louis and els

As a RP, I have created a plot. This story about Claudia coming back from hell, where she probably went when she died (Remember Lestat in hell calling for Claudia?) but coming back because Memnoch gave her the chance an also the body of a woman.

If she was coming back to earth to suffer in her little body, she would probably preferred to stay in hell, however if Memnoch offers her the chance of having a new “life” with a woman’s body, she would probably take it. And she would be different, because Claudia is like this: When the daguerréotypes where invented she couldn’t have one because they were taken only in the morning, so she was angry and saying she hated so much, but still had a collection of them, she hated because she could have any. But when they went to Paris and one men found the way to take this pictures in the night, she inmidiatly went with Louis to took one. So, she hated her life before because she never could have had the woman’s body she wanted, but if Memnoch gives her the body she wanted, she could be finally happy, and probably forgive Louis and Lestat after she reads the books and noticing that actually never hated her after what she did.

But she’s dead and Anne Rice will never let her come back or write something from her point of view (not a Graphic Novel).

RP account on Twitter: @xLilVamp
Website: Claudiavamp.weebly.com


I know I’m a little late, but a Massive congrats to Sally Deakin (Dan’s sister) for completing the London Marathon and raising £6,663 for Bloodwise UK. 💜