louis and zayn are just chillin and then

When someone is rude to a member of your squad

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Can we just talk about this gif. Lol this is from a long time ago judging by Harry’s hair cut but this is my favorite gif rn. 

The one wrapping his hands around Harry is Louis ;)  

There’s Harry beaming as Louis grabs the back of his neck his neck. There’s the security guard literally moved blocking the view right when we all want to see what was happening. Then there is Niall who is just chillin’ in the background like “I’m the third wheel here and I don’t care.”

Sorry to hurt you like this but....

My biggest dream is that over hiatus Harry&Louis are just chillin by themselves bein papped somewhere and they take the opportunity to grab eachother (FIRMLY GRASP IT) and start violently making out grabbing at each others hair and faces and Louis jumps up and hooks his legs around Harrys back and its all caught on video, and afterward Louis like looks around him mock worried and just goes;

“Hazza. Stop giving the Larries material.”

And they both just have the cheekiest smirks and walk off into the sunset, hands interlocked with their tattoos proudly matching for the whole world to see.