuddly as you are.”

louis is like a soft piano music. like laying in bed after a long, exhausting day. like fluffy blankets on rainy evenings. like drinking cocoa after coming home in the winter. like a hot relaxing bath. like food you’ve been craving for a while. like fresh laundry. like that one the tastiest meal that your mum or grandma make. like long night spent on talking with people close to your heart. like long journeys. like flower petals. louis is all of those nice things and more and I lovE HIM SO MUCH

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Fizzy calling out Sony is so brave and pure. I'm sure Louis feels sp proud rn bcz he wishes he can do it too on his account, if he was not still under their label (for now).

I know I know. For now, though!