loudafaith92  asked:

Hey! Wanted to stop by and say hi! I miss our talks, we haven't spoken in forever, but I wanna let you know I still remember you. :) you're a really cool person, and I hope you're doing well. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye! -Laura

Laura hi, dudE i miss you!!! WE HAVENT SPOKEN IN LIKE A YEAR??? I’m great but barely on tumblr atm bc exams in december, are you still on twitter??? I made another account the other day so you should come talk to me there at herakelet

Edit: fuck i was gonna answer this privately sorry. I replied with my phone, i hate this app lol

sorcererswag  asked:


my favorite female character:

god this has to be a three way tie between ellen, jo, and meg

my favorite male character:

hmmm probably sammy he’s my bby but i love dean too

my favorite book/season/etc:

DEFINITELY SEASON 5 i just loved everything about it the plot the characters and the finale is still my fav episode ever

my favorite episode (if its a tv show):

oh i just said that

my favorite cast member:

oh man i love them all to death, but probably either misha or jared

my favorite ship:

DESTIEL i will ship it until the day i die

a character I’d die defending:

sammy. idk why ppl hate my bby

a character I just can’t sympathize with:

john winchester

a character I grew to love:

gabriel and lucifer

my anti otp:

i really don’t mean to offend anyone, but i just can’t do wincest