3 Years Later
  • At a concert, you see zayn walking on stage, and you start to smile.
  • New Fan stares at him in awe:Is he the famous Zayn Malik?
  • You:Yes, yes he is.
  • *You smile more and your eyes start becoming watery.*
  • New Fan:He is beautiful
  • You:Yes he is.....
  • The boys start to form a straight line like they use to.
  • You whisper:That's the real One Direction.
  • *You start crying* And the boys say this sentence you thought you would never hear again.
  • Harry:Hello!
  • Louis:We
  • Niall:Are
  • Liam:One
  • Zayn:Direction! Yayy!
  • They begin to sing Forever Young.

hey guys can you please click this and vote for me because I really wanna meet the girls at Six Flags in a few weeks. I was in 1st place for their voting contest a few months ago but they never contacted me or announced a winner or anything which really sucked and I don’t think I’ll be able to get close to 1st place this time 😔

I received this message from my mother today. I feel like I want to share it since it made me think. Really think.

"One of my patients has a great philosophy of life. She told me that she refuses to worry about the future. Because if she does it, she puts a lot of unnecessary energy on something that she knows nothing about and then she will have screw up all the days she live in right now when she is cancer free.

Same thing goes for with what you are sad about. Of course, you have the right to be upset and I can understand that you are, but if you’re thinking too much about the future of 1D it adds unnecessary energy from your side and you might miss to enjoy the music, and the guys who are left. We know nothing about the future, try to enjoy them instead of mourn.

There is an expression that is called self-fulfilling prophecy. If all fans are beginning to behave like the group broke up entirely then maybe that sends out bad signals to the remaining guys instead of signalling what you really are; Overjoyed that the four others are still there and are looking forward to their time together. Zayn will be missed but the other guys are still there. Try to enjoy it.
Love u ❤ ️

zayn is a an example that money doesn’t make you happy, that family and having a quiet normal life makes you happy and I couldn’t be anymore proud of him. he has done so much in just 5 years and he has finally thought of himself, I grew up loving zayn and I will carry on loving him because he deserves all the love and respect in the world. he will truly be missed by so many people but we’ve all got memories and his health and his feelings come before anything else.