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some more new!Ducktales doodles for warm up bc reluctant babysitter antics

(I know I only have the first trailer to go on but I can really see Louie and Gladstone being snarky ‘dead-inside’ friends…)


so the trailer goes like this..

-Donald wanted His Nephews to meet their Great Uncle Scrooge McDuck for some apparent reason. Huey and Dewey seems pretty Shocked to meet the Richest duck in the world (so, that means they’ve known scrooge, as a well known duck..but never seen in person) and meanwhile Louie’s just like, “You’re finally gonna sell us” lmao. Donald looks so fkin done.

-also, that ship is his house. (a nod to his House in Toontown and Mickey Mouse Works )

-then we see the triplets meeting Scrooge for the very first time..(pretty sure is a nod to Don Rosa’s comic)

-  a lonely scrooge



-McDuck Castle

- The Triplets inspiring Scrooge to follow his Vision Again. (kinda?)

- This mysterious Newspaper probably tells the reason why he’s so gloomy


- and then we meet webby…. Webby seems like a hardcore Donald duck Fan. so i guess Webby is us “the Donaldist” (?) lmao

note : Louie’s the Evil triplets. (foreshadowing?????) :p “meh”

- Donald wearing a suit could be because he’s searching for a job.



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-This beautiful Money Bin

- Webby Kidnap the Boys

oh also, this could be mean Webby is living with scrooge first since we could see beakly Earlier



- Scrooge Being Badass

- Headless Horse

- Snakes loves Launchpad

- Fire Everywhere

- idk what’s this.. but im pretty sure that treasure is a refrence  to something (correct me if i’m wrong)

-a Chubby Scottish Glamgold

- ((HE’S BACK))

-Dewey’s Spinning Pencil Skill

- this cute map


- “You Guys..Our Family is AWESOME


Well, That’s alot..

One of the differences in how Scrooge and Donald treat Huey, Dewey and Louie is in how Scrooge doesn’t really treat them as children. He enjoys their company (especially since they tend to be more interested in hearing him talk to them about his money than Donald is) but he treats them as tiny adults, partly because he never had a childhood really and has somewhat unreasonable expectations of what kids their age should be expected to do, but also because Scrooge in general has problems with social interaction.

Donald on the other hand undersands they’re kids and can’t be treated like adults can. He is regularly immature, yes, and the boys can seem more level-headed and mature lot of the time, but at the end of the day they’re still kids and Donald understand that while Scrooge doesn’t really.

And one of the things Ducktales reboot seems to be getting right so far is just that.

Louie is adamantly against people conning his family. It’s his thing. And that extends beyond immediate family- he hasn’t known Launchpad long, but he’s more than ready to protect him against swindlers. He keeps his people free of that nonsense. And, considering how he’s already called her ‘his new favorite person’…

I’m pretty sure, if any of the triplets are gonna fite Lena, it’s gonna be Louie.


I’m fairly sure I’m late, but here’s eight panels from the first story in the new DuckTales comic, and two panels from the second, mostly for LOUIE OH MY GOD.  First story (at least the part included) is dealing with electric sponges in Little Lake; second is getting “hired” to help with a movie flick.

If you’ve got a local comic shop or book dealer, I highly recommend picking up issue 0, and if the main series is anything like this, AUGUST CANNONT COME QUICKLY ENOUGH.

(Sorry some of these are blurry, I had to hold the comic up into the light to get good shots)

(Also, obligatory @louietheeviltriplet ping, come collect your trash ;P )

Daily reminder that Donald, Della, and the boys are direct descendants of Duckburg’s founder, Cornelius Coot through their father/grandfather Quackmore Duck. 

Elvira “Grandma” Duck is Cornelius’ granddaughter, and her brother, Casey Coot, gave/sold the rights of his part of land where the Money Bin is to Scrooge McDuck when he was in Dawson.

I doubt this is the same in canon, but there’s a lot of family history in Donald’s family.

Elvira had three children with her husband Humperdink: Quackmore, Daphne, and Eider. Quackmore is Donald’s father. Daphne is Gladstone’s mother. Eider is Fethry’s father.

Casey Coot is Gus Goose’s grandfather.

Elvira Duck’s farm is the only plot of property that Scrooge does not own. She will not let him purchase her farm. Grandma Duck is awesome. 

In other words, give us Elvira “Grandma” Duck. Give us all of Donald’s cousins besides Gladstone. 

Also, Donald is a direct descendant of Duckburg’s founder, and that’s pretty cool on its own.