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so the trailer goes like this..

-Donald wanted His Nephews to meet their Great Uncle Scrooge McDuck for some apparent reason. Huey and Dewey seems pretty Shocked to meet the Richest duck in the world (so, that means they’ve known scrooge, as a well known duck..but never seen in person) and meanwhile Louie’s just like, “You’re finally gonna sell us” lmao. Donald looks so fkin done.

-also, that ship is his house. (a nod to his House in Toontown and Mickey Mouse Works )

-then we see the triplets meeting Scrooge for the very first time..(pretty sure is a nod to Don Rosa’s comic)

-  a lonely scrooge



-McDuck Castle

- The Triplets inspiring Scrooge to follow his Vision Again. (kinda?)

- This mysterious Newspaper probably tells the reason why he’s so gloomy


- and then we meet webby…. Webby seems like a hardcore Donald duck Fan. so i guess Webby is us “the Donaldist” (?) lmao

note : Louie’s the Evil triplets. (foreshadowing?????) :p “meh”

- Donald wearing a suit could be because he’s searching for a job.



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-This beautiful Money Bin

- Webby Kidnap the Boys

oh also, this could be mean Webby is living with scrooge first since we could see beakly Earlier



- Scrooge Being Badass

- Headless Horse

- Snakes loves Launchpad

- Fire Everywhere

- idk what’s this.. but im pretty sure that treasure is a refrence  to something (correct me if i’m wrong)

-a Chubby Scottish Glamgold

- ((HE’S BACK))

-Dewey’s Spinning Pencil Skill

- this cute map


- “You Guys..Our Family is AWESOME


Well, That’s alot..


some more new!Ducktales doodles for warm up bc reluctant babysitter antics

(I know I only have the first trailer to go on but I can really see Louie and Gladstone being snarky ‘dead-inside’ friends…)

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Sorry but the gp is unanimously most excited about Harry's solo work, yes probably thanks to years of having been hyped up while in 1d. He already broke the internet with AM since it really contrasted with his everlasting silence, and now the grapevine has him being linked with great collaborators. Take off your Louie glasses for a second and accept that things aren't looking all the same for 4/4 (sadly). People barely remember Liam outside of Chiam, and Louis just looks... bad.


What it’s your problem, you should take your harrie glasses and see that no, not everyone is in love with Harry and it’s dying to hear his album like us. I said that gp is leaving some nasty comments because I saw the comments myself, with my eyes. Lots of people still have that “boybander” image of him, gp won’t be remembering AM forever you do know that right? Most people probably already forgot, we remember constantly because we’re fans, gp isn’t. Besides, I never said gp as a whole hates him, I said some people are already :/ about all this rumors because every time is a new one/a new date/ a new song influence, ect. Most of gp do think he’s good and it’s the best of the band to go solo so I don’t understand why you’re so twisted about this when I never said Harry is in a bad situation to the gp like the other boys. It’s like you people can’t see a person saying Harry isn’t the best of the band, the only one with a clean image, the god above all others without getting angst - Harry doesn’t have this sacred image everywhere so maybe chill for a bit 


of course i trust you.
i’m the sole person in this world who trusts you

So in the trailer for The Jungle Book we see King Louie…and through an article John Favreau states that he is in fact not an orangutan but an extinct ape by the name of Gigantopithecus. 

This was done because orangutans do not, in fact, live in India. But  Gigantopithecus did. 

I love the idea of this giant living fossil leading a community of monkeys who view him as a god. 


Totally me. House centipedes creep me out like almost NO other bug. *shudders*