louis brennan

Week 4

Round up of fics for the last week

Wait For Me To Come Home (26k)

AU: Soulmates are found through photographs. When you take normal pictures with people who aren’t your soulmate, the picture is in full of color. When you take one with your soulmate, it’s black and white. Harry find’s out his “soulmate” has lied to him and realizes their photo was edited to be black and white. And that’s when Louis comes along..

All you knead is a little love (13k)

Louis should really be looking for the person that keeps submitting his pictures on to the University spotted page but first he has to stop falling for Harry Styles.

Or the one where Louis runs the Facebook spotted page for his university and Harry makes coffee and magic brownies.

Drag me down (10k) (WIP)

The world was ending and Louis fucking predicted it.

Well, no, he didn’t, but he swore he knew it was going to happen.

No, he didn’t, but that’s what he was going to stick with.

And now, because he so didn’t predict this, he was stuck with his ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles.

Who gets stuck in the Apocalypse with their ex-boyfriend?

Louis Tomlinson, that’s who.


The Truth in the Case (8k) (WIP)

Dr. Louis “Bones” Tomlinson has just gotten back from a job in Guatemala and is facing a new job that will be more difficult for him to handle. Based off the first episode of Bones with parts taken from other episodes.

Hint: the ending won’t be the same as the pilot

Bones AU in which Harry is Brennan and Louis is Booth, Nill is Hodgens, Liam is Sweets and Zayn is Angela. What happens exactly is up to the writer though it would be lovely if there was sumt and side-pairing Ziam. The story can either start of where they first meet each other or when they’re already working on a case. (Obviously changed Niall and Liam’s parts.)