louis and the beard

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I feel like nobody wants to be the beard of Louis or Harry anymore, only desperate girls 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻

Yeah, I don’t think people slightly high profile are into this anymore. They always go for the most desperate (and unknown) ones. Tragic 

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I will always believe Larry happened. But I also believe that people grow and change and most people don't stay attached to their first teenage love. Louis is a dad and he has someone in his life he obviously cares for very much in El. Even if she were a beard (which... Jesus... 🙄) she's there because Louis wants her there. The name calling and the hatred toward her is so beneath this fandom.

is this…a real ask that was sent to me by two human hands?

When someone mentions Ziam

When someone says there’s no evidence to back up Ziam

When someone believes Larry is real but won’t even consider Ziam

When someone keeps talking about S*ph*am, Z*gi, Paynet0n or Ch*am

When people act like Zayn and Liam haven’t gone through any problems with Modest!

When someone says Niall is the captain of Ziam

(it’s Louis)

When you didn’t sleep because you were dealing with Ziam all night

When someone you know IRL finds your Ziam blog

When you decide you don’t care that you’ve been #EXPOSED as a Ziamie

When someone finally realizes Ziam is real

The End. 

Here’s one last Ziam gif to end on a good note:

none of the gifs are mine

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After years he in A WEEK had to denied Larry, denied rbb and say that the album is about his beard. Louis' album should be SO fucking gay lmao

sjkahska I’m waiting for a full rainbow coming out this album

Look at that juxtaposition...

In a crystal clear example of an artist who has the full support of his label and team, and one who doesnt:

Today, we got Niall on a fantastic Billboard cover with an equally great interview and photospread where his songwriting and attributes as an artist got massive endorsements from industry heavyweights.

Meanwhile, we also get a Louis piece, but this time in the trash tabloid, The Sun, with a headline featuring his “girlfriend” and her dog, to promote his new music video. His team couldn’t even give him the courtesy of his OWN headline, and his SOLO photos for his OWN video. They really had to bring his beard in.

What a disservice to Louis, and a real illustration of how shitty his press and promo continue to be.

SJPR can do quality stuff like this for Niall and make sure he has no bad press, but does the opposite for Louis? How deliberate.

Louis is GAY, whether he dates Eleanor, Danielle or the queen
Louis is not straight, whether he has baby ( he doesn’t ) from Briana, or he snogs his gf or whatever tf they would show us
He is fucking gay and in love with harry
He fucking denied it and we didnt believe it, do u really think that drowning him in fuckin gf will make us magically do !! Really !!
No so stop this fucked up shit and let him hold his boy’s hand in public and let us all be happy