louis aston knight

Don’t tell Spring a secret if you wish to keep it so.
Even her buried treasure cannot help but grow.

After winter’s hush and hiss, she’s destined to be
A little of a tattletale and share in what she please.  

Fate dictates you cannot begrudge of her fun,
For the charms of her atonement, one always succumbs.

She holds court in the garden.
She crests in the rain.

The bees gossip with her flowers.
The sun calls on her most days.

She loves to flirt and tease him as she does us all,
Yet one would suffer her abuse yearlong for a visit stalled.

Only fools would chain a spirit. Thereby we keep her free.
Nonetheless, the lady tarries in our fantasies.
― Lady Spring, by Nichole Parks.

Artwork: Apple Blossoms, by Louis Aston Knight.