louis dipippa

Do you ever just stop to think about the past three years? How much has changed? Or how it seems like there’s an unspoken conflict between Madison and Nick? Or how Louis has gone from the adorable child we loved on ABDC to a strikingly handsome young man. Or what about how it seems like Vin doesnt interact with us at all anymore.Or how they’ve matured so much, changed in ways I can’t even describe. How your heart clenches at the thought of them being in love, but just wanting their happiness. Do you ever look back and wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t switches channels and those seven boyz caught your attention? Honestly, I can’t think of where I’d be. I have so much to thank them for. The reason I want to do better every day, and make myself a better person is because of the small hope, that maybe, someday I could be good enough for them. I strive for that. They taught me what its like to love someone, yet they barely even know I exist.