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Auditorium Building Stained Glass by Jeff Reuben
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The Auditorium Building, now Roosevelt University, was the largest structure of its kind in America at the time of its completion in 1890. Designed by Dankmar Adler (1844-1900) and Louis H. Sullivan (1856-1924), the 4,237-seat theater, hotel, and office building earned a national reputation for their firm. Source: Historic American Building Survey (HABS), Addendum to report No. ILL-1007 With direction from Sullivan, the windows were executed in 1889 by the renowned stained-glass firm of George Healy and Louis Millet, which won acclaim in Europe for its designs. It is also rumored that Sullivan’s protege Frank Lloyd Wright had a hand in the designs. Wright, who called Sullivan “master,” was his right-hand man before setting out on his own and had a particular interest in stained glass that continued throughout his career. Source: Chicago Tribune, “Artful Glass”, 27 November 2000

a late b*rthday present to my dear love @veryniceandgood, the start of a slow burn i’ll never finish.

One of the benefits of being your own boss should mean Louis can sleep in as late as he wants whenever he wants. But being your own boss has fuck all to do with having a kid, which means in reality, Louis is up at 6.30 am slicing the crusts off a ham and cheese sandwich and trying to fairly portion the chocolate to vegetable ratio.

It’s not an interesting lunch by any means. In fact, Freddie has, on several instances, deemed it pedestrian (thank you, Niall, for that vocabulary lesson, Louis struggled spelling that one) compared to what he could make for himself. But there are some things a father just does, including, but not limited to, making his son’s lunch for the first day of school.

After that it’s a flurry of activity, from Freddie that is, while Louis sits at the island in the kitchen and tries to inhale a cup of coffee as quick as he can without burning his tongue.

Freddie races for the door, but turns around and trudges back once Louis starts calling, “Oi oi oi, get over here.”

He stands in front of Louis, done up in his little uniform and his carefully combed hair. Louis has this flash of panic that he already looks like a grownup, which he simply won’t stand for. If the little lad is getting older, then Louis is getting older, and anytime someone breathes in the direction of the number thirty, Louis feels like he’s going to pass out.

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“Louis,” Harry sighs, shaking his head. “No.”

He’s trying to look stubborn, frowning so hard that he resembles a frog, but Louis can see his lips twitch, the beginnings of a smile tugging at the corners. He’s obviously charmed, even though he knows he shouldn’t be, and Louis, well. Louis is very good at charming him.

“Harry,” Louis mimics his sigh, pouting at him. “Why not?”

Harry’s lips break into a full blown grin momentarily, before he’s running his hand down his face, trying to school his expression into something more serious. He’s an open book, Harry is–with every thought etched into the lines of his face, the dimples on his cheeks.

“I don’t want to,” Harry says, and it sounds weak.

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Harry is late. Not by his own standards – he doesn’t want to go – but Louis is stood between their two front doors with a beer in his hand and a set to his jaw and eyebrows that won’t hold for long. Not enough chill in his eyes to freeze Harry in place on the last step up.

“You said you wouldn’t be late,” he says – hands over the beer along with a gaze that’s too tinted with alcohol to carry any of the disappointment he’s trying to feign.

“I said I’d come,” Harry corrects, shaking his head at his shoes as he tugs his keys out of his front pocket – opens his door and throws his bag inside before he locks it up again. “You know how work is right now – that I have to get the episode written.”

Louis hums – suspicion melting away under the warm familiarity of a grin. Harry’s best friend since childhood, ever so happy to have him near. Mutual, all of it, as Harry takes a first sip of his beer and lets it loosen knots of anxiety in his shoulders. He’s home, now. Doesn’t have to think about pairings and heartbreak until they’re back in the writer’s room on Monday.

“What’s so urgent, anyway?” he wonders. “I’m here now.”

“A boy, of course,” Louis states, ever the hopeless romantic, the cupid that’s too drunk to aim his arrows right when Harry’s out and about. “I’ve told you about him.”

“You haven’t.”

“I’ve meant to,” Louis promises. Loops an arm around Harry’s shoulders, tugging him to the neighbouring flat. “He’ll sweep you off your feet.”

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anonymous asked:

I wonder what Louis and Harry have little unnecessary arguments about. Who didn't replace the toilet paper? Who put white clothes in with a load of brand new jeans? How did Clifford get into the closet and start eating shoes? I mean, they have to have these discussions. They probably nag on and on about it just like and old married couple. "You're being a fooking loser!" "Don't use that sass with me you...you little froot loop dingus!"

louis says “i’ll kick your ass for this” and acts all big and tough but then harry just grabs him and slings him over his shoulder and pats him on the bum like “whatever you say, little froot loop dingus”

So a while back i shared a thought i had discussed with @1000-directions but i still had 50% of my promise to fulfil, so here’s the flip side of that original thought, when things went a little differently.

Niall/Louis, 1.8k, an almost proposal

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In the loop in Saint Louis there’s a restaurant called Blueberry Hill. It’s a landmark in the city, because usually every artist/comedian will come and perform in their duck room. The owner has a tradition of taking pictures with everyone who performs at his place.

When Childish Gambino came to perform in 2011, the owner snapped this pic with him, crediting him as Danny Glover. Part of me thinks Donald purposefully told him to do that. The curse continues…

For @carryon-countdown Day 9: Music

I decided to share with you all a playlist I made inspired by this wonderful book (: Click on the title to find it on spotify! (Below are some, but not all, songs included)

Carry On, Simon

Golden Boy - Natalie Merchant

Candle In The Wind - Elton John

Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers

Call Me Maybe - Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

I Put A Spell On You - Alice Smith

Push Me Down the Stairs - Nanami Ozone

Basil - Jeremy Loops

Light A Match - Marigolds

Fire - Louis The Child

Vampire - Nitemayor

Lucy - Trampled By Turtles

BITE - Troye Sivan

The Chosen One - Bread

Carry On - Norah Jones

hagane-no-hamon  asked:

Are there any INFP/ESTP couples in fiction?

I can do a type contrast, even though both are unhealthy. Interview with the Vampire. Louis is a (looping) INFP and Lestat is an ESTP. (I’m not sure if Lestat differs in the books… it’s been a long time since I read them.)

Lestat is obviously extroverted, flamboyant, and has expensive taste. He is angry when Louis burns the house down, because all his fine things are now gone – and where will they live, under some bridge like peasants? He’s charismatic and doesn’t like to be alone. Fe makes him extremely likable, but also inclined to want others to agree with him. He knows how to read Louis and interpret his emotions, but is sometimes careless in how he deals with them. Lestat secretly wants to be liked, so he makes other vampires, in order to have others “like him” – or to be part of a group dynamic, which is an element of Fe.

He is a far cry from the brooding, moody Louis, who is a Fi-dom. He is so kind, so gentle, and so moral that he refuses to dine on humans and lives mostly on rats instead. Louis resists all of Lestat’s attempts to corrupt him, and instead has an idealistic, romantic, and novel perspective on life. He is far more interested in Armand’s deep philosophical musings (about human life, about God or His non-existence, etc) than in Lestat’s lavish lifestyle. Louis longs for intimate emotional connections, forged in silence. He is uncomfortable being “part of the group” and instead stands apart in defiance.

Both of them anger in different ways – Lestat through visible temper tantrums and saying cruel things, and Louis with the cold shoulder, silent treatment, or direct action – such as when he mercilessly wipes out the vampires for murdering someone he cared about. Though Louis changes with the times, he is more interested in the journey itself, and holds onto his old memories, his impression of what happened, and his sentimentality for the past, even after a hundred years.

Obviously, real people are going to differ from ancient vampires, but these two types have nothing in common, will prioritize different things in life, and are pulled in much different directions in terms of what they truly want. Can it work in a relationship? Sure, but it will require some work since there’s no functions in common easing the way.