Animation – Dork

Continued off of the S4E21 Deleted Scene.

Taken from this exchange, with the meat of it written by /u/Mongoose42 and /u/cyberscythe! Additional credit to /u/silverinferno3, as well as /u/HonorInDefeat for starting the thing.

Sauciest animation I’ve ever done. I mean, I know this doesn’t scratch the surface of ‘saucy pony stuff’ in the grand scheme of things, but still.

(Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat)

After Lea Michele became Glee’s first breakout star, her debut solo LP, Louder, was highly anticipated. Her first single, “Cannonball,” was the perfect introduction to Michele’s new life as a pop diva. The 2014 album was originally intended for an earlier release, but a month after she wrapped the LP, her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith died tragically. Michele then met with Sia to finalize two more songs for the album, including “Cannonball,” which resonated with her struggle to overcome the loss. “I just felt that ‘Cannonball’ was the perfect first song for people to hear from this record,” she told MTV News. “It just really explains where I am right now and it’s been such an inspirational song for me. It’s been such a rock, such a source of strength for me.”