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ahh I love your Next Generation moodboards! apart from Albus and Scorpius being together, do you have any other relationship type headcannons?

oh gosh thank you!! and BOY do i ever:

  • albus and scorpius meet on the train in first year, much like their fathers. only unlike their fathers, they hit it off instantly. they’re both basically head over heels for each other by the time they arrive at hogwarts, but since they both inherited the malfoy/potter stubbornness, they don’t end up dating until fifth year
  • rose comes out to her parents in fourth year by introducing padma patil’s daughter as her girlfriend and hermione throws herself in research about lesbians in the magical community. ron grounds her for a week because pavi has been sleeping over in rose’s room  since second year
  • james sirius is too busy with quidditch to even think about dating, but in sixth year, sick of everyone pestering him with questions about girls, he runs off to romania. uncle charlie reassures him that of course it’s normal to not want to date anyone, and anyway, quidditch and dragons are much more interesting than girls or boys
  • teddy lupin is infatuated with victoire weasley from the moment she’s placed in his crib at family christmas. she’s very accepting when he explains that he mostly feels like a boy, but sometimes he’d like it if she could use female pronouns when he asks. she lends him some of her skirts and teaches him a spell that keeps your lipstick in place no matter what. fleur laughs for about a week when she finds them testing it in the bathroom later, and bill grumbles as he forks over 20 gallons to a gloating andromeda
  • lily luna enjoys kissing boys and girls but exclusively sticks to her slytherin house mates. she’s probably a little bit in love with lorcan, in gryffindor, but she’s too busy trying to teach uncle hagrid parseltongue to actually date someone
  • louis weasley thoroughly enjoys his family’s annual trips to france, because the boys at hogwarts are, quite frankly, disgusting, and he’s related to at least a good sixty percent of them. he’s been writing to one boy, calvin, for at least two years now, and has decided to live with his grandparents in paris when he finishes school in order to see him more often
  • fred ii has been in love with claire spinner-bell as long as he can remember. she doesn’t like quidditch very much, and she’s a quiet hufflepuff with grades to rival any ravenclaw, but he finally manages to ask her out in fourth year. she doesn’t accept until sixth year, but after graduation, they move in together
  • hugo weasley falls in love with the muggle girl next door, and manages to break at least fifteen different laws when he reveals his secret and asks her to marry him on her eighteenth birthday. hermione’s so pleased that she convinces minister shaklebolt to drop all the charges