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Hello I'm sorry to bother you but what do you use to draw?

My OCs for a comic name ‘nightwatch’ (Fred, Garry, Louie and Louise) and Pancake comic ;u; bet heck!!! hates kicked me in the face and heart KEK :^]


Future AU: Scarlett & Taylor’s Apartment

Scarlett moved into a two bedroom apartment before she applied to be a foster mom for Taylor, and it turned out to be the perfect amount of space once she moved in and became a permanent part of Scarlett’s life.

They are saving up and looking at larger houses a little farther away from the city. Preferably ones with wheelchairs ramps and access, because Scarlett is trying to convince Hollis to move in with them at least for a little while since he hates dealing with his current caretaker.

On a trip to the local shelter where the two of them went to walk dogs while they played Pokemon Go, they happened to walk with a small three-legged dog that they fell in love with. Not long after, Louie (short for Lieutenant Dan), joined their little misfit family.

Scarlett is trying very hard to assure Taylor it’s okay to be happy and grateful and enjoy life without feeling guilty, since she remembers how hard it was for her to do the same when she was younger. She still struggles with it at times, and they are learning together. So every day, the two of them write on a whiteboard near the apartment door one thing that day that made them happy.