louis and harry are in love


Harry going to Jamaica to record his album was the inspiration to this…

Hope you enjoy it! :)


That was everything in Harry’s mind as he stared at the white ceiling above him. It’s colour made a great representation of what had been going on in his head for the past month. 

The filming for the movie had ended and with that all the distractions that kept him from starting writing for his first solo album, something he had been eagerly looking forward since the beginning of the hiatus. The first days of his actual break he attempted to begin but didn’t find the correct words to express all his inner feelings in the shape of poetic lyrics. He didn’t give it much thought though, he had you, you were his inspiration. Besides, making the most of those days with you was another of his priorities. Sure then the process would go smoothly.

The problem was it didn’t turn out like that. 

Preoccupation invaded him when a whole month full of days passed by, and his notebook was still full of nothing. His goofy and playful usual self hid under a thoughtful and distant shell. He didn’t want you to notice his concern and feel bad, but he couldn’t help it, it had never happened to him. 

He had so much to say but no words to help him. 

You pretended to be still asleep beside him. Believing he was the only one awake in the room, he took the opportunity to let out a long hopeless sigh, muttering “Ugh Love, what the hell is happening to me?” as he rubbed his eyes. You threw an arm and leg over his body and caught him in a tight embrace, hoping that would ease him. “Morning handsome. What brought you to be up so early?” He captured your lips with his, leaving the answer for later. You had that one thing that made him forget all his problems, that made him believe everything was going to be alright at the end of the day, and he needed that more than ever. “Wow” he left one last peck before pulling away “Yeah, wow.” Like a kid he nuzzled your neck, finding in you a bright lighthouse in the sea he was lost in.


“Hazz, baby, don’t you think you have something to tell me?” He stopped sipping the coffee he was having, a frown settled on his face “Don’t take me the wrong way, I’m not accusing you of anything” You stroked his hand gently from the other side of the table. You wanted to help him and let him know you truly cared about him. “The thing is lately I’ve noticed you a bit distant, maybe sad?” You made a pause, waiting for him to say something. The innocent movement of his ringed fingers playing with his bottom lip gave him away “Uhm well, to be honest I haven’t been feeling okay lately” You got up from your seat just to sit again in his lap, leaning to rest on his shoulder. He grabbed one of your hands and played with you fingers, debating whether to tell you or not. “Do you think I’ll make it as a solo artist?” The room was left in silence after his question. You knew he was going through a tough moment in terms of his career, but you had never imagined he was considering whether or not giving his first step as a solo artist. “Of course honey, you’ll amount to everything you set your goals on. You’re a great songwriter, you sound really well and that charm of yours will win everyone’s hearts, for sure” “Love, you don’t know what you’re saying” “How can I not know? I’ve heard what you’ve written with the boys, and it’s amazing, you’ll be able to do that on your own” He huffed, it was making harder for him to tell you “That’s the problem. Ever since we went on a break I haven’t written anything by myself. I’ve been this whole month struggling to write a verse, one freaking verse! How am I supposed to build a solo career if I can’t even write anymore?” He felt a certain relief after telling you the truth, although he didn’t want you to feel sorry for him. The involuntary pout his lower lip made made you want to do anything to relief his pain “Harry, why didn’t you tell me before? You’re absolutely wrong honey” “I used to tell myself that, but c’mon, it took me a whole month to write one verse, I think i’m everything but wrong” You cupped his face, obliging him to remove his gaze from your intertwined hands “Listen, don’t you think there are some factors that affect on your writing process?” “Like…?” “You’ve been working nonstop for five years, touring, writing and being interviewed. At the beginning of the break you started filming a movie, and now that you can actually rest paparazzi do nothing but follow you everywhere you go. Think about all that, it’s completely understandable that you’re going through a period like this” Your words made him stop to think. It was true the last years had been hectic and so much creativity and production from him had to stop sometime. It was at that moment that he thanked the world it had brought him a girl like you. “Maybe you’re right” “I’m always right” she answered playfully “You need a change of scene, somewhere where you can forget of all the stress and be creative. Like a hideaway” As her speech increased his optimism did as well. It was a good idea. To leave somewhere different from London and LA maybe was what he had been looking for. “That sounds genuinely good, but where?” “Jamaica?” A wide smile made its home in his face, excitement filling his system “Well, I guess we’re leaving then” “I didn’t plan to go, this is for you to disconnect and relax” He kissed you in the sweetest way possible, breathing into your mouth

“Honey, there’s no use in me moving away to write if I don’t carry with me my inspiration”

My favourite part of concerts is when the artists plays a song everyone knows so everyone’s singing along all out of tune but then the singer stops singing and they point the microphone at the crowd and you just hear everyone in the crowd singing the words to the music and you see the smiles on the singers’ faces because they know people care about their music and everyone’s just so happy who cares about anything else.



louis: *breathes*

louis: * looks in his general direction*

louis: *sighs very deeply*
harry:  *all 4 nipples perk up*

louis:  *gets annoyed at things*

louis: *yawns* 
harry:  *screams internally* I would die for you

louis: *tries to cook pancakes*