Nothing better than a wet Louie 💦💦

I love the Pikmin series with all of my heart, but it’s got the weirdest tone shifts between games.

Pikmin 1: Collect these ship parts in 30 days or the character your playing as fucking dies.

Pikmin 2: Louie fucked up. Looks like we have to go TREASURE HUNTING! Whoo! Pack your bags! Adventure time!

Pikmin 3: An entire planet is dying and Captain Olimar is slowly being driven insane.

My cat Louie has a dandruff problem occassionally.  I brush him with apple cider vinegar and water for 3-5 days and it clears right up.  It makes their fur softer and shinier, too, so I decided to do it to all the cats today.

Needless to say, there are three very angry, wet cats hiding from me right now.

anonymous asked:

Gaaah! That pic of Nick, Harry & tiny head man froze Firefox for me & I couldn't get it off my screen for ages!! And then I had to google images of Sir Philip Green to ascertain if he truly has an abnormally wee noggin only to stumble across this monstrosity!!! It's a cake! Of him topless in bed…cuddling with his "greatest love"…a little dog named Louie!!! Hahaha! So he & H have something in common. i3*mirror*co*uk/incoming/article5350648*ece/ALTERNATES/s615/Phillip-Greens-birthday-cake*jpg

omg what the hell! how much do you want to be the cake store is responsible for that. ugg there’s even chest hair!!!!!!! the dog looks disturbed