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It’s coming up to Chinese New Year and because my girlfriend could not get a visa to come to Australia, I agreed to go to her home town.

This means that I will be travelling during chunyun, one of the biggest human migrations EVER in the history of the world.

It is estimated that there will be between 2.8 and 3.2 BILLION journeys undertaken in the space of 40 days. For those playing at home, that means that every Chinese man, woman and child in China will travel to their home town, and back, plus partway and back to at least one other destination in China.

This is a trip that is frankly scary to me. We are not leaving until the 19th of February, which is the first day of Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. I’m told that it won’t be too busy because most people will have already gone by then, but I have my doubts about that.

What I am concerned about is the fact that we currently have no tickets BACK to Shenzhen yet. My girlfriend assures me that this is not going to be a problem and that we will be able to get tickets back in time for work at the end of the month, but to say that I am shitting bricks at the prospect of not knowing when we have tickets to come back is an understatement like no other.

Anyway, when the time comes, I’m going to try and take a whole bunch of photos of this mass migration. It’s not going to be like the news or anything like that, because my camera isn’t that good and I’m only going to be in a few train stations but I hope it gives you a bit of an idea of what I will be experiencing for the first time.

Wish me luck


Temple and view at the top of a mountain in #loudi #chinalyfe

Edith has asthma and when the poison make her lungs weak Lucille feels pity for her, because in the asylum the “doctors” would like to suffocate the “loudy” patients, so she knows the feeling of being airless. So, when she sees Edith having asthma attacks, she start to think in another kind of poison, a less aggressive one.“

Headcanon from @thecatsoft

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PART 1 Don't feel bad! you were part of the beautiful part of larry! I will always believe these guys had something between 2011-2012ish always, I believe they screwed up and separate and shit. Even tho I don't exactly like it (bc I was so in love with larry) I can totally accept it now, I'm even sort of angry at Louis at how he seemed to do a lot of things to B, etc. but yeah, wasnt there. I'm still a larrie xx I love that baby (hope his name is not Connor or Wilson tbh) and I'm cool with it.

PART 2 I wish you could’ve met us! the cool non dramatic psycho larries! we don’t have women its just… the loudy ones have more attention. Those were/are the extremists that wished death and blahblah over the years. I’ve been for 3 years since I was 18 (lol) a larrie/fan and in that time I’ve NEVER ever had the need to insult another woman wether it was rumors or true. Sorry you couldn’t have met us tho! I would’ve loved/love to be friends with you ):

PART 3. Just be calm because larry represents a lot of good things. it was the fans and horrible larries that made it sound/look really extremist, I actually don’t like em, they make me so angry and sad. Just I wish you wouldn’t stop believing because it was beautiful n for me it was real for a few years, like I say those were together a few first years I’m sure lol. I bet they experimented and shit xx idk haha. Don’t let the ugly side of things makes you feel sad or angry. Don’t let them :) xx


I will always love Larry - both the ship and the two separate boys that make it up. However, I don’t know where any of my true thoughts about them fall at this point because being on the other side of this entire baby situation has shown me just how badly the big larries bully, manipulate and straight up lie to their followers. 

They are out there claiming that they *know* this baby is fake and I know they are lying because I can see the evidence of this child with my own two eyes. Louis has claimed his son, he has been seen on an outing with him, his rep has confirmed that he was present for the entire birth, his friends & family have congratulated him. I KNOW that Louis has a baby son because there is actual, tangible, physical proof of his existence and they are STILL claiming they know for a fact that it’s fake. The most insane part about all of this is their followers are privy to the exact same physical evidence that I am and they still believe what these people are telling them. It is manipulation at its highest form, and I sit here more shocked, more appalled by the second. 

So seeing all of this goes down makes me question everything. I have a hard time seeing “the good that larry represents” when all I can see are hateful people body-policing a woman who just gave birth and denying Louis’ own son’s existence.


Hi Tay!
I hope you’re having a great day.If you ask me, I’m having a great day because of you.You do it every day, do my day better.I’m happy because I realize what I feel inside.I’m happy because I have a woman in my life, that she makes me laugh so loudy.Of course, that’s you @taylorswift Thanks for everything you’ve done. 

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Bite Me - Long Haul (I'm listening to Beyonce, I'm so ready to ratchet up the sexual tension to unreal levels)

⌠♞⌡- The massive loadhauler had been hauling some large support beams, arms skillfully curled around them just as well as his servos. Oblivious to the approaching footfalls that fell deaf over his own– then came the bite, a skillfully delivered one at that.

Long haul had grunted before dropping the beams, they clattered loudy onto the floor. Servos instantly snapping up to try and pry the Praxian off. Pr-owl…! He managed to coax a raspy hiss.

Grounders no More (Short-Fic)

It is daytime. I am surfing the internet on my Computer, when I reached a single video involving GoAnimate. I scroll to that, and look at the Title.

‘Goodbye GoAnimate’. I click on it, and find some Info valuable. GoAnimate is moving to HTML5, retiring all 'non-business’ themes to focus the center on Business. In the end of the Video, I smiled. I think those sour animators got what they deserved. That means no Grounded Videos, ever. Another Youtube video, is saying they are glad. I go and type in the comment, saying Youtube is in Peace. Hit Enter, and sent. I sound my glee, clapping my hooves to see them no more.

“OHOHOHOHOHOH!” That voice, it couldn’t– “EMERALDHILL EMERALDHILL EMERALDHILL!” Augh! Speak of the devil indeed! I hear a loudy voice from outside my house. And it is a voice of a text-to-voice that GoAnimate uses.

I walk outside and see this pony in black suit. Coat is pale brown, and mane is non-pale brown. Also, it is wearing glasses like me. It is glaring at me, but I snorted at him. Other ponies are hiding because of him, and I’m ready to do my thing against the stocker. One of the Stock Characters being used to ground people for doign something bad or worse, doing nothing.

“Something I can do for you?” I asked,

“Emerald Hill, did you post a Comment against Grounded Videos?” he interrogated,

“I might be. What of it?” I continued,

“How dare you!” His T2S voice rising against me, “I cannot believe you would side with Alvin Hung! GoAnimate Community is the best for supporitng Grounded Videos and Grounded for Nothing Videos! Without them the–”

“Well it’s better without.” I said, launching my hoof to point at him, “You have abused the powers of GoAnimate. So you ground-lovers got what you deserved. Without the Comedy themes, there will be no more Grounding videos. I know GoAnimate is not that good, but I coudn’t hate it. Grounded Videos on the other hoof, are what I frown upon.”

“Monster!” Stocker said, “You people and ponies are suppose to like the Grounded Videos, not hate! And you sided with Alvin Hung who betrayed us all! That does it!” I watch his horn flaring, unsheathing his Pistol. I took a backstep, getting ready to defend myself. “I’m going to kill you!” He fires a bullet, but I put up my Barrier spell. Thank goodness for Twilight teaching me that. He fires few more bullets before running out of ammo. I am safe, but I can see another clip being levitated.

“I got all day, Stocker.” I said, “Reloading won’t make a difference.”

“I don’t care. I must punish you.” He said. But unable to reload completely when he was tackled by a couple of Guards. One Guard’s hoof smashes the Pistol to crispy rubbles of parts.

“Foul Stock. You’re under arrest.” It said, before looking at me. I indeed recognize it as Flash Sentry. “We’ll take it from here.” I smiled, before watching the Unicorn Guard conjuring Magic Cuffs. They then escorted her to the Princess of Ponyville, Princess Twilight.

And that means the Annoying people acting like Parents is finally gone.