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Dear James Duff, here is my wishlist for Major Crimes season 5. While I know that you won't ever see this. I'm going to put this out there anyway...here's what I hope for.


Sharon - without glasses. It’s so rare to see Sharon without glasses and Mary Mcdonnell has some really beautiful eyes. :)

Andy - with glasses and in uniform. Tony Denison is ridiculously handsome with glasses and in uniform. So please yes!

Julio - I really need him to find some happiness. Julio is so totally the chief (of BSG and DS9) the everyday man who keeps getting emotional shit thrown at him with no end in sight. I’m perfectly fine with him not finding a relationship but I want him to find happiness.

Military Amy - I want to know more about Amy’s former military life.
Mike - More Badge of Justice stuff, and I want to see all of his children.
Brenda - I’d love to see Brenda come back for an episode or two and be surprised by the changes in the dynamic of the team of MC.

Sharon + Andy

A real kiss - not one of those cute domestic pecks. Although I do love domestic Sharon and Andy.

Domestic/Date - A scene outside of MC and one that doesn’t have anything to do with a case. We know what Sharon and Andy are as a couple at work but we really don’t know them as a couple outside of work. I understand that there is only so much you can show but I really do think that the ‘relationship’ conversation that they did not show us was really important.

I Love You/The Letter - I really think that this is a HUGE step in their relationship that I really really want to see. Because both of them being truly vulnerable to other people by being completely bare to their feelings is so wonderful! I think it’s pretty vital for them and vital that we see this big step.

A double date with Provenza and Patrice - Seems like our best buds had double dates in the past with their ever shallow relationships. Now that they are both in serious committed relationships I really want to see that new dynamic between the four of them.

Living together permanently - Duff has dropped the bomb that a couple will be moving in together. I don’t think it will be Sharon & Andy (as much as I hope for it), my bet is that it will be Amy and Cooper though.

Someone walking in on Sharon + Andy kissy face - I know what your thinking. Why would I want someone to walk in on them. Why would I want a kiss to be interupted… On “The Closer” Sharon was always walking in on other couples (because MM +  akward embarassed reaction shot = gold) and I want that to be turned on her.

Sharon flirting with Andy by playing with his tie - I just think it so cute!


Sharon and Patrice  - I want Andy to be happy that his GF is bonding with his bestie’s wife. And Provenza to be frustrated (with lots of comedic sarcasm) that the two of them are friends because that means he will have to hang out with her outside of work. And wonders how in the hell did that woman become such a huge part of his life.

Sharon/Gavin  - I want Gavin to be happy for Sharon that she’s kicked Jack to the curb. That she has found happiness in her relationship with Andy but surprised that it’s Andy (although not that surprised). More amused I think than anything.

Sharon/Mike  - out of everyone on the squad (besides Andy) I really feel that Sharon and Mike could be some really great buds. With Sharon more of a mentor for Amy and a bit of a  mother figure to Julio. I just feel the two of them would have a lot in common. Both parents, very devoted to their children. Both Fashionistas, Mike has a very unique sense of style (and I love it so much). Both braniacs, although in different ways.

Provenza/Amy - just more of it. I love the wonderful mentor/mentee dynamic.


Mary McDonnell + Tom Beringer = Gold, they have such great chemistry and really work amazingly well off of each other. I really love the dynamic between the characters. I want Jack to still be an asshole but not as bitter as he was in his last visit.

Emily, Ricky, Rusty and Mom dynamic. I love the banter they all have. They feel like a real family to me. And also…we could have Sharon/Andy/Rusty/Emily/Ricky/Nicole dynamic! that would be awesome.

Andy/Rusty Fathership - with Andy in a relationship with Sharon. I hope to see more of this dynamic. I love mothership and really really love the whole idea of Sharon/Andy/Rusty family that we have seen flashes of forming at the end of last season.

Andy’s exwife - I really want to see her and not have her as a faceless character.

Yeahhh finally I did it °^°//

I truly want to take part at Risto’s fanart contest, and I’m not sure if I will make it in time T_T at least the sketch is done! >o</

The characters of “Marrow Gates” are all special and unique in their own way. Drawing them and trying giving them the “right” spirit wasn’t that easy, but I truly enjoyed it :)

Dear Risto, I hope you will like it x)

Everybody else, go see her art NOW: