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After reading a lot of material about the recast controversy I came to the conclusion it’s unbelievably stupid; any market have bootlegs! BJD market isn’t a special snowflake, the same rules of free market applies on everyone including it. BJD aren’t “piece of art”, they’re mass produced, Van Gogh paintings are piece of art, Michelangelo sculpts are piece of art, BJD are not. I never heard of company being closed due to bootlegs, only the BJD community and the pathetic whining BJD companies makes a big deal of it. All adult collector toys have bootlegs, take for example Figma, they showed a comparison pictures between their original product (the use of the word legit is stupid, recasts are legal-_-) and the bootleg. Of course they did recommend on buying their product, but didn’t went like “oh god, the bootlegs are killing us, wahhh!”.

I’m sorry to say this, but if the bootlegs are far cheaper and yet have similar quality and sometimes even better than the original product. Then the problem isn’t in the ones who choose to buy bootlegs, it’s in the companies failing to handle the competition! Like in any free market and yes, bootlegs can be considered as competitors since they are an alternative for the company product like any other “legit” company would.

All you “pro artists” are bunch of pathetic elitists douchebags, hunting down people who buys bootleg BJD is ridiculous as it would if rich people who buys an original Louie Viton bag would chase down poor people who buys fake bags. You morons are acting as if you fight human trafficking, in fact it would be better if you saved your energy for this noble cause instead of bulling people which their only sin is buying bootleg toy! I’m not pro-recast, I’m pro-capitalism and anti bulling!

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puffywarrior  asked:

Waddles around Louie with a large bag. "Hey, Louie, I found these in a treasure chest. Any idea what they are?" He opens the bag, revealing... 2 dozen pikpik carrots. Not just any pikpik carrots, mind you, but GOLD ones.

“You went treasure hunting?”
Louie wasn’t expecting much at all, honestly. Some leaves and berries, maybe. A Quenching Emblem at most.
But two dozen golden Pikpik carrots? Not so much.
“Whuh–where did you find these? Puff, these are… these are golden Pikpik carrots. The most expensive delicacy Hocotate has to offer. Most connoisseurs go their entire lives never being able to taste one, never knowing how delicious they are–”

“–hypothetically speaking, of course. Never had one myself, so… I wouldn’t know. Thousand times my yearly salary and all. Would never be able to afford it.”
Guilty? No, Louie doesn’t look the slightest bit guilty. That’s just your imagination, Kirby. He does look rather hungry, though; almost as if he knows exactly how these carrots taste….

From hashtags to toe tags…Louie bags to body bags…College dreams to triple beams…Millions of black teens are trapped somewhere in between
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