A few months ago, I received a free Loudbasstard when I attended a business convention here in Manila. Honestly, I didn’t know what it was. Was it an upright ashtray? A pencil & pen holder? I’ve never seen anything like it.

The amused convention organizer explained to me that

…the Loudbasstard™ bamboo amplifier enables you to share your music through passive sound amplification. It is compatible with phones, mp3 players and other portable devices with built-in speakers. It’s made completely from natural bamboo, each item is organically-treated, cut, dyed, packaged and assembled in Cebu…all by hand.

When we got home, we tried it in our bedroom using my wife’s Samsung S4 and then my iPhone 5. Fits well and sounds good. It’s also lightweight and (my favorite part) does not use electricity! So, we get to bring it anywhere…even the bathroom (I know, right?)

I’m not saying you should go out and buy one. All I’m saying is, if you do find the need for an amplifier, I think this might just be the best ecological one you can have. Check out the Loudbasstard website and Facebook page for more details and other products like their hardwood iPhone case. Or better yet follow Loudbasstard on Tumblr.


Loudbasstard™ - For the Love of Music.

Handmade in Cebu by skillful craftsmen with naturally-sourced plant material (bamboo and rattan), and painted with different finishes, the Loudbasstard™ provides your home with an energy-saving and aesthetically pleasing way to pump up the volume in your homes. Loudbasstard™ uses no electricity at all, and it’s made of sturdy bamboo, so it’s perfectly portable for you to take it anywhere you like!

For more information, visit the Loudbasstardwebsite, and take a peek at their FAQ. Visit their YouTube account here.


Want one?

Grab them at Cebu’s Online Store - the Assembly.

Click here to get a Loudbasstard.

Baby Steps

Hey, Julz from the loudbasstard family here! Together with Koh and Franz we founded loudbasstard knowing we wanted to give back. To what? Well that varies amongst us but the value is still there. I grew up in Canada and moved to Cebu a little over three years ago. Growing up in the Canadian public school system my friends came from all ethnicities and classes. Some struggled to put food on the table while others grew up very blessed. But no matter where we came from we were each given an equal opportunity in education and organized fun. Each of us had a chance at growing and working towards our goals rather than being born into it. Whether we wanted to learn math, English, science, sports or music, we were given that opportunity. I believe education in every sense is a right.

Before we launched loudbasstard, Franz, Koh and myself were hanging out and we started talking about how we each want to make a difference starting with the Philippines; why we all moved here. I shared with them my personal goal to one day open a public school in Cebu catering to the visual and performing arts. Both played a strong role in my life growing up and I saw the direct effect it had on my peers. One friend in particular was going down a slippery slope. He had gotten into selling drugs and failing most of his classes. Then he got into our school’s theatre company. At our school you could only participate in such activities if you maintained a c+ average. His love for the stage made him work extra hard to bring his grades up and rehearsal time kept him off of dealing drugs. The next year we played Romeo and Juliet. Two years later we crossed the stage together to get our diploma and he graduated with honors.

I have seen and truly believe in extra-curricular activities playing a role in personal and academic growth in youth. They inspire and empower children and teenagers towards pushing themselves to achieve goals while doing something they love. I want children from all walks of life to have access to this.

Until we can achieve that goal, there are many steps we can take to implement a similar effect. Such as inspiring children to excel in their education, by providing opportunities for their passion. Taking baby steps to achieve the goal that was shared with the guys that night a year and a half ago.

The Loudbasstard Music Education Program was a celebration of our one-year anniversary, providing music recorders to children to further their music education. Note For Note encompasses that celebration into all our current and future products year round. Handing an opportunity to every supporter of loudbasstard to enjoy our products while knowing his or her happiness is also shared with someone in need.

Time flies so fast! Loudbasstard’s 1st anniversary in 2013 feels like it was yesterday when these lovely children got their hands on their recorders for the first time all eager to learn something new after class. Now we celebrate their first recital 😊 If you have a loudbasstard product, give yourself a high five. This is because of you! #fortheloveofmusic #notefornote #loudbasstard


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How to use your Loud Basstard

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A Loudbasstard Interview

It’s LOUD and it’s a BASSTARD!

Loudbasstard started making a ruckus last year for its uniqueness and bold creativity. It is a handmade Bamboo speaker dock that is 100% sustainable with no use of electricity. How cool is that?

Even cooler, Loudbasstard is created by young Cebuano creative geniuses. It’s proof once more that Cebu is indeed a haven for many innovators who take brave acts of producing something new and world class.

The product has received several positive reviews. It has been gaining more attention locally and internationally. It wouldn’t be a surprise if more and more people discover and dig it (there’s quite a number of celebrities who own one!) because it’s so authentic and modern.  Koh Onozawa, one of its founders shared more about Loudbasstard and what it takes to be a true blue Cebuano innovator. (Read More)