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Fan report OTRA Brussels

Right, so I’m going to write a fan report from my point of view, because the gig was so good, that I feel like I just have to share my experience with you lovely people. I don’t have a lot of photos or footage because I chose to fully focus on the concert itself rather than filming, I’m horrible at multitasking so I had to make a choice. Therefore I can’t really back up any of my “statements” with “evidence”. This is just for fun and I honestly wouldn’t make anything up just for the sake of it. Also, I’m not really discussing anything in a particular order, just whatever comes to mind first. Enjoy :)

-Voices: Let me start by saying that I went to WWA last year, which I enjoyed but this performance was at least 10x better. I don’t know anything about singing techniques but their voices sounded so much better, they have improved a lot since last year and I had the feeling that they are now really working on that particular aspect. All four of them sang really well and sounded confident. Even though Zayn was essential for the sound of 1D, I didn’t necessarily miss his voice. Don’t get me wrong, of course I would have liked him to be there but the other four have handled his departure really well, they cover his parts and they sound good while doing it. 

-Presentation: Aside from the singing, they also managed to keep the whole stadium busy at all times. During Clouds for example, you have Louis on the left (if you stand with your back to the stage), Harry on the right and Liam&Niall in the middle. There was always somebody representing their bit of the stage and then they switched around quite frequently as well. I saw all four boys passing by and singing to my side several times. The choreography wans’t messy or disorganized at all.

-Stage: The stage itself is very bright but it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. When I first saw the colours on picture, I was starting to wonder who the hell thought that the combination of yellow, purple and green would work but once you see it up close, it isn’t too bad and it’s easy to locate the boys based on the different colours. 

-Rainbows: As you know, the show started with Clouds. When Louis walked down the catwalk, I’m pretty sure that he pointed at a rainbow flag alongside the catwalk and at another rainbow sign in front of the square. I could be wrong but that’s how I saw it. Later on, during Better than words, Harry walked down to the left side of the stage (his left, with your back to the stage) and clearly did a thumbs up to somebody holding a big rainbow poster. Then Alive was playing and on the two side screens a panther appeared which was also in rainbow colours. RBB is alive and well, he/she was present and was once again dressed to the nines. Cheers to whoever is in charge of dressing our friend Teddy Mercury. I saw a lot of people with either Larry signs or Larry written on their arms/face, there was also a girl from France with a t-shirt that said “If you ship Larry, hug me” on the back (she was a very good dancer btw). So all in all, quite a few rainbows. 

 -Clothes/Looks: W O W. Somehow, I had already forgotten how beautiful they are in real life. Harry is so incredibly pretty and has the most beautiful face/body. Long legs, long torso and broad shoulders and the face of an angel with long luscious hair. I’m definitely in love. Just like Harry, Louis looks incredible when you get to see him close up. His skin looks SO smooth&soft, I really had to restrict myself from launching my body on the stage just to pet him a little bit. For once God listened to me, because his hair was in a quiff :’) I love quiff Louis more than I love my bed and that says something. He was also wearing a sheer tank top but I don’t think you can see that clearly on the photo’s, once again, thank you God for this blessing, I got to see Louis’ chest tattoos through his top :’) Niall was wearing his white Henley (changed to blue shirt before You&I) with tight jeans, unfortunately no paper boy hat but nevertheless, he looked great. His hair is back to blonde, no brown sides anymore but blonde suits him, so it’s all good. Liam is really handsome and changed into a t-shirt halfway through, he couldn’t get it on properly because he got stuck and almost missed the beginning of DFWYB but looked great. 

-New songs: AKA the moment I passed away. I can’t even remember what came before 18 but I was really confused for a second and didn’t expect it at all. I screamed and I usually don’t scream, it was so beautiful. It was nothing like a Stockholm Syndrome experience, thank God, they sang it perfectly and apparently at one point, Harry sang “I have fucked you since we were 18″, I personally didn’t hear it but that was probably because the crowd was so loud.I noticed that Louis turned to Harry when he sang his verses and I was getting a bit teary eyed because of that. Thanks Louis. After 18, Liam said something along the lines of “We have a few more surprises” and that’s the moment that I started regretting that I hadn’t written my will before the show. After Diana, the golden moment had arrived. Just like with 18, flawless performance and the audience LOVED it. There were several “Sing No Control” signs and in between songs people were also shouting No Control which was a bit awkward but then they actually played it. Beautiful. 


>Louis looks happy&healthy. I don’t know what changed in the past six months but something definitely has. Unlike WWA, he now jumps around and skips along with the beat of the songs. He was very bouncy and communicative, in the sense that he often waved and pointed at fans. He does his parts and then he sings along with others as well. Last year I had a feeling that he preferred staying in one spot and I was wondering where our happy Louis went :( BUT I’m happy to announce that he is back in business and I really hope that he is here to stay. I don’t know what they did to that boy but he looks a lot freer now. During the intro vid in which they talk about health&safely, everybody started screaming when it was Louis’ turn, The crowd was definitely Louis af (but then who isn’t?). He was with Liam quite often and their dynamic is great. Louis challenged Liam to so a headstand, which he managed to do successfully. Louis has Liam wrapped around his finger, in fact all of them look up at Louis and laugh whenever he makes a joke. I felt relieved when I saw him yesterday, relieved that he isn’t broken, that whatever he went through didn’t permanently damage him. He came across as a very strong, sweet and appreciative person, something that I didn’t really notice last year but now his personality was shining through.  

>Harry is out of this world. You know how people always say that he’s charming, well that is definitely true. You can tell just by seeing him on stage. Harry is such a great performer and the crowd loved him. He did all kinds of silly things, during WDBHG he hung fuzzy hand cufs on his mic stand, during Alive he climbed over the barrier of the stage and did some moves, he said “Oh Yeaahh” several times in a pretty sexual way and so and so on…He’s so silly. He’s always moving around and doing a little dance on his way to his mic/other side of the stage, a real crowd pleaser. He often interacts with the fans, he held a rose in his mouth which he then threw in the crowd, he danced with a sex doll which he then gave to Liam and said “Have fun”. Harry definitely doesn’t let you get bored, I would happily watch him all day. I’m also pretty sure that he often dances when he’s at home because he knows how to move his body and looks gorgeous while doing it. At one point he went backstage for some reason and three seconds later, Louis (who was talking to Liam) left for the loo, he just left Liam and also went backstage, apparently it’s a necessity to have your bf when you go for a wee?! I didn’t register everything that Harry did but he’s a bouncy flower as well as a hot stallion, don’t ask me how he does it, I never thought that the combo of those two would work so well but it does for him.

>Niall is fun and so lovely. All jokes aside, Niall really is the biggest 1D fan. He was really loving it. He smashed his solos and the parts that Zayn used to sing. Whenever I looked at Niall, he was standing there and appreciating the view. He always had a huge smile on his face and genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself. He seems to get along with all of the boys and joked around a bit with Louis. He clearly loves Louis a lot because he was smiling like a loon when Louis was messing about. I think Niall is essential to keep the show together, he brings that extra touch to the show and often leads the other three when he is walking around with his guitar. I love watching Niall when the crowd is singing along, he looks so pleased and grateful that he gets to stand there and receive all that love from people singing their songs back at them. 

>Liam, I can confirm that Liam is indeed a teddy bear. Over the past year, I’ve started noticing that Liam is unappreciated for how talented, sweet and funny he is. His voice sounded incredible and he really made an effort to keep it fresh and interesting by doing quite a few note changes. Singing aside, he seemed just as happy to be there as the others, he was talking to the crowd quite regularly and read some signs. he and Louis joked around most of the time but he also had a quick chat with Niall. When Harry gave him the sex doll, he decided to call her Deirdre and gave her a seat on the stage, very considerate. Liam is a great performer and knows how to work a crowd, he says the right things at the right time and loves his fans. He’s also a big fat liar, because once again, we were the loudest crowd, if that wasn’t already bad enough, he said it at least four fucking times. So in other words, Liam is a sweet bean and makes me very happy but never trust him, because he will lie to you! 

That’ about it, in short: I had an amazing time, the opening act was pleasant, the show itself was GREAT and the boys look happy. Seeing them like this was really reassuring and makes me doubt that they would break up in the next year or so. They seem very loyal to each other and I really hope that they keep on doing what they’re doing because they make a lot of people very happy, including me. Sorry that it got so long but this is still the short version, so count yourself lucky! Thank you so much for reading and have agreat day Xx