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Devil Summoner interview! I was bored so here you go, another interview with Kaneko about some Devil Summoner design details, favourite girls and Lucifer and gyudon.

Born on the 20th of September in Showa 39, Kazuma Kaneko was in charge of both the world setting and character design for Megami Tensei 2 and Shin Megami Tensei and coordinated to a certain extent Majin Tensei and Last Bible. This time, together with an even stronger staff, his position for Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner was closer to that of director and he will talk about the usual objective, “creating characters that everyone will remember”.

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original-cypher  asked:

I would reblog that I'm so embarrassed for them post but I can't bring myself to reblog a pic. This is turning my stomach.

Anonymous said:
Jesus CHRIST, what the hell is going on with Louis’ image right now?! Since when has /stripping/ a beard been a thing?!?! I’m honestly extremely shocked that they’d go there, not to mention my reproach at the idea of the whole thing. I can’t believe he’d agree to do it. Regardless of Danielno’s actual thoughts, it’s disrespectful towards women, at least in the way it’s being presented.

Anonymous said:
yep. the paps and gp are just sooooooo obsessed with louis and his gf that they stalked them to wherever the eff the were and took creeper shots. because soooooooo many people care. honestly how dumb do they think fans are, this whole thing is more inorganic than a twinkie

Anonymous said:
This is all so sad and gross and pathetic #free-this-fandom-from-constant-exposure-to-misogynistic-stunts-pleaseandthanks

Anonymous said:
this is so uncomfortable why are people even still fans if they think this is all real and legit

Anonymous said:
This has to be the tipping point

Anonymous said:
Oh, ew, that whole thing is gross. Just when I think the beard stunting has gone as far as it would, 1DHQ do this.

I’m very disgusted. And it’s not because I have any problem with Danielle going topless. It’s the REASON she went topless that really really bothers me. It’s exploitative. It’s not meant to celebrate her body. It’s meant to titillate (pun intended). It’s meant to “sell” Louis’ heterosexuality to the only people outside of Harry, his family and friends who give a fuck–the fans. It’s just an ugly display of homophobic foolery. It’s more unnecessary lie telling. 

And it’s yet another example of 1DHQ having absolutely no respect for women. Every time a young woman gets mixed up in bearding someone from 1D, they end up looking thirsty or desperate or victimized along with being presented as vacuous, vapid and mostly mute. It’s a fucking hateful portrayal of women conducted by men who obviously think of women in terms of a collection of body parts to be used at will. And they have other young women embracing it, which could potentially fuck them up long term. It’s totally amoral.

Danielle looked like she was dreading the big reveal and once it happened she looked so defeated–so resigned to being used like this. I was really offended and grossed out. When will it end? It’s a degrading shitshow for everyone involved.