louis de funés

Imagine Lestat stuffing his shirt with pillows, then going up to Louis saying that he was ‘Pregnant’
Louis would be so done

BONUS!: Lestat would be all over him, joking about cravings and saying how bad it feels, as Louis is poker-faced

Then Lestat rubs his pillow stomach and says 'touch the baby, Louis, it is yours~’ and it results in a hard punch to the stomach from Louis.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, October 18, 1896

Famous Beauties and their Favorite Baths.

Mme. Recamier bathes in milk.
Mrs. Langtry’s bath is a mystery.
Miss Ada Rehan bathes in plain, healthy Croton, perfumed.
Miss Lillian Russell bathes in secretly perfumed water.
Mme. Sarah Bernhardt bathes in tea water.
Mlle. Liane de Pougy bathes in cold salt water.