Last summer I met Lea Michele in Italy at the Giffoni backstage. 
She was so cute and kind with me.
I asked if I could send her some of my cover (I sing and she is my biggest inspiration.) so she could tell me what she thought.
She immediately said yes and a lady from her staff gave me an email address (obviously not Leas) where I could send my songs.
After months and months of unanswered emails, today I woke up with a wonderful surprise. She responded and told me a lot of nice things about me and the way I sing. I still can’t believe it, I swear.
I wanted to write this post to prove once again that Lea is not a bad person, she is one of the most wonderful and generous people I’ve ever known.
Sorry for my english.



A Naruhina breather.

Turns out this artist, Ichica, one of my favourites, will sell a doujinshi at some event which means I will never be able to get it, just like this doujinshi by CHU (he/she made these), Barefooted Adults, that was available to order from that website two days ago (albeit through a proxy service) but no longer because I was too slow.

It’s okay, dugongs swim in the sea, we live in tears.

Animation — Dork

Continued off of the S4E21 Deleted Scene.

Taken from this exchange, with the meat of it written by /u/Mongoose42 and /u/cyberscythe! Additional credit to /u/silverinferno3, as well as /u/HonorInDefeat for starting the thing.

Sauciest animation I’ve ever done. I mean, I know this doesn’t scratch the surface of ‘saucy pony stuff’ in the grand scheme of things, but still.

(Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat)