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“Even in another life I would choose you, Lou.”

- By: Lana Rose x
[Credits: Rosketch ♡]

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So so many snaps of Louis today, now fan pics and yesterday all we got was pap pics and a pic with a fan late at night... I say someone arrived at Coachella much later than what they tried to imply. I mean, all afternoon all we got was preston apparently saying he wasnt taking any pics (and no one takes creepy pics like they are taking today??), a girl saying she saw him, but it's the same one who took a pic of louis and danielle last year, and another who didnt correctly say what he was wearing

I think that’s likely

Day 128 of the 1D Hiatus

Tuesday 19th April

Today was quiet, thank God because I’m really not feeling the Tumblr love tonight and just want to get off here!

- Louis was spotted by fans in Starbucks yesterday:

- Niall tweeted this:

- Smallzy tweeted this to Harry (remember yesterday I said he Tweeted Louis about having the same style?):

Who knows what he’s up to.

- Briana posted a video on IG of her dancing with the baby. She looks to be in the same outfit she was wearing for the family photoshoot last week. I have no idea if her IG is on private or not right night so I’ll just link to the vid on Twitter for you. It’s been picked up ona  few sites like Perez Hilton.

- The Daily Mirror published an article titled ‘Is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s divorce drama with estranged husband Jean-Bernard ‘causing tension’ with Liam Payne?’ Basically it says she’s head over heels in love with Liam but is worried that the divorce will put a strain on their new relationship. Ok.

- The main news is that The Daily Mail wrote this article titled ‘Daddy day off? One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson cuts a casual figure as he steps out in Hollywood without son Freddie’ and was filled with photos of Louis drinking chocolate milk and showing off what looks suspiciously like gauze/cotton wool taped on his hand - the type of thing you might get after a blood test (read: DNA test). Chaos and arguing have ensued every since, but a lot of us are pretty optimistic. 

And that’s it. Pretty quiet day really.

See you all tomorrow x x x