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so the trailer goes like this..

-Donald wanted His Nephews to meet their Great Uncle Scrooge McDuck for some apparent reason. Huey and Dewey seems pretty Shocked to meet the Richest duck in the world (so, that means they’ve known scrooge, as a well known duck..but never seen in person) and meanwhile Louie’s just like, “You’re finally gonna sell us” lmao. Donald looks so fkin done.

-also, that ship is his house. (a nod to his House in Toontown and Mickey Mouse Works )

-then we see the triplets meeting Scrooge for the very first time..(pretty sure is a nod to Don Rosa’s comic)

-  a lonely scrooge



-McDuck Castle

- The Triplets inspiring Scrooge to follow his Vision Again. (kinda?)

- This mysterious Newspaper probably tells the reason why he’s so gloomy


- and then we meet webby…. Webby seems like a hardcore Donald duck Fan. so i guess Webby is us “the Donaldist” (?) lmao

note : Louie’s the Evil triplets. (foreshadowing?????) :p “meh”

- Donald wearing a suit could be because he’s searching for a job.



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-This beautiful Money Bin

- Webby Kidnap the Boys

oh also, this could be mean Webby is living with scrooge first since we could see beakly Earlier



- Scrooge Being Badass

- Headless Horse

- Snakes loves Launchpad

- Fire Everywhere

- idk what’s this.. but im pretty sure that treasure is a refrence  to something (correct me if i’m wrong)

-a Chubby Scottish Glamgold

- ((HE’S BACK))

-Dewey’s Spinning Pencil Skill

- this cute map


- “You Guys..Our Family is AWESOME


Well, That’s alot..


some more new!Ducktales doodles for warm up bc reluctant babysitter antics

(I know I only have the first trailer to go on but I can really see Louie and Gladstone being snarky ‘dead-inside’ friends…)


I’m fairly sure I’m late, but here’s eight panels from the first story in the new DuckTales comic, and two panels from the second, mostly for LOUIE OH MY GOD.  First story (at least the part included) is dealing with electric sponges in Little Lake; second is getting “hired” to help with a movie flick.

If you’ve got a local comic shop or book dealer, I highly recommend picking up issue 0, and if the main series is anything like this, AUGUST CANNONT COME QUICKLY ENOUGH.

(Sorry some of these are blurry, I had to hold the comic up into the light to get good shots)

(Also, obligatory @louietheeviltriplet ping, come collect your trash ;P )


of course i trust you.
i’m the sole person in this world who trusts you

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So do you just not like Harry? You're a Larrie but never blog Harry. I may or may not stalk your tags. just admit you're a Louie instead.

Well hello there anon! Lissen, it’s been a week now and I didn’t know how I was going to answer this but here i am two ciders cider+whiskeys whiskeys in and I’m going to tell you a story you never asked for. The story of how I first became acquainted with One Direction. Here we go: 

I will freely admit that before last year I had no clues who the halibuts One Direction even was. All I basically knew was that they were that boyband who sang a song about Little Things that my 16-year-old cousin made me watch six times once. And yes, though I do love me a boyband (BBMAK RIP), I was an un-woke fool and so I made my best “that’s amaahzing sweaty” face anytime she or anyone brought them up. end of backstory. 

cut to: December 2015
I went out for drinks with a bunch of co-workers and made a friend with a nice English woman who someone had brought along. She kept starring at me and looking away and putting her hand over her mouth and pushing me like “GET OUT OF HERE GYSPY” and about half way through telling her about my passion to seriously get dinosaurs trending in the fashion world I just stopped talking because her face kept doing this:

and I looked down to see if i’d dropped food on myself but I hadn’t and she was like “I’m so sorry…it’s just that you remind me so much of someone and it’s kind of freaking me out.”
to which i said “OOoOooOOoo! WHO IS SHE?”
nice English woman: “Erm it’s a boy”
me: “It’s always a boy”
nice English woman: “It’s Harry Styles”
friend of nice English woman: “SHE WOULD KNOW”
nice English woman: “He’s so quirky”
me: “I’m pretty sure that’s naht a compliment”

anyway, she told me I needed to go home and youtube him and the band and just left me with a “you’ll see”. 

and I swiveled violently towards the camera and shouted:


long story short, I made the mistake of watching more videos (x-factor diaries FUUHHH I KNOW BIRTH OF A LARRIE) and realised the reason I was so offended was because I eventually saw it… i saw why the nice English woman said this about me and why people have continued to say this about me and my fashion sense:

Someone actually printed this out and hung it up on a wall at work once (sans heads - I added those heads to protect both our identities) cos I wore this outfit the same day this hoe did and they thought it was funny to call me out (I totally wore it first). 

So, do I see Harry Styles as my personal arch nemesis? yes, yes i do. Will I continue to be embarrassed by him because he is a reflection of all my weirdness? yes, yes I will. Will I ever stop yelling at him in my tags? probs naht. Do I avoid fonding over him because it makes me feel like I’m fonding over myself? Absolutely.

In summary, I basically have to love him because I really love myself but I’m also really humble so there’s that. If this all makes me a Louie then it is what it is.  

alright I’m done. Can we still be friends? good night and ALL THE HALIBUTS! 

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Do you know any good Louies I could follow?

yeah! i scrolled thru my follow list real quick and these are the people i follow who come to mind, see on my dash all the time, etc. im sure some of them have even better suggestions, i always see louie follow suggestions floating around! also just a heads up that most if not all the louies i follow like or are at least cool with zayn (i can’t handle people who hate zayn on my dash lmao) and very few are harries as well (tbh most of us are pretty highly critical of harry and harries to put it lightly lol)

@hiiijacknlou @skyywalkerlouis @lovenchy @popfan4ever @baeklouis @sixteenandeighteen @teenytinyloulou @americana-psychotic @ithazzabelou @thefinalvow @louis-my-king @happylouwt @lt-backtoyou @louissolophotoshoot @we-ll-always-hold-on @achoolou @realwonder @louischeeseburgers @loukefic @sololoueh @eagleslouis @pointstohome @gettingaphdinlarry @windybunny @emolouie @radioactivearistocrat @louisdebut @mignonlouis @lilafowlers @tomlinpun @mynameisntwalter @softhie @respectinglouis @blazinginbus1 @louis-is-my-star

hope i didn’t miss anyone! like this if you are a radical louie so that anon can find even more blogs

Another OTP with sizzling (sexual) chemistry 😍😍

Watched K2, stopped at ep 2. Even Ji Chang-Wook’s six packs can’t make me stay. His chem with Yoona was so flat, I cringed whenever seeing them on screen.

Nam Ji-Hyun got me interested in watching Shopping King Louie. I wanted to see if she’s one of those actress who can have sizzling chemisty with anyone.
On ep 10 now; liked the storyline, but can’t feel the attractions b/w her & Seo In-Gook.
They exude bff aura when together, just not a couple aura.
Not with Yoon Sang-Hyun either, which age different was so apparent I can’t overlook.

Now, Bong-Hee & Ji-Wook relationship was LOVE ❤️
Both otps were sizzling with attractions. And I loved how the show portray a natural relationship development between them; even the bed scene was so natural, I felt I was intruding, yet giddy with curiousity. And fan myself afterward 😂
I can even smell their strong sexual chemistry from where I’m sitting.

Honestly, never found Ji Chang-Wook attractive before ( don’t shoot me ), but him as Ji-Wook chasing over Bong-Hee like a puppy dog had made him sooo attractive and swoon worthy ❤️❤️❤️