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So my darling friend @seastarved tagged me in a meme she made up where you read fic aloud – Fic-Out-Loud Meme. She describes it far more eloquently than me.

But here is my very botched attempt at doing just that.

Reading: Bird of Prey
By: Me
Recorded: 2016, Shoedonym Records Pty Ltd

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True Story: When I found some MORE images of this photoshoot (yesterday) so I can make edits. I screamed so loudy, my mother came rushing to what was wrong. She was frightened thinking something happened. So she was like–

Mommy: “what’s wrong?”
Me: I found pictures of the actors/pop idols I like! ♡♥♡♥
Mommy: *Angrily* So what the hell are you screaming fo-
Me: THEY’RE HUGGING. Kang Joon is holding him in his arms! And Gong Myung is laying in his lap! ♡♥♡♥
Mommy: *anger has now deflated and she’s giving me a quizzical look*
“I’ve never seen a girl get THAT happy because the guys she likes might be gay”

Lol Fujioshi problems!
Whelp off to make more…

anonymous asked:

Yeah, to be honest, in general the Hendall yatch pics were not awkward. I think that's also why we reacted quite loudy to them. I think they are both equally bad at pretending to be interested in the girls, but the difference in the Hendall situation is I think they are genuinely friends. When they arent even friends with the girls they dont even try at all. But I think Kendall and Harry are friends, so that's why the pics were 'better' then normal. No wonder everyone was calling them gay bffs

yeah probably. i was just looking at them now and was like,,, fukc these aren’t even awkward skjdhsfgjskjh

anonymous asked:

Hi, this is a bit awkward but your "loudy contacts" links V2 and V3 are the same ones... :(

I’m not sure what is so awkward about it.
The links have been fixed, again. Lemme know if you have any further problems ‘nonny. :3