louis 13

  • Hannah: hey, it's Hannah, Hannah baker-
  • Harry: *pauses episode*
  • Louis: no-uh don't you dare harry *tries to reach and play the episode*
  • Harry: *catches his hand* I-
  • Louis: harry no.
  • Harry: *twitches* Iusedtobeabaker
  • Louis: ... you got issues.

louis tomlinson & harry styles + 13 reasons why

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Interviews & Rec (13/?)  (Insp.)

Louis: You know what, just ask me a question. Just try to get to know me.
Lestat : Okay…I can’t think of anything to ask you. I’m sorry, my mind is blank.
Louis: Just ask me the first thing that comes to your head.
Lestat: How big is it?
Louis: …Really?

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 4: Practice Date)