Crazy Ivanka Trump Lady

So, for a bit of backstory, I’m a ladies department associate/ cashier at a store that sells discounted high-end products. For example, if Michael Kors released a shirt last season, we can sell it this season for half the price. Because of this, we get a lot of people who come in thinking that they’re affluent when, in reality, they aren’t, which leads to a bit of a superiority complex/ attitude problem with most customers. Our store sells (well, right now struggles to sell) Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Due to recent political events, her line is not selling very well at all. Due to the lack of sales, new shipments of her clothes are very few and far between and what we do have is mostly on clearance, diminishing the size of her section quite drastically. The other day the store was quite busy and I was working the register when a middle aged lady with botox (she looked like she wanted to be part of a yacht club so bad) came to my register. CL will be crazy lady and I will be Me (obviously)

Me: Hi there! how are you doing today Ma'am? Are you signed up with our rewards ca-

Before I could even finish my sentence the lady slammed down a whole box of drinking glasses, making a loud crash.

CL: So. I heard a rumor.

Me: Um, what about?

At this point CL is slamming things down onto my counter between each word

CL: That *smash* your *smash* store *smash* is *smash* getting rid of Ivanka Trump *extra smash* And i do not APPRECIATE MY STORES MAKING MY POLITICAL DECISIONS FOR ME. IS THIS TRUE? IS THIS TRUE?

Me: (a little afraid and taken aback at this point) No ma'am, there has been no official decision to drop her line and her clothes are still on the sales floor.


At this point she was getting in my face and pointing her finger at me. Other customers were backing away, obviously uncomfortable. Also, it should be noted that I had said nothing political at all.

Me: Yes, I am absolutely sure. I work in the ladies department and I see her clothing there everyday.

CL: I don’t care.Go get a manager to tell me for sure.

The only available manager, a hispanic woman with an accent, was at a nearby register helping out another cashier with an override.

Me: notions to manager When she’s finished up over there, I’ll have her come over to speak with you.

CL: takes one look at manager No. I don’t want to speak to her, get someone else.

Me: I’m sorry, she’s the only manager here at the moment.

CL: Starts getting loud again about how unhelpful I am and “damn backwards politics”

Finally, I’m getting fed up so I cut her off mid-tirade

Me: Excuse me! I know FOR SURE that, as of now, we are not dropping that clothing line. Neither I, or any managers here, can tell you what future decisions corporate will make. I am just a cashier. Also, are you, by any chance, thinking of (insert store that is well-known for dropping Ivanka trump here)?

CL: looking sheepish Oh… uh, well I’m not shopping with them anymore! So uh.. can you ring this stuff up for me?

Me: fake smile Of course, ma'am, I’d love to.

She was cold and rude to me the entire transaction, even commenting on how I should have just “actually helped her” sooner and a few more jabs about “you people.” After that, she was on her way, hopefully to never be seen again. This is just one story of many, but it was the only customer to date that physically scared other customers away. I need a raise so bad.

edit: as people have pointed out (and because i wrote this way too damn early in the morning), in england, you graduate secondary school at 16. so, add 5 years to get to unwound/lost future, and clive is 21.

i wrote this at like 2am i apologize for that mistake!!

so i just got done crunching the numbers and i figured out that, in unwound/lost future, clive is at least 19-23 years old.

the 19 part is taking layton’s quote that 5 years after clive’s parents’ deaths, he graduated from secondary school; if you consider secondary school to be the equivalent to middle school, so he would likely be 14 at that time. 5 years after that graduation, the events of unwound/lost future happened.

however, secondary school in england is high school. he most likely graduated at 18, 5 years subsequent to his parents’ death. then unwound/lost future happened. by that time, he would be 23.

so yea tl;dr clive is at least 19

Stormy Weather (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Request: Can I please get one where Spencer ReidxReader are at the BAU and one of the office girls flirts with Spence. Him and reader get into an argument that when they go home he sleeps in a different room. There’s a thunderstorm, reader hates thunderstorms. So she goes to where Spence is at and she tries to cuddle with him but he brushes her off. She’s about to walk away until another clad of thunder comes and he cuddles with her and they both apologize? Please just loads of fluff please?-Anonymous

A/N: Ahh my first request I’m so nervous, I hope you like it!

Word Count: 1552 words

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It really bothers me that everyone else got their own promo clip and @lec has his with M@gnus. Like for crying out loud, Cl@ce is the biggest ship in the show, and they got separate promo and M@gnus got his own, but @lec  can’t have his own without M@gnus in it? Alec is more than just half a ship! They. Are. Individuals. 

anonymous asked:

41 & 45 & Peter Parker please ~

41. When did you get so badass? | 45. Was that… sarcasm? Prompt idea list here

You were walking home from the store when two guys jumped you. They barely had enough time to threaten you, though, because Spider-Man was on them in a second. After a series of acrobatic maneuvers, one-liners, and sticky webs, they were both hanging upside-down from a streetlight. Afterwards you told him you were fine, but Peter insisted on walking you back to your house “just in case”.

“That as pretty cool what you did back there. When did you get so badass?” you joked as you walked.

Peter puffed out his chest. “I’ve always been badass, (y/n). I’m Spider-Man.”

Was that… sarcasm?” You feigned an incredulous expression. “The Peter Parker I know is an adorable, clumsy geek.”

“Shh!” he panicked. “Don’t say my name so loud! And I’m not cl-” He tripped. “-umsy!”

You giggled. “Suuure, Spiderboy. Whatever you say.”

2NE1 - If I Were You [ENG TRANS]!

(A: DEE.P|C: CL & DEE.P|L: CL)

[DARA] Another day has just gone by like this today

All day long I spent it thinking of you

[MINZY] I wore the clothes that you like 
I wanted to look beautiful but the image of me in the mirror
Just looks pathetic

[BOM] This absurd night sky 
Looks so beautiful

I wish you could live as me
I wish I could live as you
Just to feel it for one day
Your feelings
My feelings

[CL] I want to love you
I want you to love me
Just to spend one day together
So that I could let you go without regrets

[DARA] I want to throw away
Everything in front of me but
I want to scream out loud but 

[CL] I’m the only one who would hear it
Like candles burning away
There’s not much left of my feelings
This beautiful house feels like a prison
This absurd night sky 
Looks so beautiful

[BOM] I wish you could live as me
I wish I could live as you
Just to feel it for one day
Your feelings
My feelings

[MINZY] I want to love you
I want you to love me
Just to spend one day together
So that I could let you go without regrets

[CL] Sometimes I want to be like you
Leave everything behind and go outside
Wash away my pain with alcohol, and my sadness with laughter
I just don’t

[BOM] I wish you could live as me
I wish I could live as you
Just to feel it for one day
Your feelings
My feelings

[MINZY] I want to love you
I want you to love me
Just to spend one day together
So that I could let you go without regrets

[CL] If I could live as you
If you could live as me
If I could feel it for just one day
So I could let you go without regrets

Source: Soribada

Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com

*NOTE: Member markings are based on the Studio Recorded Ver.